17 Best Reverb Pedals in 2020

Some of the Best Reverb Pedals

Having a choice of top quality effects pedals provides you with more options when it comes to creating unique tones with your guitar. Whether you require a subtle boost to emphasize a melody, or you need spacey ambient effects to build tension, the single most effective way to achieve this is with pedals. Effects pedals …

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10 Best 90s Alternative Bands

The 1990s brought attention to international underground scenes, with new divergent genres making an entry to the alternative game and breaking into a new pop scheme. Grunge, Britpop, and electronic arrangements made their way to diversify music before holdover bands dived in new underground trends and made them their own. The earlier half of the …

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17 Best MIDI Keyboards in 2020

Some of the Best MIDI Keyboards

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is the name of the protocol that instruments use to communicate with each other or with computers (we can now add iOS devices to the list). In other words, a MIDI message basically includes information like which key you pressed, how long you pressed, and at what intensity you pressed. …

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20 Best Beginner Banjos in 2020

Some of the Best Beginner Banjos

There is no denying that the banjo is a ton of fun to play, and that’s probably why they are once again growing in popularity. More brands are starting to make them and for some of the nicer models they are selling out! And while many readers may be here because of bluegrass keep in …

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