20 Best Guitar Stands in 2024 (All Price Ranges and Styles)

Guitar stands serve as a great way to store and display your guitar when not in use. Over the years I’ve owned and tested a number of guitar stands, and in this review, we’ll be discussing the best guitar stands at each price point.

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There are a number and designs to choose from and the features they offer vary greatly, so if you want to learn a little more about them before reading reviews, check out our guitar stand buying guide at the bottom of the page.

Name of ProductImage of ProductDescriptionPrice RangeFull Review
1. Hercules GS414B Plus Guitar Stand (Best Overall)Hercules GS414B Plus Guitar StandType: Premium tubular
Materials: Heavy-duty steel
$60Read Full Review Below
2. On Stage XCG4 Guitar Stand (Best Value Tubular)On Stage XCG4 Guitar StandType: Tubular
Materials: Heavy-duty metal
$20Read Full Review Below
3. Hercules GS432B A/G Tri Stand (Best Multi Guitar Stand Overall)Hercules GS432B A/G Tri Guitar StandType: Premium, multi-guitar
Materials: Heavy-duty steel
$85Read Full Review Below
4. Gator Frameworks GFW-GTR-3000 (Best Value Multi-Guitar Stand)Gator Frameworks GFW-GTR-3000 Guitar StandType: Multi-guitar
Materials: Heavy-duty steel
$40Read Full Review Below
5. Hercules GS525B Guitar Stand (Best Guitar Rack)Hercules GS525B Guitar StandType: Premium guitar rack
Materials: Heavy-duty steel
$75Read Full Review Below
6. Fender 5 Multi Guitar StandFender 5 Multi Guitar StandType: Guitar rack
Materials: Sturdy steel
$70Read Full Review Below
7. AmazonBasics Guitar Stand (Best A-frame Style)AmazonBasics Guitar StandType: A-frame
Materials: Metal
$15Read Full Review Below
8. RockJam Guitar Stand (Runner Up A-Frame)RockJam Guitar StandType: A-frame
Materials: High-quality steel
$15Read Full Review Below
9. Stagg GDC-6 Guitar StandStagg GDC-6 Guitar StandType: Guitar rack
Materials: Engineered wood with vinyl finish
$170Read Full Review Below
10. String Swing CC34 Guitar StandString Swing CC34 Guitar StandType: Guitar rack
Materials: Solid oak or black walnut hardwood
$110Read Full Review Below
11. Pyle PGST43 Multi Guitar StandPyle PGST43 Multi Guitar StandType: Guitar rack
Materials: Heavy-duty steel
$55Read Full Review Below
12. Hola! Music Guitar StandHola! Music Guitar StandType: Tubular
Materials: Metal
$20Read Full Review Below
13. ChromaCast CC-MINIGS Guitar StandChromaCast CC-MINIGS Guitar StandType: A-frame
Materials: Metal
$10Read Full Review Below
14. CAHAYA X-Frame Guitar StandCAHAYA X-Frame Guitar StandType: X-frame
Materials: Engineered wood (plywood)
$25Read Full Review Below
15. Aroma AGS8 Guitar StandAroma AGS8 Guitar StandType: A-frame
Materials: Aircraft-grade aluminum
$20Read Full Review Below
16. GLEAM Guitar StandGLEAM Guitar StandType: A-frame
Materials: Steel
$15Read Full Review Below
17. On Stage GS7465 Pro Flip-It Guitar StandOn Stage GS7465 Pro Flip-It Guitar StandType: A-frame
Materials: Heavy-duty steel
$25Read Full Review Below
18. PlutuX Guitar StandPlutuX Guitar StandType: A-frame
Materials: Black walnut wood, steel hardware
$30Read Full Review Below
19. K&M 17580 Heli 2 Guitar StandK&M 17580 Heli 2 Guitar StandType: A-frame
Materials: Heavy-duty steel
$25Read Full Review Below
20. Donner DS-3 Guitar StandDonner DS-3 Guitar StandType: A-frame
Materials: Solid Acacia wood
$25Read Full Review Below

Here Are the Best Guitar Stands

1. Hercules GS414B Plus Guitar Stand (Best Value)

Hercules GS414B Plus Guitar Stand

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Estimated Price $60
Type Premium tubular
Materials Heavy-duty steel
Guitar Protection Specially formulated foam (SFF)
Weight 4.2 lbs.
Notable Features Improved yoke design with Auto Grip System, narrow instrument neck adjustment (NINA) system, quick height adjustment clutch with easy lock, rubber feet
Ideal For Electric, acoustic, bass guitars; ukulele, banjo, mandolin

My Review: The Hercules GS414B Plus is the perfect marriage between the portability of a tubular guitar stand and the security of a guitar hanger wall mount. If you’re familiar with Hercules wall mounts, then you are probably already familiar with Hercules’ patented Auto Grip System that allows for multi-angle adjustments while safely locking the guitar in place.

The GS414B Plus is similar to a wall-mounted guitar hanger with an auto-lock feature. The yoke has a “gate” that is always in the open position. The moment you place the neck in the yoke, the “gates” automatically closes to secure your guitar. There are no bottom platforms or yokes that support the body of the guitar. Your instrument literally ‘hangs’ from the auto-lock yoke system, several inches above the surface of your floor.

