17 Best Guitar Stools and Chairs in 2024 (All Price Ranges)

Over the years I’ve owned and used a lot of guitar stools and chairs. While they’re not necessarily a must-have accessory for guitarists, I do think they’re worth the investment. A comfortable chair or stool just makes playing the guitar that much more enjoyable.

Best Guitar Stools and Chairs (Featured Image)

There are hundreds of guitar chairs and stools out there and many of them tout the same features, and while they may look similar, build quality does vary greatly between them. No worries, though, I’ll be showing you all the best guitar stools and chairs at each price point! If you want to learn more about them before reading reviews, check out our stool and chair buying guide at the bottom of the page.

Name of ProductImage of ProductDescriptionPrice RangeFull Review
1. K&M Performance Stool (Best Overall)K&M Performance StoolWeight Limit: 250 lbs.
Seat Height: 23.622 inches
$315Read Full Review Below
2. ROC-N-SOC Tower Saddle (Best Value)ROC-N-SOC Tower SaddleWeight Limit: 330 lbs.
Seat Height: 26 inches
$145Read Full Review Below
3. Gator Frameworks GFWGTRSEAT (Budget Pick)Gator Frameworks GFWGTRSEATWeight Limit: 300 lbs.
Seat Height: 27 inches
$90Read Full Review Below
4. Gibraltar 6608Gibraltar 6608Weight Limit: 250 lbs.
Seat Height: 18 inches
$60Read Full Review Below
5. Gibraltar 9608MB (Best Guitar Stool)Gibraltar 9608MBWeight Limit: 250 lbs.
Seat Height: 20 inches
$230Read Full Review Below
6. Vivo USA ADJUSTRITE (Best Guitar Chair)Vivo USA ADJUSTRITEWeight Limit: 220 lbs.
Seat Height: 21 inches
$215Read Full Review Below
7. Stagg GIST-300 (Good Value)Stagg GIST-300Weight Limit: 253.53 lbs.
Seat Height: 25.4 inches
$110Read Full Review Below
8. Quick Lok DX749 Musician SeatQuick Lok DX749 Musician SeatWeight Limit: 242.5 lbs.
Seat Height: 22.8 inches
$120Read Full Review Below
9. Performance Tool W8011Performance Tool W8011Weight Limit: 300 lbs.
Seat Height: 26 inches
$50Read Full Review Below
10. Odyssey DJCHAIROdyssey DJCHAIRWeight Limit: 300 lbs.
Seat Height: 19 inches
$75Read Full Review Below
11. Fender 24 Guitar BarstoolFender 24 Guitar BarstoolWeight Limit: 250 lbs.
Seat Height: 24 inches
$80Read Full Review Below
12. On-Stage DT7500On-Stage DT7500Weight Limit: 300 lbs.
Seat Height: 28 inches
$65Read Full Review Below
13. Wee’s BeyondWee’s BeyondWeight Limit: 220 lbs.
Seat Height: 18 inches
$60Read Full Review Below
14. BIG RED Torin TRP6185MOBIG RED Torin TRP6185MOWeight Limit: 250 lbs.
Seat Height: 29 inches
$70Read Full Review Below
15. Boraam MagellanBoraam-MagellanWeight Limit: 300 lbs.
Seat Height: 24 inches
$70Read Full Review Below
16. Richardson Seating Swivel Bar StoolRichardson Seating Swivel Bar StoolWeight Limit: 250 lbs.
Seat Height: 24 inches
$70Read Full Review Below
17. Workpro W112010AWorkpro W112010AWeight Limit: 330 lbs.
Seat Height: 29 inches
$80Read Full Review Below

Here Are the Best Stools and Chairs

1. K&M Performance Stool (Best Overall)

K&M Performance Stool

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Estimated price $315
Weight Limit 250 lbs.
Seat Height 23.622 inches
Height Adjustable Yes, up to 35.433 inches
Swivel No
Seat Size 14.961 x 13.78 inches
Weight 18.7 lbs.
Other Features Height-adjustable footrest, foldable, saddle-type seat, secure stand, tilt-adjustable seat

My Review: If you’re looking for the top of the line adjustable guitar stool, look no further! While the Performance Stool may look like an ordinary stool at first glance, it does have some features that separate it from others on this list. What you see here is a well-designed stool with an adjustable ergonomic seat, pneumatic spring adjustable height, adjustable footrest, adjustable end caps, and a collapsable design. With all of that in mind, you can understand why this simple-looking contraption costs this much.

