14 Best Ibanez Guitars in 2021 (All Price Ranges)

Best Ibanez Guitars Featured Image

If you are a guitar player, there is a very high probability that you have heard of Ibanez guitars at some point. Ibanez has such a huge range of acoustic, electric, and bass guitars you can choose from, and they cover a wide range of price points as well. As a company, they have built …

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Eddie Van Halen Guitars and Gear List (with Videos)

Eddie Van Halen Playing Guitar

Innovative in every sense of the word, Eddie Van Halen, known efficiently by many of his fans as EVH, was an absolutely revolutionary guitar mind. The impact of his life’s work in Rock and Roll has played an astronomical role in shaping the way we play and even build guitars today. He’s truly one of …

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Matt Bellamy Guitars and Gear List (2021 Update)

Matt Bellamy Playing Guitar

By the time the 2000s rolled around, there were some critics who dared to claim that rock is dead, but that could not have been further from the truth. Matt Bellamy, Muse’s frontman, is living proof of that. The band had its debut in 1999 with Showbiz, an album that could be described in some …

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13 Easy Bob Dylan Guitar Songs (with Lesson Videos)

Bob Dylan Playing Guitar

There are many reasons why Bob Dylan continues to be one of the most iconic singer-songwriters of all time. While some love his deep lyrics, others can’t resist his emotive vocals. But for guitarists, we love how he often uses the simplest guitar chords and easy strumming patterns to create pure songwriting magic! So many …

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Alex Lifeson Guitars and Gear List (2021 Update)

Alex Lifeson Playing Guitar

Aleksandar Zivojinovic, otherwise known by his stage name Alex Lifeson, is the lead guitarist for the legendary virtuosic rock trio, Rush. Along with his fellow Rush bandmates, Geddy Lee and Neil Peart, Lifeson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013, was made an Officer of the Order of Canada, and …

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Paul Gilbert Guitars and Gear List (2021 Update)

Paul Gilbert Playing Guitar

The 1980s were yet another decade that brought massive changes in music. This was noticeable with all of the guitar-centric genres, most notably with hard rock and heavy metal. With the emergence of Eddie Van Halen as a phenomenon in the late 1970s and 1980s, many new names started exploring the instrument in ways it …

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23 Hardest Guitar Solos of All Time (with Lesson Videos)

Steve Vai Playing One of the Hardest Guitar Solos

Many musicians are attracted to the electric guitar because of lead sections. The instrument’s expressive nature and musicians’ skills and virtuosity made it one of the most popular instruments on the planet. Even today, hordes of new musicians aspire to be lead guitarists and to master how to play the popular lead sections that inspire …

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Geddy Lee Bass Guitars and Gear List (2021 Update)

Geddy Lee Playing Bass

If you compile a list of the greatest bass players to ever live, Geddy Lee would easily end up toward the top of the list. Lee’s sound was so unique that he inspired countless musicians, including Metallica’s Cliff Burton, Primus’ Les Claypool, Rage Against the Machine’s Tim Commerford, Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris, and Dream Theater’s …

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15 Best Female Punk Bands of All Time (2021 Update)

Female Punk Band L7 Playing Live

Contrary to popular belief, punk isn’t dead. The traditional sound emitted from bands like the Misfits, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, and Fugazi is arguably difficult to come by in modern time, though the authentic punk sound and subculture has merely evolved with its sub-genres like hardcore and its infiltrating derivatives like indie rock and pop-punk. …

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Zakk Wylde Guitars and Gear List (2021 Update)

Zakk Wylde Playing Guitar

The 1980s were a pronounced time of change in the world of music. When it comes to rock, hard rock, and heavy metal, these genres continued to progress in new directions. The guitar, of course, still held an important place in almost all genres. However, things couldn’t be left the same as it began to …

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