This is an ingenious creation that very few in the guitar-loving world can conceive. There is special padding, too, at points where the stand comes in contact with the guitar.

Bottom Line: The Hercules GS414B Plus is an expensive tubular guitar stand. However, it provides one of the safest and most secure ways to store and display your guitar.

2. On Stage XCG4 Guitar Stand (Budget Pick)

On Stage XCG4 Guitar Stand

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Estimated Price $20
Type Tubular
Materials Heavy-duty metal
Guitar Protection EVA rubber
Weight 2.05 lbs.
Notable Features Friction locking knob, self-centering lower yoke, rubber end caps, fretboard latch, adjustable height
Ideal For Electric, bass, and acoustic guitars

My Review: I usually prefer tubular style guitar stands like this over A-frame style stands because they have more contact points with the guitar, and what I really like about this particular stand is the EVA rubber coating on all of the contact points to prevent scuffs or damage, regardless of what material your guitar is composed of. It has an adjustable height to accommodate large or small guitars, and it has a locking strap near the top contact point to further secure the guitar when not in use.

This guitar stand just feels more stable than many of its competitors, and even when at its maximum adjustable height, it doesn’t budge left or left at all, preventing it from accidentally tipping over at any point. The three legs are longer than many stands, allowing you to stabilize the stand wherever you decide to place it. The stand comes with a self-centering bottom yoke and the entire stand has a collapsible design for convenient storage when not in use.

Bottom Line: The On Stage XCG4 is a single-guitar stand that offers the kind of security and protection you want for your guitar. It is affordable and allows you to retain the excellent finish of your musical instrument. As mentioned, the XCG4 also comes with an adjustable height and a mechanism for locking the center rod in place. All of these things allow you to sleep in peace.

3. Hercules GS432B A/G Tri Guitar Stand (Best Multi Guitar Stand Overall)

Hercules GS432B A/G Tri Guitar Stand

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Estimated Price $85
Type Premium, multi-guitar
Materials Heavy-duty steel
Guitar Protection Specially formulated foam (SFF)
Weight 6.45 lbs.
Notable Features Folding backrests, comfort grip, folding AGS yokes, height adjustment clutch, foldable, nonslip feet
Ideal For Acoustic, electric, bass guitars

My Review: The Hercules GS432B A/G is perfect for those who love the Hercules GS414B Plus, but wished it can accommodate more than one guitar. The GS432B is almost similar to the GS414B. The difference? It has three Auto Grip System yokes that are fully capable of securing three of your guitars.

Another difference is the presence of three folding backrests. This is a very important design element of the GS432B. Hanging three guitars can increase the chance of the instruments banging against each other. The extended backrests prevent this from happening. It pushes the individual guitars away from the midline so that they will not get in contact with each other.

You can also adjust the height of the stand. The clutch mechanism is ingenious since it involves gears that will lock into place until you are ready to disengage them. It is not surprising why many serious guitarists consider the GS432B as one of the best guitar stands.

Bottom Line: Forget the price of the Hercules GS432B A/G and you can easily enjoy the many advantages that this guitar stand has to offer. It is secure, stable, portable, and offers great real value for your money.

4. Gator Frameworks GFW-GTR-3000 (Best Value Multi Guitar Stand)

Gator Frameworks GFW-GTR-3000 Guitar Stand

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Estimated Price $40
Type Multi-guitar
Materials Heavy-duty steel
Guitar Protection Finish-safe rubber
Weight 3.45 lbs.
Notable Features Removable safety trim, fretboard latch, rubber feet, adjustable height with lock
Ideal For Electric and acoustic guitars

My Review: Guitarists trust Gator Frameworks when it comes to music accessories. This brand is reliable for its good quality products at reasonable prices. One of Gator’s most popular products is the GFW-GTR-3000. This is a guitar stand that combines the stability of an A-frame and the security of a fretboard latch-containing tubular stand.

The GFW-GTR-3000 can handle three guitars all at once to improve its space requirements. There are fretboard latches that secure the necks of the guitars, while they sit securely on the padded yokes at the bottom. It is also easy to adjust and lock the height of the center rod.

I like the rubber padding of the contact surfaces of the GFW-GTR-300. It looks denser than other products on the market. While it is thick, the padding will never scratch or leave nasty imprints on the fine finish of your guitar.

Bottom Line: The GFW-GTR-3000 is a worthy solution for organizing and storing three guitars at a time. The construction is as solid as an A-frame and the security and protection it affords your guitar is worth more than what its price tag suggests.

5. Hercules GS525B Guitar Stand (Best Guitar Rack)

Hercules GS525B Guitar Stand

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Estimated Price $75
Type Premium guitar rack
Materials Heavy-duty steel
Guitar Protection Specially Formulated Foam (SFF)
Weight 9.68 lbs.
Notable Features 5-guitar capacity, adjustable yoke, one-piece design, easy setup, foldable
Ideal For Electric and acoustic guitars

My Review: If you already own several guitars, you know that an ordinary multi-guitar stand is not enough. You need a more efficient system that can safeguard five of your guitars without them banging into each other. One product I can recommend is the Hercules GS525B. This is a very sturdy platform for cradling five guitars at a time.

