50 Popular Open D Tuning Songs With Tabs and Chords (2023 Ultimate Resource)

Open D Tuning Songs Featured Image

Open D tuning is one of the most popular alternate tunings and a creative tool that many guitarists enjoy. Whether you’re composing your own original music or just playing your favorite songs, it will for sure expand your music theory knowledge and guitar-playing skills. You will discover so many new possibilities and different chord shapes …

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57 Famous & Easy Power Chord Songs for Beginners (2023)

Easy Power Chord Songs Being Played by Chris Schiebel

Power chords with their root note and the fifth note structure are neutral-sounding chords with no minor or major tone qualities. Their beefy, confident sound has made them a massive hit in punk, rock, grunge, and heavy metal music. If you’re looking for easy power chord songs to play, you’re in luck; we have an …

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25 Famous Black Guitarists Every Musician Should Know About: 2023 Edition

Black Guitarist Gary Clark Jr Playing Live

Since the turn of the 20th century, black musicians have pioneered and developed numerous musical genres and done it all while battling racism. With resilience, emotionally compelling songwriting, and distinctive playing style, every generation of black guitarists reduced the struggles and paved the way for the one that followed. Here are 25 prolifically talented and …

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17 Famous Singers With Raspy Voices (Male & Female)

Singers With Raspy Voices Graphic

Although some may think it’s odd or just wrong, raspy vocals aren’t only popular but are also pretty challenging to pull off. Medical professionals would probably refer to it as “dysphonia.” However, it usually takes practice and a lot of experience to pull it off in the right context. That’s why it’s less common to …

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40 Easy Love Songs on Guitar (2023 with Video Lessons)

Jason Mraz Playing an Easy Love Song on Guitar

Love songs have a very uncanny way of talking directly to our hearts. Even if we don’t have a hand in the composition and writing of the song, we still feel moved by the lyrics and the melodies of the song. Love songs can be a very powerful cocktail that gets us drunk of emotions. …

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35 Best Rock Bands with Female Singers (with Videos)

Rock Bands with Female Singers Featured Image

These ladies have massive street credit, they’ve dismantled a male-dominated world, became role models for most musicians to date and to come, and certainly have achieved some of the most incredible come-up stories in Rock N’ Roll history. Furthermore, since the beginning of Rock music as a voice for counterculture and all that is alternative, …

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70 Most Fun Songs to Play on Guitar (2023 with Videos)

Jason Mraz Playing One of the Most Fun Songs to Play on Guitar

Looking for fun to play tracks that’ll instantly get the crowd going? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a list of the 55 most fun songs to play on guitar for guitarists of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned veterans. These famous tracks are sure to spice up your guitar repertoire …

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24 Best Female Pop Singers of All Time (2023 Update)

One of the Best Female Pop Singers Ariana Grande Performing Live

Not to be confused with the term “popular music,” pop music in and of itself is its own genre within popular music defined by the basic songwriting format of verse-chorus, with repeated hooks and a generally short length. Often associated with other genres such as rock, dance, country and urban, pop music as we know …

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