16 Best Emo Bands of All Time (2024 Update)

Ben Gibbard of Emo Band Death Cab for Cutie performing at Palace Theatre

One of the most universally misunderstood genres, emo has been scrutinized for the subculture it spawned since its birth in the mid-1980s. Also known as emocore or emotional hardcore, the genre is defined as having “an emphasis on emotional expression with lyrics that are personal or confessional and deal with topics such as failed romance, …

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12 Best Indie Rock Bands of All Time (2024 Update)

One of the Best Indie Rock Bands of All Time Modest Mouse Performing Live

One of the leading genres of modern time, indie rock infiltrated the music industry as early as the 1970s with its notorious DIY attitude, low-budget production, and its amalgamation of punk rock, psychedelia, post-punk, and country. Though the term was originally utilized to describe independent record labels, “indie” became synonymous with bands who strived to …

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21 Best 90s Metal Bands Ranked (with Videos)

One of the Best Metal Bands of the 90s Metallica Performing Live

Though the 90s are often known for boy bands, grunge and pop punk, metal dominated much of the alternative music scenes throughout the decade and brought new subgenres into the mainstream such as death metal, industrial metal, nu-metal, and a second wave of black metal in Scandinavia. Thrash and glam metal were beginning to die …

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The 18 Best 80s Metal Bands (with Videos)

One of the Best 80s Metal Bands Megadeath Performing Live

1980’s metal is perhaps one of the trickiest eras of metal music to define. Based entirely on the blues and rock n’ roll-inspired metal from the 1970s that was made mainstream by bands such as Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, the 1980s saw a rise in a much heavier sound and heightened stage personae. The …

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