This stand features a special foam that is proprietary to Hercules. Both the lower contact surfaces at the base of the stand and the fretboard yokes at the top horizontal bar feature this revolutionary padding. The yokes have long arms to prevent the neck from getting displaced. This makes up for the absence of a security latch. You can also adjust their positioning in the bar. The GS525B may look large. However, it saves you more space than having two multi-guitar stands. It is also easy to assemble.

Bottom Line: The Hercules GS525B is a professional-grade guitar stand that is worthy to have in the studio as it does in the backstage of a concert venue. While this rig is perfect for performances, it can also be an excellent storage solution for guitars in the home.

6. Fender 5 Multi Guitar Stand

Fender 5 Multi Guitar Stand

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Estimated Price $70
Type Guitar rack
Materials Sturdy steel
Guitar Protection Finish-safe foam padding
Weight 2.2 lbs.
Notable Features Foldable, 5-guitar capacity
Ideal For Bass, electric, acoustic guitars

My Review: Fender loyalists will always want a Fender stand for their guitars. Whether you have a Stratocaster or a CD-60S, your guitars will feel right at home in the Fender 5 Multi Guitar Stand.

This stand can accommodate five guitars at any given time. The sturdy steel frame of the guitar rack helps ensure security for your guitars. The padded surfaces keep your instruments as pristine as possible. It is interesting to note that the rack is quite portable. It is easy to fold up for effortless storage under the bed or in your cabinet.

One observation about the Fender 5 is its vertical frame. I think it is thinner than other guitar racks on the market. The fretboard bars are thick, however. This is because of the thick padding that covers the bars. You will have to exercise caution when placing your guitars so that they will not get in contact with each other.

Bottom Line: The Fender 5 is a great product for die-hard fans of the brand. If you are not a loyal follower of Fender, you may find that the market has better options for you.

7. AmazonBasics Guitar Stand (Best A-frame Style)

AmazonBasics Guitar Stand

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Estimated Price $15
Type A-frame
Materials Metal
Guitar Protection Soft foam
Weight 3.53 lbs.
Notable Features 3 adjustable width settings, foldable, rubber feet, requires no assembly
Ideal For Acoustic and electric guitars, bass, banjo, mandolin

My Review: Many people are surprised to learn that years ago Amazon decided to start selling their own products. AmazonBasics products are known for being an incredible value, and their guitar stand is no exception.

True to its name, the AmazonBasics Guitar stand has a very simple design, but it gets the job done. The A-frame has a 5-degree incline, allowing you to rest your guitar squarely against the padded backrest. The yoke can accommodate different sizes of guitars as well as a variety of other string instruments.

I love the foldable nature of the lightweight stand. The feet have textured rubber caps, giving them stability and preventing the stand from going anywhere. The frame locks easily, too.

Bottom Line: Inexpensive, functional, and portable. With all these remarkable characteristics, there is no reason why you should not get the AmazonBasics Guitar Folding A-Frame Stand.

8. RockJam Guitar Stand (Runner Up A-Frame)

RockJam Guitar Stand

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Estimated Price $15
Type A-frame
Materials High-quality steel
Guitar Protection Neoprene
Weight 1.4 lbs.
Notable Features Foldable, rubber feet, padded frame hinge, integrated lock, free TakeLessons face-to-face online guitar lessons
Ideal For Electric, classic, and acoustic guitars; travel and kids guitars

My Review: I’ve used a number of RockJam products over the years including their wall hanger and guitar stand. I was very happy with both and I certainly recommend their guitar stand that we’ll be discussing here. It is an inexpensive guitar storage solution that is very similar the AmazonBasics stand we talked about above.

The RockJam has all the desirable characteristics of an A-frame guitar stand. It is stable and very portable. The legs are adjustable to accommodate different sizes of guitars and other string instruments. All contact points have neoprene padding. This is a welcome surprise for me. Most products put ordinary foam on contact surfaces. At least, you will never worry about leaving scuff marks on your thousand-dollar Martin acoustic.

What I adore about the RockJam is the opportunity to learn from expert guitar teachers. The company offers access to online guitar classes with a live teacher. Other companies can only provide you with pre-recorded lessons. Beginner guitar players will receive the right instruction on how they can improve their guitar playing skills.

Bottom Line: The RockJam A-Frame Guitar Stand is a wonderful choice for guitarists who want stability and guitar protection at an affordable price. It is a great stand to take wherever you desire to play your guitar next.

9. Stagg GDC-6 Guitar Stand

Stagg GDC-6 Guitar Stand

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Estimated Price $170
Type Guitar rack
Materials Engineered wood with vinyl finish
Guitar Protection Plush foam
Weight 19.8 lbs.
Notable Features 6-guitar capacity, foldable, fretboard slots
Ideal For Electric and acoustic guitars

My Review: If you need a guitar rack that you can fold and carry like a large suitcase, the Stagg GDC-6 is your choice. This is one of the most interesting guitar stands I have ever seen. When closed, it looks like an oversized briefcase only Shaq would use. Open it and you will find yourself growing fond of the GDC-6.

