10 Best P Bass Pickups in 2022 (All Price Ranges)

Some of the Best P Bass Pickups

Upgrading your pickups may be the simplest and most cost effective way to significantly improve the tone of your precision style bass, and if you’ve held a solder gun before, you can do the upgrade yourself, in most cases. If you like the handling and feel of your p-bass but find the tone lacking, then …

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15 Best Jazz Bass Pickups in 2022 (All Price Ranges)

Some of the Best Jazz Bass Pickups

Are you interested in upgrading the pickups on your jazz bass? Are you bored of the sound of the stock pickups that arrived in your Fender or Squier? Are you seeking something with a little more bang and thump? Something a little higher-tech, with less noise, and with great clarity, punch, and sustain? Do you …

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12 Best Bass Combo Amps in 2022 (All Price Ranges)

Best Bass Combo Amps (Featured Image)

For an electric bass player, there are two things that make up over 90 percent of your tone; the bass that you play and the amp that you use to amplify your instrument. You’ve already got your bass, so now you need the right amp to let it truly shine. You have the option of …

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11 Best Bass Guitars Under $500 in 2022

Best Bass Guitars Under 500 (Featured Image)

Choosing a bass guitar at the under $500 price point isn’t much different than choosing a more high-end one. You’ll need to identify the features that are most important to your playing style. Thankfully, even at this lower price point, there’s a ton of high quality and fully-featured instruments available, and you’ll only have to …

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8 Types of Bass Guitars Explained: Choosing the Right Type for You

Justin Chancellor Playing one of the Types of Bass Guitars

The bass guitar is a fundamental instrument in most musical genres and bands. They can take on multiple different roles, but the key to a great bassist is consistency and timing. A bass’s main function is to hold up the low-end in the mix and keep the band playing in a tight rhythmic pattern. They …

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10 Best Bass Multi Effects Pedals in 2022 (All Price Ranges)

The Best Bass Multi Effects Pedals (Featured Image)

Just the mention of a multi effects unit evokes mixed reactions from guitarists and bass players alike. Purists will shun them, because “analog is always better”, while others, who value functionality, portability, versatility, and a much lower cost than a fully stocked analog pedalboard, will swear by them. This discussion won’t go away anytime soon, …

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10 Best Bass Preamp Pedals in 2022 (All Price Ranges)

Best Bass Preamp Pedals (Featured Image)

As a bass player, your go-to tone will probably be a clean sound, and this is where a preamp will show its worth. In contrast to the other types of pedals, a preamp is hardly noticeable, since its main role is to shape your fundamental bass tone. If you own a passive bass, a preamp …

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10 Best Bass Distortion Pedals in 2022 (All Price Ranges)

Best Bass Distortion Pedals (Featured Image)

A distortion pedal is one of the first stompboxes a bass player should purchase. It’s an easy way to increase your sonic versatility and to add oomph and aggression to your tone, often with dramatic results. So, you’ve been thinking about adding a little more dirt to your bass tone or wondering about what distortion …

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17 Best Bass Strings in 2022 for General Use, Metal, and Slap

Some of the Best Bass Guitar Strings

Bass guitars are instruments designed to give the deep low frequencies that help drive and shape the music a band is playing. Bass strings can make a big difference in the tone that you want your bass to produce. The strings you choose for your electric bass have a powerful influence on its tone and …

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11 Best Bass Compressor Pedals in 2022 (All Price Ranges)

Best Bass Compressor Pedals Featured Image

Compressors are among the most undervalued effects pedals and somewhat of a mystery to many bass players out there. Whether on stage or in the studio, compressors are instrumental in making your bass tone cut through the mix. If you’ve never tried one, you could think your tone is just fine without one, but once …

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