The frame of the K&M Performance Stool is built with large-gauge steel and then powder-coated, giving it a more neutral look. The comfort of the padded seat is really what seals the deal for me here.

Bottom Line: The K&M Performance Stool is definitely for you if you want the best when it comes to strength, functionality, comfort, stability, and portability.

2. ROC-N-SOC Tower Saddle (Best Value)

ROC-N-SOC Tower Saddle

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Estimated price $145
Weight Limit 330 lbs.
Seat Height 26 inches
Height Adjustable Yes, up to 29 inches
Swivel Yes
Seat Size 17.5 inches
Weight 11.4 lbs.
Other Features Saddle seat design, double foot rings

My Review: A simple design belies the true potential of the ROC-N-SOC Tower Saddle. It has the same reliable construction and posh seating incorporated into many other ROC-N-SOC products on the market. While its design can be off-putting to people who are looking for something collapsable and portable, you can’t ask more when it comes to stability and comfort.

Its very simple design and the shape of the seat itself sets the Tower Saddle apart from the usual circular top stools. What I find interesting is the design of the four legs. They have a bell-shaped form, reinforced by two solid rings in the upper and lower thirds of the legs. The thickness of the legs and the rings are way thicker than what you’ll find on many competing products. The flared-out design of the outer legs ensures optimum stability.

And get this. The Tower Saddle is not only Height Adjustable. You can also swivel it a full 360 degrees. The only issue that I see with this guitar stool is its portability. It is lighter than most stools on the market. The problem is that it is not collapsible nor foldable.

Bottom Line: If you can forgive the fact that the ROC-N-SOC Tower Saddle doesn’t have a folding design, then this is the perfect stool for you. It swivels, adjusts in height, feels very comfortable, and is very stable on any surface. Overall, I would say that this is the best guitar stool for the money.

3. Gator Frameworks Guitar Chair with Stand (Budget Pick)

Gator Frameworks GFWGTRSEAT

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Estimated price $90
Weight Limit 300 lbs.
Seat Height 27 inches
Height Adjustable No
Swivel No
Seat Size 14 x 10 inches
Weight 10.4 lbs.
Other Features Foldable, removable backrest, integrated guitar stand, footrest

My Review: A good guitar chair or stool doesn’t have to break the bank. The Gator Frameworks GFWGTRSEAT is a lot of bang for your buck. I would consider it an exceptional buy. It is small, sturdy, and offers enough extras to make it your go-to chair for your practice room or studio.

I love the comfortable cushioned seat. It remains very comfortable, even if you’re sitting for long periods of time. I also like the footrest, although I wish Gator made it thicker, it does the job. The backrest is also thick and comfortable. It follows the natural shape of the back to minimize aches and pains. You can also remove the backrest if you want to.

Folding the chair is easy, which makes storage a breeze. The guitar stand near the bottom of the front legs can fold back into the frame to optimize the space-saving design of the product. One potential drawback to this stool is that it is not height adjustable and does not swivel.

Bottom Line: The Gator Frameworks Chair offers exceptional value for beginner and veteran guitar players alike. It is sturdy, lightweight, portable, comfortable, and is capable of accommodating your guitar while you take a respite from your jamming session. In my opinion, this is the best guitar chair for under 100 dollars.

4. Gibraltar 6608

Gibraltar 6608

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Estimated price $80
Weight Limit 250 lbs.
Seat Height 18 inches
Height Adjustable Yes, up to 24 inches
Swivel Yes, lockable
Seat Size 15.5 x 13.25 inches
Weight 8.8 lbs.
Other Features Double brace, motorcycle seat style, memory height lock

My Review: Looking at the 6608, I cannot help but think that this drum throne is the 9608MB sans its padded backrest. The two are uncannily similar in all other respects. From the design to the construction of its memory height adjustment locking mechanism, it is easy to mistake the 6608 for the 9608MB (that is if you remove the backrest of the latter).

One major advantage of the 6608 is it’s about three times cheaper than the 9608MB. This makes the 6608 a worthy option for budget-conscious folks, who only want a sturdier and more comfortable seat to sit on when they play their guitar. The price difference stirs is significant, especially if you can live without the backrest.