This folding guitar rack features premium-quality engineered wood. That explains its considerable price. Both the interior and exterior surfaces come with vinyl covering to help protect the precious finish of your guitar. There are slots for guitar necks. What surprised me is the presence of locks for each fretboard slot. Worry no more about your guitars banging against each other.

Setting up the GDC-6 is also very easy. Only secure the locks and you already have a trustworthy guitar stand. You can put 3 acoustic guitars or 6 electrics in the GDC-6.

Bottom Line: The Stagg GDC-6 is a unique guitar stand in so many ways. This is one of the best guitar storage solutions for the studio and the backstage, although it can also be a great piece for the home.

10. String Swing CC34 Guitar Stand

String Swing CC34 Guitar Stand

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Estimated Price $110
Type Guitar rack
Materials Solid oak or black walnut hardwood
Guitar Protection High-density rubber
Weight 8.98 lbs.
Notable Features Side-loading design, individual yokes, 6-guitar capacity, foldable, easy to assemble
Ideal For Electric, acoustic guitars

My Review: One of the most important qualities of any guitar stand is stability. On a cheap single guitar stand, it takes one accidental bump of your guitar and you can have a very expensive mess. One great advantage to a rack type of guitar stand is that it provides better stability and security. One of the best I have seen so far is the CC34 by String Swing.

The CC34 is a reliable platform for storing as many as six guitars at a time. While there are many guitar racks on the market, very few are as pleasing to the eyes as the CC34. This rack features solid wood construction. You can pick the oak or the walnut version. Personally, I like the oak because it creates a better contrast to my mostly dark-colored guitars.

The best part about the CC34 is the design of its neck yokes. These yokes secure your guitar even though they do not have a latch. String Swing integrated thick rubber on the contact surfaces for maximum guitar protection.

Bottom Line: The CC34 justifies its hefty price tag with remarkable stability, unparalleled sturdiness, and exceptional protection for your guitars. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive and not truly portable.

11. Pyle PGST43 Multi Guitar Stand

Pyle PGST43 Multi Guitar Stand

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Estimated Price $55
Type Guitar rack
Materials Heavy-duty steel
Guitar Protection Velveteen rubber
Weight 7.72 lbs.
Notable Features 7-guitar capacity, rubber feet, black powder coat finish, collapsible
Ideal For Bass, acoustic, and electric guitars; guitar cases and bags

My Review: The Pyle PGST43 is a rack type of guitar stand that can accommodate up to 7 guitars at any given time. It is a great solution for guitar players who have a growing collection of guitars. It can also be a great addition to a studio or even at the concert backstage.

I admire the solid construction of the PGST43 frame. The bars are thick, offering enough support for different guitars. This guitar stand comes with short bars that serve as divisions for the guitars. I would have preferred having individual yokes. However, it is still a good design that will reduce the chances of your guitars banging into each other.

The velveteen rubber padding on both the upper and lower bars provide enough protection for your instruments. The only thing I am not sure of is whether the material is safe for nitro-finished guitars. I guess it is. Otherwise, it would not get this many rave reviews.

Bottom Line: Pyle continues to amaze guitarists with its simple yet effective storage solution for owners of multiple guitars. The PGST43 is as solid and stable as a guitar stand you can get.

12. Hola! Music Guitar Stand

Hola! Music Guitar Stand

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Estimated Price $20
Type Tubular
Materials Metal
Guitar Protection Nitrocellulose finish-safe padding
Weight 2.59 lbs.
Notable Features Adjustable height with quick lock, fretboard latch, collapsible, foldable neck, AutoLock leg housing, nonslip feet, free 2 months online Live Music classes
Ideal For Acoustic, electric, bass, and classical guitars; banjo, ukulele, mandolin

My Review: The Hola-! Music Universal Guitar Stand is an affordable tubular stand that is as stable as it is versatile in securing different types and styles of string instruments. It has several features that can make guitar storage so much easier.

This guitar stand defies conventional tubular designs by integrating a foldable neck with a fretboard latch. It is not a simple yoke that does nothing to prevent your instrument from falling. It has a guardrail that locks into place and secures the guitar neck. Unlike many tubular guitar stands, the Hola! Music guitar stand comes with an adjustable height mechanism. The Quick Lock system is also a joy to operate.

I also like the added value to every purchase of this guitar stand. Novice guitar players can avail of Live Music lessons for two months. The contact points have paddings that are safe for guitars with a nitrocellulose finish. The legs also lock into place, giving you the best security for your guitar.

Bottom Line: The Hola! Music Universal Guitar Stand is a great stand for the guitars of novice musicians. It is secure, lightweight, and very versatile to accommodate different instruments at a time.

13. ChromaCast CC-MINIGS Guitar Stand (Best Budget)

ChromaCast CC-MINIGS Guitar Stand

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Estimated Price $10
Type A-frame
Materials Metal
Guitar Protection Soft foam
Weight 2 lbs.
Notable Features Secure Lock, stepped yoke, foldable, rubber backrest
Ideal For Acoustic and electric guitars

My Review: If you are on a tight budget and you want a trustworthy stand to keep your guitar while you are away, check out ChromaCast’s CC-MINIGS Guitar Stand. This is an A-frame stand that has all the important characteristics of a good beginner’s guitar stand at a more amiable price.

