15 Common Blues Chord Progressions You Should Learn (2024)

Common blues chord progressions being played by Chris Schiebel

Blues is individualistic and expressive as a musical style, heavily emphasizing improvisation, much like jazz. Despite that, you’ll notice some recurring elements in countless blues tunes, such as the 12-bar form, extended chords, and the ubiquitous I – IV – V sequence. In this guide, I’ll walk you through not only the ultra-popular I – …

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85 Best Acoustic Guitar Songs of All Time (2024 Update)

Acoustic guitar songs being played by Chris Schiebel

An acoustic guitar, in the right hands, is a tool of expression that no synthesizer or electronic instrument can quite replicate. It gives a voice to emotion and sets the scene for words to come to life in melody. From Johnny Cash protesting and explaining his alias to Nick Drake’s wanderlust in Pink Moon, there’s …

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17 Most Common Pop Chord Progressions Every Guitarist Should Learn

Pop chord progressions being played by Chris Schiebel

One thing common in the most iconic pop songs is that they are super catchy and easy to remember. However, if you get down to analyzing the chord structure, you’ll find the use of repetitive pop chord progressions to be a common ingredient. Pop songs are also spiced up with hooks designed to grab the …

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20 Best Female Metal Bands (& Female Fronted)

Female Fronted Metal Band Evanescence Performing Live

Although metal music has traditionally been male-dominated, over the past couple of decades, we have seen a significant rise in all-female and female fronted metal bands. These powerful female figures have made their definitive mark on the music industry, playing a critical role in the continuous innovation of the metal genre into an increasingly inclusive …

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30 Biggest Music Festivals of All Time (2024 Rankings)

Stage at one of the biggest music festivals

Music festivals have made their way into the 21st-century culture in a spirit of celebration that has become quintessential for just about any music enthusiast. From the pulsating rhythms of Coachella’s desert expanse to the eclectic magnetism that you can find in the streets of Montreal during its annual Jazz festival, these monumental congregations go …

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17 Minor Chord Progressions: Ultimate 2024 Guide

Minor chord progressions being demonstrated by Chris Schiebel

Have you ever wondered why some songs sound so heartbreaking and sad? There are many factors that affect a song’s vibe, like the lyrics, song structure, and chord progressions. Using chord progressions in minor keys is a surefire recipe for crafting a powerful, emotional experience for the listeners. Depending on how you use them, these …

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75 Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners (2024 With Tabs & Videos)

Easy guitar songs for beginners being demonstrated by Chris Schiebel

When you’re first learning to play the guitar, it’s tough to know where to begin. As a guitar teacher, I recommend beginners start with super easy guitar songs that only have a few chords. These types of songs are perfect for building confidence and fundamental guitar-playing skills. I would be lying if I told you …

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50 Popular & Easy 7 String Guitar Songs (With Tabs)

7 string guitar songs with tabs featured image

Diving into the world of 7-string guitars has an almost intrinsic relationship with metal and heavier genres of music. While some bands and artists may use 7-string guitars in less intense styles of music, when we think of 7-string guitars, we think of metal. And the more strings you add, the heavier it gets! That …

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50 Popular Songs in Open D Tuning (2024 With Tabs)

Open D Tuning Songs Featured Image

Open D tuning is one of the most popular alternate tunings and a creative tool that many guitarists enjoy. Whether you’re composing your own original music or just playing your favorite songs, it will for sure expand your music theory knowledge and guitar-playing skills. You will discover so many new possibilities and different chord shapes …

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50 Popular Songs in E Minor (2024 With Tabs)

Songs in e minor being played by Chris Schiebel

E minor is a widely favored key in music, renowned for its melancholic and emotional qualities. Numerous songwriters have crafted unforgettable and heart-rending pieces that prominently feature E minor as a chord or a key. Besides, the chord stands as one of the most popular chords in music, and luckily, it’s pretty easy to play! …

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