This is also a relatively lightweight option. The secret is in the material used. The metal in the 6608 is of a lighter gauge than the 9608MB. This accounts for the 12-lb difference between the two. Being lighter doesn’t mean the 6608 isn’t strong anymore. It still is. Both still have a 250-lb weight limit. One good thing about this information is that the 6608 is easier to bring along to your outdoor gigs.

Bottom Line: The Gibraltar 6608 is a reliable drum throne style that is versatile enough to double as a guitar stool. It is inexpensive and offers great stability, comfort, and optimum enjoyment of your guitar playing.

5. Gibraltar 9608MB

Gibraltar 9608MB

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Estimated price $230
Weight Limit 250 lbs.
Seat Height 20 inches
Height Adjustable Yes, up to 26 inches
Swivel Yes
Seat Size 14.75 x 16.75 inches
Weight 20.8 lbs.
Other Features Memory lock height adjustment, rubber feet, removable backrest

My Review: First off, the 9608MB is not designed specifically to be a guitar stool. It is a throne designed for drummers. However, a lot of seasoned guitar players use a drum throne during practice sessions.

Unlike most guitar chairs that have four legs or two with horizontal stabilizing bars, the 9608MB has three. These legs open up and close like an umbrella. The legs are also very thick and solid. The weight of the 9608MB is proof of this. Adjusting the height of the seat and keeping it in place is also easy with the seat’s memory lock mechanism.

You’ll love the shape of the saddle-type seat of the 9608MB. It consists of solid memory foam. The seat is thinner at the front to accommodate the natural contour of the pelvis. And if you don’t like the padded backrest, you can always remove it and stow it away.

Bottom Line: While the Gibraltar 9608MB is a drum throne, guitar players can still use it as a reliable, durable, and comfortable seat. It has a rock-solid foundation that will never put your guitar sessions in jeopardy.



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Estimated price $215
Weight Limit 220 lbs.
Seat Height 21 inches
Height Adjustable Yes, 1-inch increments up to 26 inches (tall model)
Swivel No
Seat Size 16 x 16 inches
Weight 14.08 lbs.
Other Features Foldable, height adjustment locks

My Review: The Vivo USA ADJUSTRITE looks a lot like the chair we have in our dining room or even out on the patio. It has a traditional design that belies its potential to aspiring musicians. This is a chair so unassuming that you’d be forgiven for thinking it isn’t a guitar chair.

While the style is very traditional, the ADJUSTRITE comes with independent extendable legs. I think this will come in handy when using this chair on an uneven surface. You can adjust the length of the leg that is farthest from the floor. You’ll be able to obtain a stable seat this way. The adjustable legs are also beneficial to kids. There are two variants of the ADJUSTRITE. There’s a regular version with a Seat Height of 15 inches. You can raise this up to 20 inches. The tall version starts out at 21 inches and maxes out at 26 inches.

Each height adjustment level is equivalent to an inch. You can also feel safe because of the integrated locking mechanism that is built into each leg. One surefire use of the ADJUSTRITE is the positioning of the chair so that the front is higher than the rear. I like to call it a modified recline.

Bottom Line: This is a classic chair with a few added features that make it one of the most versatile chairs you can buy. It is a sturdy musician’s chair, regardless of age.

7. Stagg GIST-300

Stagg GIST-300

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Estimated price $110
Weight Limit 253.53 lbs.
Seat Height 25.4 inches
Height Adjustable No
Swivel No
Seat Size 14.2-inch diameter
Weight 4.41 lbs.
Other Features Foldable integrated guitar stand, foldable design, footrest

My Review: Guitar players who are looking for the best bang for their buck need to consider the GIST-300 by Stagg. This is a stool that looks like the portable folding seats we bring at picnics and outdoor games. However, don’t be fooled. It may have a very ordinary design. It sure makes up for it in terms of build and functionality.

As a guitar stool, there’s not much that you can expect about the GIST-300. The padded top is sufficient to minimize the pressure. I do wish it were thicker, though. Nevertheless, the seat is comfortable enough to sit on for at least an hour or so of jamming.

