9 Types of Acoustic Guitars Explained (Most Common Styles)

Types of Acoustic Guitars Featured Image

While shopping for an acoustic guitar, the choices can seem limitless. There are so many different types of acoustic guitars and it can be difficult to choose the one that will compliment you and your playing style. Figuring out which type will best suit your needs can be challenging, which is why we are here …

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12 Best Acoustic Guitar Strings in 2024 (All Price Ranges)

Best Acoustic Guitar Strings (Featured Image)

As an acoustic guitar player, one of the most important areas of upkeep on your instrument is undoubtedly your strings. Low quality or worn-out stings will almost surely have a negative effect on how your strings vibrate and thus the sound your guitar resonates. Many guitarists are overwhelmed by all the different types of strings …

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14 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $300 in 2024

Best Acoustic Guitars Under 300 Featured Image

Looking for a great sounding acoustic guitar, but you’re on a budget? No worries, we’ve got you covered! We’ve tested dozens of guitars in this price range, and in this article, we share our thoughts on all of our favorites to help you find the best acoustic guitar under 300 dollars for your play style …

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21 Best Classical Guitars in 2024 (All Price Ranges)

Best Classical Guitars Featured Image

So you’ve been thinking about it for a few weeks or days now. The idea has been lingering in your brain, and you can’t help but get excited every time you think about it. You’ve watched some videos or heard some music that just spoke to you, and you have finally come to the conclusion …

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17 Best Guitars For Small Hands (Acoustic and Electric) in 2024

Some of the Best Guitars for Small Hands (Acoustic and Electric)

We all have different hand sizes and learning to play the guitar can be difficult if you have smaller than average hands. Some entry-level guitarists with small hands fear learning the guitar, but thankfully there are many guitars with specs suited better for these players. When looking for a guitar for smaller hands you’ll want …

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17 Best Guitars for Kids (Acoustic and Electric) in 2024

Some of the Best Guitars for Kids on the Market Right Now

Learning to play an instrument is an extremely beneficial learning experience for kids. Think about all the toys and activities over the years that kids pick up briefly and move on from, where a musical instrument has the chance to last a lifetime. Choosing which guitar to buy can be overwhelming with so many options …

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17 Best Acoustic Guitar Brands in 2024

Best Acoustic Guitar Brands (Featured Image)

The acoustic guitar is one of the most popular instruments of them all, and for a good reason. Although not necessarily the easiest instrument to learn, the acoustic guitar is fairly portable and versatile. You can play pretty much every genre of music with it in any setting, and if you have a mic lying …

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30 Best Acoustic Guitars in 2024 (All Price Ranges)

Some of the Best Acoustic Guitars

The acoustic guitar is so versatile that it almost transcends the concept of a musical instrument. It’s hard to think of a more satisfying sound than gentle fingerpicking of a classical guitar, or the blend of notes as a chord is struck with a plectrum. The real beauty of the acoustic guitar is its ability …

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17 Best Acoustic Electric Guitars in 2024 (All Price Ranges)

Some of the Best Acoustic Electric Guitars

If you’re looking for an acoustic guitar for all-around use, acoustic electric guitars are a much smarter choice and worth the extra investment. You can use it acoustically, record easily without an expensive mic, and most importantly, you can perform on stage much easier without worrying about the feedback from the mics or fear of …

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17 Best Acoustic Electric Guitars Under $500 in 2024

Best Acoustic-Electric Guitars Under 500 Dollars Featured Image

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a do-it-all acoustic guitar, or even if you’re a seasoned acoustic guitarist looking for a stage performing guitar, an acoustic electric guitar will come in handy. By simply plugging the acoustic guitar into a PA system, an amp, or an audio interface, it’s extremely easy to record and perform …

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