The A-frame legs are thick and squarish, instead of the usual cylindrical shape. There is a secure hinge between the legs that help stabilize the stand when you put your guitar on the yoke. The yoke has a stepped design. I think this is perfect for cradling different types of string instruments. The backrest at the apex of the A-frame features a soft foam padding. You can see the same padding material on the yoke.

I am just not sure if the soft foam is safe for guitars with a nitrocellulose finish. What I know is that the padding on the contact surfaces is good enough to never damage your guitar.

Bottom Line: This is a reliable guitar stand for those who do not wish to spend tens of dollars on a sturdier product with more safety features. A good beginner’s guitar stand.

14. CAHAYA X-Frame Guitar Stand

CAHAYA X-Frame Guitar Stand

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Estimated Price $25
Type X-frame
Materials Engineered wood (plywood)
Guitar Protection Soft leather
Weight 1.48 lbs.
Notable Features Elegant design, quick install and disassembly, full leather coverage
Ideal For Classical acoustic dreadnaught guitars; other string instruments

My Review: There are some of us who want a unique guitar stand, while still retaining its ability to secure our guitar. One such product is the CAHAYA X-Frame Guitar Stand. As the name implies, this is a stand that features an X configuration.

The real beauty of the X-Frame is its wooden construction. I love the natural stain of wood on the surface. While I would have loved the CAHAYA even more if it used solid hardwood, the engineered wood construction offers better stability and sturdiness than conventional fiberboard. It is stiffer, guaranteeing durability.

I also like the use of premium quality, genuine leather as padding for the contact surfaces. CAHAYA redesigned its X-Frame to incorporate leather that covers the edges of the stand. Assembling it is also a cinch. It is like putting two puzzle pieces together using the integrated slots.

Bottom Line: It is beautiful, functional, and a very unique way to store and display your guitar in a corner right in your living room. I would be willing to pay more for this guitar stand if only it featured solid hardwood and not plywood.

15. Aroma AGS8 Guitar Stand

Aroma AGS8 Guitar Stand

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Estimated Price $20
Type A-frame
Materials Aircraft-grade aluminum
Guitar Protection Silicone
Weight 1.41 lbs.
Notable Features Foldable, ABS joints, ladder base arms, adjustable base arms, silicone-covered feet, base and arm locks, twin gears, movable pad
Ideal For Acoustic, bass, and electric guitars; banjo, ukulele, violin, banjo

My Review: The AGS8 is one of the most portable A-frame guitar stands on the market. It features aircraft-grade aluminum that gives it remarkable lightweight characteristics, while retaining its structural strength.

Like many A-frames, the AGS8 is foldable. What separates it from the rest is the sliding design of its base arms. You can move it forward or backward, depending on your needs or the type of guitar that you want to place on its ladder-style base arms. The guitar cradle comes with silicone padding, another feature that is remarkable for a product in this price range. The backrest also has silicone and is movable. You can tilt it to accommodate the back of your guitar.

You will love the fact that the Aroma AGS8 comes in five different colors to match different personalities. Personally, I like the black version as it is more conservative. You can pick blue, purple, silver, and rose gold, too, if you want.

Bottom Line: The Aroma AGS8 is the ideal guitar stand for the traveling performer. It is sturdy, lightweight, and very portable to give you instant guitar storage wherever your adventures take you.

16. GLEAM Guitar Stand

GLEAM Guitar Stand

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Estimated Price $15
Type A-frame
Materials Steel
Guitar Protection EVA foam
Weight 2.7 lbs.
Notable Features 2 width adjustments with easy-squeeze handle and lock, rubber feet, foldable
Ideal For Electric and acoustic guitars, 26-inch ukulele, optional lock kit

My Review: GLEAM is another affordable A-frame type of guitar stand that is great for beginners and pros alike. It has a robust structure that ensures optimum stability of the platform. GLEAM also has enough protective covering to safeguard the finish of your guitar.

One thing I noticed about the GLEAM guitar stand is its short feet. The good news is that it does not pose a significant threat to the A-frame’s stability. The addition of a lock-and-release lever is also noteworthy. It simplifies the adjustment of the width of the frame’s legs, while also ensuring security.

The padding is only EVA foam. It is what you would expect from a product with this price. The dual yokes are deep and can accommodate any type of electric guitars and acoustic guitars. The only downside is that you cannot put a jazz type of guitar in this stand.

Bottom Line: The inconspicuous design of the GLEAM makes it a good choice for guitarists who prefer to keep things simple. It is stable and sufficient to protect the delicate surfaces of your guitar.

17. On Stage GS7465 Pro Flip-It Guitar Stand

On Stage GS7465 Pro Flip-It Guitar Stand

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Estimated Price $25
Type A-frame
Materials Heavy-duty steel
Guitar Protection EVA rubber
Weight 4.1 lbs.
Notable Features Adjustable flip-it top yoke, rubber end caps, foldable, stepped bottom yoke design
Ideal For Acoustic, electric guitars

My Review: I love to call the On Stage GS7465 as the A-frame guitar stand with a fascinating twist. This device is as stable and space-saving as any other A-frame guitar stands you may see. However, it also has a unique element that On Stage borrowed from tubular guitar stands.