Underneath the seat is a retractable mechanism that secures the neck of the guitar as it nests comfortably on the integrated guitar stand. I’ve got to say the guitar stand itself is a lot better than what I have seen in other products. The foldable design of the GIST-300 allows for effortless carriage and storage, too.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a guitar stool that doubles as a guitar stand at a price that will never make you feel cheated, then the GIST-300 is a great option at a great price when it comes to the overall best guitar stools.

8. Quick Lok DX749 Musician Seat

Quick Lok DX749 Musician Seat

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Estimated price $120
Weight Limit 242.5 lbs.
Seat Height 22.8 inches
Height Adjustable Yes, 9x up to 31.5 inches
Swivel No
Seat Size 12.4 x 16.3 inches
Weight 17.8 lbs.
Other Features Adjustable backrest and footrest, foldable, locking pin

My Review: I love the design of the Quick Lok DX74. From the comfortable base to the sturdy legs and the adjustable backrest, there’s a lot to love about the Musician Seat.

I think Quick Lok drew inspiration from modern fitness equipment. The steel rail is solid, made of thick-gauge steel, and powder-coated in black to give it a remarkable finish. There are 9 levels of seat height adjustments. Even if you lock the seat in the highest position of 31.5 inches, the seat never feels wobbly or unstable. I like the fact that there are wide horizontal bars that keep the seat from tipping over.

The footrest is extremely sturdy. It is wide and solid, unlike many guitar chairs and stools in the same price range. The backrest is height adjustable too. I like the idea that I can position the backrest lower. If I feel like I want to relax a bit, I can always adjust the backrest higher. There’s a pin that helps secure the position of the backrest. You’ll also love the collapsible design of the DX749. It makes for easy storage and transport.

Bottom Line: Comfortable, stylish, sturdy, affordable, and very portable. These characteristics make the Quick Lok DX749 Musician’s Chair a great choice. Taking into account versatility and value I would say that this is the best guitar chair out there.

9. Performance Tool W8011

Performance Tool W8011

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Estimated price $50
Weight Limit 300 lbs.
Seat Height 26 inches
Height Adjustable Yes, up to 32 inches
Swivel Yes
Seat Size 14-inch diameter
Weight 14 lbs.
Other Features Low backrest, pneumatic mechanism, synthetic leather

My Review: I like the way the four legs flare outwards from the large-diameter center rib that houses the stool’s pneumatic mechanism. The wide stance of the stool gives me peace of mind. I also won’t need to worry about scratching the surface of my floor. The square foot ring is a bit different. Most stools have a circular ring. Adjusting the Seat Height is simple and straightforward. It locks into place, too.

The feel of the synthetic leather is awesome. It’s like the real thing. The seat has a thick cushion. I also welcome the addition of a low-rise backrest. I sure wished Performance Tool designed the backrest a little higher but this is sufficient enough for supporting the lower back.

Bottom Line: The Performance Tool W8011 is not a dedicated guitar school and yet, is fully capable of accommodating any guitar player. It has all the right features of a musician’s stool, including stability, comfort, and convenience at a price that will never hurt your budget.

10. Odyssey DJCHAIR


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Estimated price $75
Weight Limit 300 lbs.
Seat Height 19 inches
Height Adjustable Yes, 5 levels up to 33 inches
Swivel No
Seat Size 12-inch diameter
Weight 18.36 lbs.
Other Features Removable padded top, adjustable backrest, foldable, adjustable footrest

My Review: I know you will love the DJCHAIR as much as I do. This guitar stool is very similar to the Quick Lok DX749. It is more affordable and lets you enjoy a higher perch because of its height adjustment capabilities of up to 33 inches. Unfortunately, you only get to adjust the seat up to 5 different levels. The DX749 affords you 9 adjustment points.

I was surprised at the sturdiness and stability of the DJCHAIR. Very rigid and well designed. I also like the grippy footrest. It is thick enough to never let you feel pressure under your feet. One thing I saw as a potential negative was you cannot adjust the height of the footrest.

The seat feels comfortable. I do wish Odyssey put a larger diameter seat on the DJCHAIR than what is currently on it. The padded backrest is a pleasure to lean on, nevertheless. You’ll never grow tired of playing your guitar sitting on the DJCHAIR.

Bottom Line: A less expensive alternative to the Quick Lok DX749, the Odyssey DJCHAIR offers guitarists portability, stability, and comfort they can depend on. It can be a good partner during practice sessions or small-time gigs.

