10 Best Bass Multi Effects Pedals in 2023 (All Price Ranges)

The Best Bass Multi Effects Pedals (Featured Image)

Just the mention of a multi effects unit evokes mixed reactions from guitarists and bass players alike. Purists will shun them, because “analog is always better”, while others, who value functionality, portability, versatility, and a much lower cost than a fully stocked analog pedalboard, will swear by them. This discussion won’t go away anytime soon, …

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15 Best Boutique Guitar Pedal Companies (2023 Update)

Boutique Pedal Brands Featured Image

It seems that new boutique pedal manufacturers are appearing constantly these days, which is great for guitarists who want to add the finest effects to their signal chain. Boutique pedal brands tend to be innovative, and they don’t shy away from challenging the norms. Their willingness to experiment and think outside of the box leads …

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17 Best Auto Tune Pedals and Pitch Correction Pedals in 2023

Best Auto Tune Pedals (Featured Image)

Pitch correcting vocals are common across a variety of genres, not only in recorded music but in live performances too. Although guitar effects pedals have been available for a long time now, it’s taken vocal pedals decades to catch up. With improved digital technology and processing, manufacturers have now produced some exceptional auto tune pedals …

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17 Best Pedalboards for Guitar in 2023 (All Price Ranges)

Best Pedalboards for Guitar (Featured Image)

When you start to amass a considerable collection of effects pedals, the next logical step is to mount them onto a pedalboard. Incorporating a pedalboard into your setup will leave you wondering how you ever managed to cope without one! Pedalboards come in a variety of sizes and are built for specific purposes. To choose …

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17 Best Overdrive Pedals in 2023 (All Price Ranges)

Best Overdrive Pedals Featured Image

The three most impactful aspects of a guitarist’s rig are their chosen guitar model, amplifier, and which effects pedals are present on their pedalboard. In the following article, we’ll discuss overdrive pedals and explain what makes them a worthy addition to your setup. Each model varies in capabilities, controls, and the tones they produce. Purchasing …

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20 Best Wah Pedals in 2023 (All Price Ranges)

Some of the Best Wah Pedals

The sound of an electric guitar interacting with a wah pedal is one of the most recognizable tones in rock music. Since their initial creation in the mid-1960s, wah pedals have stood the test of time, and continue to grow in popularity over fifty years later. One of the interesting qualities of wah pedals is …

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17 Best Vibrato Pedals in 2023 (All Price Ranges)

Best Vibrato Pedals Featured Image

When we think of modulation pedals, the effects which commonly spring to mind are chorus, phasers, and flangers. I believe that vibrato is the unsung hero of the modulation family, and many brilliant pedals provide this effect. Over the years our team at Guitar Lobby has owned and tested dozens of these pedals, and in …

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17 Best Chorus Pedals in 2023 (All Price Ranges)

Some of the Best Chorus Pedals

There’s no more effective way to add sonic options to your guitar playing than investing in some quality effects pedals. Although there are certain situations where playing clean is required, the more pedals you have at your disposal, the better equipped you are to respond to any situation that arises during a live set or …

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17 Best Fuzz Pedals in 2023 (All Price Ranges)

Best Fuzz Pedals Featured Image

As a guitarist, the pedals you choose to put on your pedalboard will determine the styles, tones, and options that you have at your disposal. Selecting specific combinations of effects that complement each other is of paramount importance when it comes to sculpting your sound. What’s so special about fuzz pedals? One of the most …

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17 Best Phaser Pedals in 2023 (All Price Ranges)

Best Phaser Pedals Featured Image

Effects pedals provide guitarists with sonic options. Playing clean is great, but having several pedals at your disposal allows you to transform your tone when the right time arises. With so many quality pedals available, searching for the right one can be a frustrating task, especially as a lot of them have similar qualities. In …

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