What I like about the GS7465 is the addition of a center tube that functions like a tubular guitar stand. The tube has an extension that integrates a fretboard yoke. This design allows you to enjoy the stability of an A-frame and the guitar security of a tubular stand. And if you do not like to use the fretboard yoke, you can always flip and secure it between the legs of the A-frame.

I only wish this On Stage product came with a better cushioning for its contact surfaces. This does not necessarily mean that the EVA rubber padding is not good. It is still reliable. However, there are other materials that can offer better protection for your guitar.

Bottom Line: The On Stage GS7465 Flip-It addresses the concerns of both A-frame and tubular types of guitar stands. It is also a worthy device for modern guitarists on the go.

18. PlutuX Guitar Stand

PlutuX Guitar Stand

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Estimated Price $30
Type A-frame
Materials Black walnut wood, steel hardware
Guitar Protection Soft foam pad
Weight 1.76 lbs.
Notable Features Secure lock system, rubber feet, foldable, easy assembly, with 3 picks and wrench for assembly
Ideal For Acoustic, electric guitars, banjo, mandolin, violin, ukulele, bass

My Review: Most people ignore the PlutuX, thinking it is just another A-frame guitar stand trying to make a name for itself. It is not necessarily “just” any other A-frame stand. The PlutuX is one of the most elegant A-frames you can ever buy.

What amazes me the most about this guitar stand is its wooden construction. Both the A-frame and the stabilizer feet feature solid black walnut hardwood. You get a fantastic luster that can put a sparkle in your man cave. Since it is wood, you can expect each PlutuX to be one of a kind. The only non-wood component is the steel tube that forms the yoke. The guitar cradle gets a nice treatment of soft foam padding. It will never damage your guitar.

The same padding is on the backrest at the frame’s apex. PlutuX also includes three guitar plectrums and a useful wrench for assembling the guitar stand.

Bottom Line: The PlutuX is an A-frame guitar stand that is lovely and elegant as it is sturdy and stable. It is a good match to the natural wood construction of acoustic guitars.

19. K&M 17580 Heli 2 Guitar Stand

K&M 17580 Heli 2 Guitar Stand

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Estimated Price $25
Type A-frame
Materials Heavy-duty steel
Guitar Protection Non-marring rubber
Weight 2.2 lbs.
Notable Features 4-position width adjustment, unique design, collapsible
Ideal For Acoustic, bass, electric guitars

My Review: Konig & Meyer is one of the few brands that I truly admire when it comes to guitar accessories. It is not surprising that I also consider the brand’s 17580 Heli 2 as one of the best guitar stands out there today.

The Heli 2 is one of the most unique stands I have ever seen. It has a wireframe design that may look flimsy for most people. However, I can say with all honesty that this guitar stand can accommodate even the heaviest bass guitars in your man cave. Its unique design makes the Heli 2 a joy to bring in gigs and outdoor events. It is very easy to fold into a very slim package that you can slip into your backpack.

Get this. The Heli 2 also comes with four different width adjustments. This is perfect for accommodating different string instruments. The non-marring rubber also safeguards the integrity of your guitar.

Bottom Line: The unique design and exceptional portability of the K&M 17580 Heli 2 make it a great choice for any guitar player. Its sturdiness is what you can rely on for many years to come.

20. Donner DS-3 Guitar Stand

Donner DS-3 Guitar Stand

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Estimated Price $25
Type A-frame
Materials Solid Acacia wood
Guitar Protection Matte cotton padding
Weight 1.52 lbs.
Notable Features Nonslip rubber covers, easy to assemble, foldable
Ideal For Bass, electric, acoustic guitars, banjo, mandolin

My Review: I am not sure which came first: the PlutuX or the Donner DS-3? Both of these guitar stands come with a traditional A-frame design. The difference is the choice of wood for the frame. Whereas PlutuX opts for oak or walnut, Donner uses natural acacia. The main advantage of acacia is that it is about 23 percent harder and stronger than oak.

The downside to the DS-3 is its choice of padding for its contact surfaces. Donner uses only cotton padding, which may not be enough for some guitar players. I think you should be careful when placing your guitar in the DS-3, just to be safe.

It goes without saying that the Donner DS-3 is a beautiful guitar stand. I will not be ashamed to make this guitar stand an important element in my living room. Placing my guitar in it should be a wonderful conversation piece with guests.

Bottom Line: The Donner DS-3 appeals more to guitar players who love natural materials that can complement the elegance of their guitars. It is an inexpensive option for those who want a reliable stand for them to rest their guitars in.

Choosing the Right Guitar Stand (Buying Guide)

As I said in the beginning, I prepared a buying guide for you. This is for those people who may not like my selection of the best guitar stands. I combined my personal knowledge gained from years of playing the guitar and buying different accessories with the expertise of seasoned guitarists everywhere to come up with a buying guide that is as comprehensive as you can hope for.

Is a Guitar Stand Right for You?

If you have been following my articles, you will know that I am not a huge fan of the guitar stand. I prefer a guitar hanger because of the few advantages it offers over a guitar stand. Of course, you and I have different preferences.

So, should you get a guitar stand?