11. Fender 24 Guitar Barstool

Fender 24 Guitar Barstool

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Estimated price $80
Weight Limit 250 lbs.
Seat Height 24 inches
Height Adjustable No
Swivel Yes
Seat Size 14.17-inch diameter
Weight 13.33 lbs.
Other Features Embossed Fender logo

My Review: Fender is synonymous with guitar and musical instruments. It’s not surprising why many people also consider Fender’s musician furniture to be some of the best. Take the 24-inch Barstool, for example. This looks like the stool you see at your favorite watering hole. However, Fender constructed it in such a way that guitarists will have a more comfortable time playing their favorite guitar.

There are two versions of the Fender Barstool. If you’re short, you may want to pick the 24-inch version. Guitar players with longer limbs should get the 30-inch version. The reason I had to emphasize this is because this stool doesn’t have an adjustable height. You are stuck with the height of the seat that you purchase.

Fender’s seats are comfortable and firm. The circular footrest is thick and solid. The flared-out legs also offer exceptional stability during guitar playing.

Bottom Line: Riding on the popularity of its brand, the Guitar Barstool is a simple yet very stable and comfortable stool for guitar players. It is a good choice if you don’t mind its fixed height design.

12. On-Stage DT7500

On-Stage DT7500

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Estimated price $65
Weight Limit 300 lbs.
Seat Height 28 inches
Height Adjustable No
Swivel No
Seat Size 9-inch diameter
Weight 7.7 lbs.
Other Features Foldable, non-slip rubber feet, with integrated guitar stand, footrest

My Review: The On-Stage DT7500 goes toe to toe with the Stagg GIST-300. They both have the same design, although the former is about 10 dollars less expensive than the latter. You get to fold the DT7500 and stow it away in your cabinet if not in use. Your guitar will also find a safe place to ‘stay’, while you take a quick breather from your jamming session.

The DT7500 has a retractable guitar neck holder from under the seat. Your guitar rests on the holder connected to the footrest of the stool. The guitar holder can accommodate all types of guitar, from acoustic to electric. The legs of the DT7500 look flimsy. They are not. The legs are as sturdy as you can imagine. The addition of rubber caps on the end of the legs helps stabilize the stool on the floor.

If there’s anything I want On-Stage to improve, it would be the seat itself. It consists of an EVA foam. It should be enough to support thin and light guitar players. Beefier and stockier guitarists may find the seat a little uncomfortable. The diameter is also smaller than the seat of other brands.

Bottom Line: The On-Stage DT7500 is a less expensive alternative to the Stagg GIST-300. While it is stable, secure, and portable, its relatively thin-cushioned seat may be an issue for some guitar players.

13. Wee’s Beyond

Wee’s Beyond

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Estimated price $60
Weight Limit 220 lbs.
Seat Height 18 inches
Height Adjustable No
Swivel No
Seat Size 12-inch diameter
Weight 4 lbs.
Other Features Polyester cushion, foldable design

My Review: There is nothing spectacular looking about the Wee’s Beyond Folding Stool. What surprised me though was the build quality. The joints are secure and the legs are solid.

What amazed me even more about the Beyond is the balance of its seat. It is firm enough to provide great support and soft enough to afford you a level of comfort. The seat has a nice, thick foam. The backrest feels nice, too. The backrest padding is not as thick as the seat, but it is enough to provide some support if you want to rest your lower back. It’s perfect for brief rests between songs.

One comment I have about the Beyond is the cover of the seat. Most products on the market have faux leather or synthetic leather. This one has fabric.

Bottom Line: Wee’s Beyond is a very simple folding stool with a backrest that can do more than accommodate aspiring and veteran guitar players.

14. BIG RED Torin TRP6185MO


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Estimated price $70
Weight Limit 250 lbs.
Seat Height 29 inches
Height Adjustable No
Swivel Yes
Seat Size 14.5-inch diameter
Weight 13.02 lbs.
Other Features Anti-slip feet caps, premium ball bearings, leather seat

My Review: BIG RED is popular for its reliable pieces of furniture. The company designed the Torin for use in restaurants and bars. However, looking at its design and the manner of construction, this bar stool can also be an excellent seating platform for serious guitar players.

