12 Best Univibe Pedals in 2021 (All Price Ranges)

Best Univibe Pedals Featured Image

Although they may not be as well known as other popular effects, univibe pedals are one of the most unique additions a guitarist can make to their signal chain. Popularized by none other than Jimi Hendrix, the univibe effect played a significant role in the shaping of his distinctive guitar sound. Many guitarists know what …

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15 Best Boutique Guitar Pedal Companies (2021 Update)

Boutique Pedal Brands Featured Image

It seems that new boutique pedal manufacturers are appearing constantly these days, which is great for guitarists who want to add the finest effects to their signal chain. Boutique pedal brands tend to be innovative, and they don’t shy away from challenging the norms. Their willingness to experiment and think outside of the box leads …

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17 Best Mini Guitar Pedals in 2021 (All Types)

Group of Mini Guitar Pedals

Large stompboxes with an array of controls and features are undeniably useful, but sometimes mini guitar pedals make the best additions to a pedalboard. Many of the most popular full-sized effects pedals have been redesigned into more compact devices by manufacturers so that guitarists can access more options when shaping their tone. In this guide, …

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Delay vs Reverb Guitar Pedals: Key Differences Explained

Delay vs Reverb featured image

Whether you’re shaping the tone of your guitar onstage, mixing drum tracks in your recording software, or processing live vocals, delay and reverb are two invaluable effects to have at your disposal. Although delay and reverb are often grouped when discussing audio effects, there are many significant differences between them. Indeed, they both affect the …

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17 Best ABY Pedals in 2021 (All Price Ranges)

Some of the Best ABY Pedals

ABY pedals have a reputation for being confusing devices. In reality, they simply allow musicians to integrate two amplifiers into their setup, and either switch between them or use both simultaneously. Some guitar amplifiers sound great when you’re using the clean channel, while others perform best with plenty of gain added. An ABY pedal makes …

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17 Best Patch Cables for Pedalboards in 2021

Some of the Best Patch Cables for Pedalboards

Selecting the right patch cables for connecting the stompboxes on your pedalboard is essential if you want to ensure that you minimize noise issues and achieve optimal sound quality. Patch cables are often overlooked, because on the surface it may seem that there’s very little difference between the different options on the market. However, upon …

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17 Best Guitar Harmonizer Pedals in 2021

Guitar Harmonizer Pedals Featured Image

Harmonizer pedals often go under the radar, perhaps because of the similarities they share with pitch-shifters and octave pedals. However, these devices produce a unique effect that is well suited to a wide range of styles and genres. Over the years our team at Guitar Lobby has owned and tested dozens of these pedals, and …

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Guitar Pedal Order Guide: 11 Best Setups with Diagrams

Guitar Pedal Order Featured Image

Due to the vast range of effects pedals for musicians to choose from, determining the best way to assemble them in the signal chain can be a difficult task. Each different guitar pedal order produces a varying result which impacts the way the effects interact with one another, and how they impact your tone. Tone …

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17 Best Guitar Preamp Pedals in 2021

Guitar Preamp Pedals Featured Image

With advancements in guitar pedal technology in recent years, devices that simulate the results of amplifiers and cabs have grown in popularity. Preamp pedals are part of this category, offering guitarists the possibility to shape their tone whilst remaining practical in size. Over the years our team at Guitar Lobby has tested dozens of these …

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17 Best Clean Boost Pedals in 2021

Clean Boost Pedals Featured Image

Having a wide range of effects pedals allows you to transform your tone in seemingly limitless ways. Sometimes, it’s best to run your electric guitar into the clean channel of your amplifier and enjoy the natural tone it produces. Clean boost pedals are designed to ensure that your guitar doesn’t get drowned out. Whether you …

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