Before I answer this question, let us first understand one of the most important concerns of guitarists about guitar stands. The primary issue is guitar safety. If you choose wrong guitar stand, you can easily damage your musical instrument. A stand is at risk of toppling over, crashing to the floor, and breaking or damaging the instrument.

Even in the case of a very sturdy stand, there is still the risk of toppling over. You may have small children in your home or even pets. When kids play and they run, they could swipe at the guitar and cause the stand to tumble. This is the same with pets, such as cats and dogs.

There are also instances of personal clumsiness. You can be so engrossed in what you are reading or talking to in your phone that you did not see the guitar stand in your path. The next thing you know, you hear a loud crash and the spectacle of shards from your guitar.

I am not saying that it is safer to store a guitar on a hanger. Improperly installed guitar hangers are just as unsafe as a poorly constructed and unstable guitar stand. The point here is to pick only the best possible stand you can get for your guitar.

Space is another issue that people have to think about before buying a guitar stand. There are types of stands that can take up plenty of floor space. It is not a problem if you live in a mansion. Guitarists living in cramped dorm rooms or tiny apartments may not have such a luxury. Good thing there are guitar stands that are quite space-savers.

Personally, I think you should get a guitar stand if you do not want to hang your instrument on the wall for fear that it will fall. A guitar stand is also a great idea if you have ample space in your house and do not have very young children and misbehaving pets.

Types of Guitar Stands

If you are still interested in getting a guitar stand, the first thing you have to decide on is the type of stand that you will want to buy. The following are the types of guitar stands you need to know.

A-Frame Guitar Stands

People call them the A-frame guitar stand because of the characteristic shape of the frame. It looks like an inverted letter V, but with a horizontal connecting bar somewhere between the two legs. A-frame guitar stands may look flimsy and unstable. Their stability depends on the length of the two horizontal bars that serve as the feet of the frame. The longer the bars are, the more stable the stand is. The space between the two legs also account for the stability of the A-frame stand. The wider the distance, the lower is the center of gravity. This makes the A-frame more stable. One advantage of the A-frame is that it is a true space-saver. Many of these products also have a collapsible design, allowing for ease of transportation and storage.

The problem with an A-frame guitar stand is that your guitar is not secure. The A-frame does not have a cradle or a latch to secure the neck of the guitar. Skip this type of guitar stand if you have pets or young children at home. If you are going to put this in your man cave, then it should be a nice fixture to have.

Tubular Stands

You may know this type of guitar stand as the tripod stand. Some people would like to call it the mini mic stand. You have three legs that converge at the center. A tube rises straight up from the center and terminates with a component that holds the neck cradle or latch.

Some people love this type of guitar stand; others, not so much. It is inexpensive and can come in different styles. The addition of the neck cradle is what appeals most to beginner guitar players. At least, the guitar will not fall from its cradle should a kid bump into it.

This does not mean the guitar stand will not tip over. It is quite easy to trip over the tripod legs because they stick out of the center tube. This can damage your guitar or, worse, cause you harm.
People who hate the tubular guitar stand cannot accept its lack of portability. You cannot fold this guitar stand so that it will fit in your drawer. You can still bring it to your travel, but that would entail disassembly and reassembly.

Multi-Guitar Stands

This type of guitar stand is for you if you have more than one guitar. It looks like a tubular guitar stand that has more than one set of guitar body and neck cradle. Many of the products you will see on the market can accommodate three guitars.

Multi-guitar stands can be a great storage solution for guitar players who have small rooms. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Most of the people I know position their multi-guitar stands in the corner of the room. Doing so can make it very awkward to get the guitar in the corner without having to move the stand. The risk of tripping on this type of guitar stand is still great. I am not saying you should not get it. Many of the novice guitarists I know have this gig stand in their bedroom.

Walk-Up Guitar Stands

This is a guitar stand that is quite rare. It bears some semblance to a tubular guitar stand, except that a walk-up guitar stand has a different purpose. The main reason why we buy guitar stands is to store and protect our musical instruments. This is not the purpose of a walk-up guitar stand. Its main goal is to put the guitar in the best possible playing position ready for you to start with your gig.

There are artists who use different musical instruments when performing. For example, one artist may play the piano in the verse of the song and then plays the guitar during the chorus. Having a walk-up stand will allow the artist to position the guitar on the stage ready for him to play in an instant.

Technically, it is not a true guitar stand that stores instruments. It is still a stand for guitars.

Premium Guitar Stands

I do not know if you can consider this as a type of guitar stand. Many guitarists like to think so. Premium guitar stands are for serious artists who demand only the best in their gears. The construction is more solid than the usual stands. There may also be some features that you do not get to see anywhere else. Two brands that guitarists consider as makers of the best guitar stands are Hercules and Ultimate. If money is never an issue with you, then you should go for the best.

Guitar Racks

Some people do not consider the guitar rack as a stand. I do. A stand allows you to place your guitar in an upright position for storage. A rack has the same function. The difference? A rack can accommodate as many as 12 guitars at a time.

While a rack typically occupies more floor space than a multi-guitar stand, many guitarists actually prefer it. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. You can also fold it in a breeze for easy storage. Plus, it is more efficient in handling multiple guitars. It is more stable, too. One issue I have with guitar racks is that you will have to be meticulous in the placement of your guitars. There is a likelihood that your instruments will bump against each other. This can leave scuff marks on your guitar.