I believe that the Torin can be a great stool for any guitar player. The Seat Height is just right. Even if you are small or short-legged, the footrest ring is high enough to help you stabilize your feet and legs. Speaking of legs, the Torin’s four limbs are a lot nicer than other stools. There’s something to be said about the commercial-grade design of this stool.

The seat has ample padding. It is also wider than other stools. Big-bottomed guitarists will never have problems sitting on the Torin. The padding is both soft and firm and the leather top gives the seat a more luxe appearance. I also thought that the Torin has a fixed seat. I was wrong. It swivels a full 360-degrees to give you enough options to change your playing position.

Bottom Line: The BIG RED Torin is a restaurant barstool that serves as a multi-purpose stool. It is comfortable, stable, and offers enough height for guitarists to never tire of playing their axe.

15. Boraam Magellan

Boraam Magellan

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Estimated price $70
Weight Limit 300 lbs.
Seat Height 24 inches
Height Adjustable No
Swivel Yes
Seat Size 16.5-inch diameter
Weight 21.6 lbs.
Other Features Foot rests, flared legs, solid hardwood construction

My Review: An ordinary stool can also serve as a guitar stool. And if it comes with an elegant design, it can double as a wonderful decorative addition to any room, too. That’s what you get if you buy the Boraam Magellan. It is not a specialized guitar stool. However, it has enough features and characteristics that can make it a great stool for guitar players across music genres.

At first, I thought that the Magellan is a fixed-top stool. Imagine my surprise when I learned that the seat also swivels. The seat’s padding is denser than some dedicated guitar stools on the market. The faux leather top also gives the stool a more luxurious appearance. It complements the solid hardwood base.

The beauty of the Magellan is its wood frame and legs. I think solid hardwood could be stronger and offer greater stability than steel-framed stools. The circular footrest follows the same classic design of contemporary bar stools. Resting your feet on the ring gives you a sense of security when playing your guitar.

Bottom Line: The Boraam Magellan is an elegant-looking swivel stool that is versatile enough to be a trustworthy guitar stool. It is a beautiful piece of furniture that can add pizzazz to your personal music room, studio, or practice area.

16. Richardson Seating Swivel Bar Stool

Richardson Seating Swivel Bar Stool

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Estimated price $70
Weight Limit 250 lbs.
Seat Height 24 inches
Height Adjustable No
Swivel Yes
Seat Size 14.5-inch diameter
Weight 12 lbs.
Other Features Chrome finish

My Review: I cannot help wonder if the Richardson Bar Stool draws its design inspiration from the Fender 30. It could be the other way around. Whatever the case. They look almost similar, save for the absence of the embossed Fender logo on the top of the seat. This only shows that an ordinary bar stool can also be a good stool for guitar players as long as it’s the right height and has a few key features such as the footrest ring and propper padding.

Like the Boraam Magellan, the Richardson has a swivel seat that allows you to face your audience wherever they are seated in your room. It is a great design for guitar players who want to play in a manner that allows them to maintain eye contact with their followers. The footrest ring is also sturdy and a lot thicker than others I have seen.

The four legs of the Richardson flare outwards just below the footrest ring. Rubber caps stabilize the stool and prevent it from slipping across the floor. The only downside is that seat is that the padding isn’t quite as thick as other stools on this list. However,the Richardson is still very comfortable to sit on, especially if you like to sit at the edge of your seat with a leg propped up.

Bottom Line: The Richardson Seating Swivel Bar Stool can be a good option for beginner guitarists who are a bit cash-strapped. It is stable, sturdy, and offers enough space to accommodate just about anyone.

17. Workpro W112010A

Workpro W112010A

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Estimated price $80
Weight Limit 330 lbs.
Seat Height 29 inches
Height Adjustable Yes, up to 33.86 inches
Swivel Yes
Seat Size 13.78-inch diameter
Weight 18 lbs.
Other Features Foot ring, padded seat

My Review: A stool should not only be great for accommodating guitar players. It should also offer enough versatility for other uses. While the Workpro W112010A is a work stool, it makes for a wonderful seat for guitar players as well as at a workbench.

The Workpro has one of the most intriguing stool leg designs. They resemble that of a spider or one of those alien spacecraft from War of the Worlds. It is a great mechanical design that can complement electric guitars and other more contemporary guitar designs. The legs do not flare out, unlike other stools on the market. Its diameter is large enough to ensure stability when you’re seated on it.

