17 Best Guitars for Kids (Acoustic and Electric) in 2022

Some of the Best Guitars for Kids on the Market Right Now

Learning to play an instrument is an extremely beneficial learning experience for kids. Think about all the toys and activities over the years that kids pick up briefly and move on from, where a musical instrument has the chance to last a lifetime. Choosing which guitar to buy can be overwhelming with so many options …

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Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitars and Gear List (with Videos)

Stevie Ray Vaughan Playing Guitar

Blues legends are known to establish long and loyal connections with their instruments. Stevie Ray Vaughn, and his Strat-heavy collection of vintage and custom guitars, are an iconic representation of the blues mythos. Decades of jamming in murky, cramped, smoke-filled clubs, in and out of vans, car trunks, exposed to all kinds of weather, inevitably …

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15 Best Female Punk Bands of All Time (2022 Update)

Female Punk Band L7 Playing Live

Contrary to popular belief, punk isn’t dead. The traditional sound emitted from bands like the Misfits, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, and Fugazi is arguably difficult to come by in modern time, though the authentic punk sound and subculture has merely evolved with its sub-genres like hardcore and its infiltrating derivatives like indie rock and pop-punk. …

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17 Greatest Classical Guitarists of All Time (with Pictures)

One of the Best Classical Guitarists of All Time

The classical guitar has been around for centuries but has notably undergone many changes over time. Much of this has been brought on by specific guitarists and composers who brought about or popularized changes to the instrument, technique, or repertoire. Many of those famous classical guitarists will be covered in this article. Special attention is …

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35 Easy Pop Songs to Play on Guitar (with Videos)

Taylor Swift Playing an Easy Pop Song on Guitar

Pop songs are always a great starting point for beginner guitarists. Many of these songs will have very catchy melodies as well as easy to follow rhythms that are perfect for newbies. The structure is also predictable, allowing novice guitarists to learn the different basics of guitar playing. The lyrics are also easy to remember. …

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17 Best Fuzz Pedals in 2022 (All Price Ranges)

Best Fuzz Pedals Featured Image

As a guitarist, the pedals you choose to put on your pedalboard will determine the styles, tones, and options that you have at your disposal. Selecting specific combinations of effects that complement each other is of paramount importance when it comes to sculpting your sound. What’s so special about fuzz pedals? One of the most …

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The 4 Types of Guitar Amps Explained

Types of Guitar Amps (Featured Image)

Thinking of buying a guitar amp, but confused by all the jargon? It takes quite a bit of time to get your head around all the ins and outs, especially when there are so many brands, specs, and features out there. But fortunately, there’s some high-level information you can learn and understand quickly without getting …

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17 Best Phaser Pedals in 2022 (All Price Ranges)

Best Phaser Pedals Featured Image

Effects pedals provide guitarists with sonic options. Playing clean is great, but having several pedals at your disposal allows you to transform your tone when the right time arises. With so many quality pedals available, searching for the right one can be a frustrating task, especially as a lot of them have similar qualities. In …

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17 Best Flanger Pedals in 2022 (All Price Ranges)

Best Flanger Pedals (Featured Image)

Flanger pedals allow musicians to add warm, immersive modulation to their guitar tone. Often grouped with chorus and phasers, these pedals are known for their versatility and how they can transform the feel of a guitar. The great thing about flanger pedals is that you can choose to what degree you want to use them. …

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15 Best Battery Powered Guitar Amps in 2022 (All Price Ranges)

Some of the Best Battery Powered Guitar Amps

With the advancements in digital technology, solid-state and modeling amplifiers have come a long over the past decade or so. This has had a particularly noticeable impact on small battery powered guitar amps as the market is flush with incredible options. The biggest selling point of these battery powered amps is the fact that they …

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