A classic example is stacking an expensive acoustic guitar alongside a solid-body electric guitar. One wrong move and the electric can whack the acoustic, leaving you with a damaged guitar.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Stand for Guitars

Have you made up your mind yet? Knowing the type of guitar stand to buy is only a small part of the selection process. What requires even greater assessment is the factors that every buyer needs to consider about these music accessories.


There are several options here. The most popular materials are steel and wood. There are also brands that feature plastic. Your choice will depend on the type of finish that your guitar has. For example, guitars with a nitrocellulose finish are perfect on wooden guitar stands. You should never pick a stand made of either plastic or steel as these materials can ruin the beautiful finish of your instrument. It is still possible to use these stands if you pay extra attention to how you put your guitar on the stand. Your instrument should never get in contact with any of the exposed (unpadded) surfaces of the guitar stand. You may also want to check the label of the product to see if it is safe to use on guitars with nitro finishes.

Guitar Protection

Most guitar stands come with at least one cradle that supports the body of the guitar. There are also products that have an additional cradle for the neck. Still, there are systems that let the guitar hang from a top-mounted holder.

In any of these designs of guitar stands, there is always a part of the stand that will come in contact with the guitar. These parts should always have ample padding. Most products provide a foam padding. Others offer rubber. I have also seen some manufacturers covering the contact points of their guitar stands with leather.

Whatever material they use, it is important to check the quality of the padding. It should be thick enough to absorb any unnecessary impact forces. Its surface should also be smooth and non-marring to help keep the integrity of your guitar.


I know you also want a guitar stand that you can bring anywhere, especially to your gigs. The portability of a guitar stand is a function of its size, weight, and foldable or collapsible design. Heavy and bulky stands can be a challenge to bring to your gigs. Extra lightweight stands may not be as stable as you would like them to be. Pay attention to how these parameters create a portable guitar stand without sacrificing stability and security.


If you are serious about your guitar playing adventures, you will want to get a stand that has adjustable features. This is perfect for those who can foresee upgrading their guitar in the not-so-distant future. An adjustable guitar stand allows you to store different types and styles of guitars. A good example is the electric guitar. Different manufacturers often create their signature style. This is not always the case with acoustic guitars because of the different manner in which acoustic guitars produce sound.

Fretboard Latch Availability

One issue I have about guitar stands is the absence of a mechanism that secures the guitar to the stand. This is especially the case for the A-frame type of stands. The guitar relies on its own weight and the cradle at the lower part of the stand legs to keep it in place. Unfortunately, one quick swipe at it and you can say goodbye to your instrument.

That is why I always urge my friends to look for a guitar stand that has a fretboard latch. I consider the latch as an additional security feature of the guitar stand. It is like having a strap that keeps the neck or fretboard from tipping to the side and upsetting the balance of the stand.

It is one way to safeguard the integrity of your guitar. Unfortunately, some types of guitar stands may not have this feature.

Ease of Assembly

The majority of guitar stands come in several components that you will have to assemble yourself. What I can say is that manufacturers have clearly gone to great lengths to make assembly and disassembly as effortless as possible.

However, there will still be those products that are poorly constructed. Putting the different parts together is like solving a jigsaw puzzle with the puzzle pieces coming from different boxes.

There is also the risk of affecting the overall integrity of the guitar stand. Frequent assembly and disassembly can somehow loosen connections. The stand can have loose threads. Ease of assembly and disassembly should never come at the expense of the integrity of the guitar stand.

Overall Build Quality:

I was just talking about guitar stand integrity. This is a reflection of the product’s overall build quality. Getting a premium guitar stand should eliminate any concerns of quality. Many of these brands make sure that the product they make available on the market are of the soundest construction. These are the guitar stands that will still be fully functional long after you are already gone.

Not all of us would want a premium guitar stand. That is why we should always make it a point to examine the build quality of the guitar stand we want to buy. It is also for this reason that I urge you to buy a guitar stand in person. This will give you the chance to inspect the different joints, surfaces, finish, and features of the stand.

If you make all your purchases online, it would be impossible to perform a very methodical inspection of the guitar stand prior to purchase. Customer reviews can provide you with insights on how the product is constructed. They may also give you a hint on how well the product stands up to the rigors of guitar storage. Pay attention to the experiences of guitar stand owners. A guitar stand that has lasted a few years is always a good buy. A product that failed after only a few months should already be a red flag.


Most consumers look at the price as one of the most important considerations when buying anything. This is not that different when picking a guitar stand. This product can come in a wide range of prices. There are inexpensive guitar stands that you can get for about $10 or even less. High-end ones typically sell for more than $100. Really unique guitar stands that feature advanced technologies or rare materials can cost more than $200.

Final Word:

A guitar stand is a great solution for storing your guitar in the comfort and security of your private man cave. It is more portable than a guitar wall hanger, allowing you to take it to your gigs, outings, and other activities away from home.

While there are some issues about guitar safety, you can minimize such concerns by choosing only the best possible guitar stand that you can afford. Any of the guitar stands I reviewed and shared with you in this article is a good pick. It is only a matter of choosing the best one according to your needs and personal preferences.

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