I wish the padding were denser and thicker. Max weight on this is 330 lbs. Most guitar players can sit on the Workpro and never have to worry about a mechanical failure from this stool.

Bottom Line: The Worpro is a DIYer’s best friend in front of his worktable as it does a guitar player’s favorite stool. It has a unique style and solid construction that can accommodate any size of guitarist.

Choosing the Right Guitar Stool or Chair (Buying Guide)

Buying a guitar stool is not that different from buying any ordinary chair, bar stool, or any other piece of furniture. There are certain characteristics that are always at the top of your mind. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at what you should look for when choosing the ideal seat for your practice session or studio time.

Do You Really Need a Guitar Stool or Chair?

If you prefer playing guitar while sitting down I highly recommend a stool or chair that was designed with a musician in mind. Finding the right stool or chair for you will ensure you have a seat that is optimized for seat height and overall comfort, as well as a footrest and other accommodating features. Many normal chars will have chair armrests or large square seat bases that you could potentially bump or brush your guitar against and get in the way of your optimal seated playing position.

While some guitar stools may look like an ordinary bar stool, most will differ in that its principal design. Let’s talk about some of the design elements and features to look for.

These design elements work together to improve a guitarist’s playing posture. This is the form that your body takes whenever you play the guitar. Seat height and backrest adjustments, footrest, and other comfort features are only one of a few key reasons why you need a guitar stool. This will ensure you are comfortable while in a proper seated position for playing. Being in a proper seated position is important for improved fret access. This works hand in hand with comfort. Your guitar should be at the right level relative to your body that allows optimum access to the fretboard.

Guitar Stool or Guitar Chair?

The next question that most people have in mind is between a guitar stool and a guitar chair. I can’t give you a definite answer to this.

Nevertheless, I can point out a few differences to help you decide which furniture will work best for you. The main difference between a stool and a chair is the absence of a backrest and armrests in the former. A guitar stool is very similar to a bar stool or any other chair that doesn’t have a backrest. The most primitive form of stool that I can think of is a large stump of a tree with its top cut off. The problem with a tree stump is that you will not be able to swivel and turn around as you please.

You may have seen a stool with a backrest. These are modern versions. These stools allow you to attach a backrest if you want. You can remove the backrest if you want a more traditional design of a guitar stool. A guitar chair will always have a backrest. I think this is perfect for people who may have issues maintaining their posture in an upright position for longer periods of time which you can’t do on a guitar stool.

A backrest also makes it easier to maintain the alignment of the spine. You can plant your back firmly on the backrest until you’ve become accustomed to the ideal posture. Personally, either a guitar stool or a guitar chair is perfect for playing your favorite string instrument. It all boils down to other factors that we are going to discuss next.

Things to Look for When Buying a Guitar Stool or Chair

There are several things that you have to pay attention to when you’re shopping for a guitar stool or chair. Let’s try to understand these factors, so you’ll be more empowered in making a wise decision.


Any chair or stool should be first and foremost stable. You don’t want to fall off your stool when you’re playing your guitar. Most chairs have four legs but most 3 leg designs are extremely stable as well. I recommend you steer clear of chairs with casters or wheels. Even if these chairs have locks on their casters, this is still not an option that is particularly safe.

The same is true with stools. Most will have four legs. However, there are those that have one, three, or five legs. Those that have one leg often come with a circular base. Other stools may have a base composed of spokes spread in an outward fashion.

Three-legged stools function more like a tripod. You may not agree with me in saying that a three-legged stool is more stable than a four-legged stool. Don’t believe me? Try sitting on a chair with four legs on an uneven surface. There’s a chance that your chair will wobble. Now try sitting on a three-legged stool on the same uneven floor.

There are some chairs and stools that have a folding design. They also have horizontal bars that join the two front legs and the two rear legs. The addition of the bars creates better stability for the stool.


This goes hand-in-hand with a guitar stool’s stability. You will want a stool or a chair that can support your weight. That’s why you should always make it a point to determine the weight limit of any guitar stool or chair that you want to buy before you make a purchase.

Unfortunately, there are some manufacturers that may not publish the weight limit of their stools or chairs. You can read customer reviews to have an idea of the supportive capabilities of a given product. For example, some customers will mention their weight. Try to learn from other customers’ experiences.

The weight limit of a guitar stool or chair determines the maximum weight of the person that can sit on it. If you are heavier than the published weight limit of the stool, there’s a possibility you could experience a mechanical failure or the chair may not last very long.


The seat of the stool should have ample padding or cushioning to provide enough support for long periods of sitting. Manufacturers use foam as a cushion in these seats. Unfortunately, foams are as varied as the stools themselves. Some are thick and dense, while others are thin and light.

If you pick the latter and you’re quite skinny, there’s a chance that you will feel the hard surface of the seat base. It is never a comfortable feeling. Believe me. It doesn’t even matter if you’re on the thick side. Your weight will flatten the foam and render it useless. It would be like sitting on an unpadded seat.

In my opinion, you should always go for stools or chairs with thick and dense padding. The thickness of the foam should help separate you far enough away from the hard surface of the seat base. A foam’s density will help support your weight without it sinking straight into the base.

If you’re getting a guitar chair, you should also consider the foam on the backrest. Foam thickness and density can be more forgiving in the backrest. Resting your back on the padded backrest will exert less force than what you exert on the seat.

Consider the size of the seat itself. You might not be aware of it, but the size of the seat can have a bearing on your comfort level. Ideally, you should fit right on the seat.

Height Adjustment

Unless a customer provides a very specific height of the guitar stool, manufacturers produce this furniture with a more universal design. This allows anyone to use the guitar stool. However, we also know that the correct playing posture is one of the most important reasons for getting a guitar stool. How can you achieve this if you cannot firmly plant your feet on the floor? It would also be impossible to observe the correct posture of playing the guitar if the seat is too low. You’ll find your legs in a flexed position, which increases your tendency to hunch.

That’s why one of the most important features of a guitar stool is its height adjustability. You should be able to lower or raise the seat to accommodate the length of your legs. This is also great if you have friends who will be playing your guitar, while you take a much-needed respite. I’m sure you and your friends don’t have the same lower-half length.


Personally, I want a guitar stool that is both heavy-duty as well as lightweight and collapsible. I personally don’t have a lot of storage space in my home and the space I do have is used to almost 100% capacity.

I prefer a collapsible guitar stool or chair which makes it very easy to fold and throw right in the back of the car. Storing it is also easier if you’re able to make the stool thinner or smaller. Then you can tuck it behind a couch or in the side of your closet without taking up much space.

Now, some guitar chairs or stools are not foldable. That’s okay especially if space isn’t an issue in your practice room or studio. There can often be some positive tradeoffs to fixed stools or chairs compared to collapsible/foldable. It can often be more rigid or possibly have more adjustment features, but pay attention to the weight too. Even if you don’t have a need to store it away in your home, you may want the stool to be travel handy when you’re thinking about taking it to your gig or jam sessions.


I don’t know about you, but I love propping one of my feet higher than the other. I find it more stable to hold the guitar with its lower body propped by my thigh. I can distribute the weight of the guitar on my thigh and reduce the tension on my playing arms. That’s why I consider a footrest to be an important element of a good guitar stool.

Overall Construction

I cannot help but emphasize the importance of build quality when it comes to guitar stools. After all, you’re sitting on it. Shoddy construction can increase your risk of mechanical failure. Make sure to pick a guitar stool or chair from a reputable brand. These companies have been in this kind of business for many years. They’ll never put anything on the market that can undermine their trustworthiness. You might want to check different customer reviews, too. They can provide you with invaluable insights into the overall construction of a particular guitar stool.

Other Features:

A seat is a seat. You can’t have it any other way. However, there are enterprising companies that wow the crowd by adding extra features to their guitar stools and chairs. For example, there are some guitar stools that double as a guitar stand when not in use. There are also those with attachable holders for accommodating your sheet music and other accessories.

Look at these features closely and determine how they can improve the experience when playing your guitar. A good guitar chair or stool can make it a lot more enjoyable experience to play the guitar. With the right choice, this furniture can help enhance playing comfort and improve fret access by having the right body posture. It can also help prevent injuries and other health conditions due to repetitive motion, muscle strain and fatigue, and even accidental falls.

Wrap Up:

That does it for this review, let us know what guitar chair or stool you’re planning to buy in the comments below. Also, let us know if there are any good products that we missed and should add to this list!

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