50 Easy Karaoke Songs That Are Fun for Beginners (2021 Update)

Easy Karaoke Songs for Beginners Featured Image

Singing karaoke is one of the most awesome and fun things to do whether alone or with friends but many people find themselves shy, nervous, or intimidated. It doesn’t have to be this way and it isn’t difficult at all if you choose the right song for your voice and occasion. Most importantly you should …

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30 Easy 2 Chord Songs to Play on Guitar (With Videos, Tabs, and Tuning)

Bruce Springsteen Playing an Easy 2 Chord Song on Guitar

The songs we know and love are often a reflection of our favorite artists’ personalities. And while some musicians choose to express themselves with a series of complex chords, some do it with just two! Personally, I feel that when the soundscape is dominated by just 2 chords, the listener invariably ends up paying a …

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25 Best Female Bass Players of All Time (With Videos)

Female Bass Player Ginger Pooley Performing Live

Let me just say it out loud: If you thought that there aren’t too many professional female bassists around, then you thought wrong. There are some insanely talented female bassists out there. I’ve noticed that not too many young girls are encouraged to pick up the bass guitar when they’re starting out, and I can’t …

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30 Easy Songs in Drop D Tuning (with Videos)

Dave Grohl Playing an Easy Song in Drop D Tuning

The Drop D tuning is one of the most popular alternate tunings around, and it’s also the easiest to learn! A staple alternate tuning for some of the most iconic rock and metal songs, Drop D is a great tool for both beginners and experienced musicians. From opening up simple ways to play power chords …

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12 Best All Female and Female Fronted Metal Bands (with Videos)

Female Fronted Metal Band Evanescence Performing Live

Although metal music has traditionally been male-dominated, over the past couple of decades we have seen a significant rise in all-female and female fronted metal bands. These powerful female figures have made their definitive mark on the music industry, playing a critical role in the continuous innovation of the metal genre into an increasingly inclusive …

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23 Best Female R&B Singers of All Time (with Videos)

Female R&B Singer Alicia Keys Performing Live

Imagine you’ve had a long day and just got home, sat on your favorite chair and started staring at the horizon onto the sunset, what genre are you listening to? If your answer wasn’t R&B, you need this article more than it needs you. The beauty of R&B is that it leaves space to combine …

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18 Best Female Indie Bands (2021 Update)

The Female Indie Band Girlpool Playing Live

Though the term indie stemmed from independent record labels, the name has become synonymous with the alternative music scene as early as the 1970s and 1980s, when bands began labeling themselves as indie rock or pop. With the modern sound stemming from the early 2000s from bands like The White Stripes and The Strokes, indie …

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25 Easy 3 Chord Songs to Play on Guitar (with Video Lessons)

3 Chord Songs on Guitar (Featured Image)

Songs with 3 chord progressions are a great place to start for any aspiring guitarist. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best to add to your repertoire. These songs will allow you to practice and master the different skills that every beginner guitarist should learn, without being too complicated to …

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Open D Tuning Songs, Tabs, and Chords (Ultimate Resource)

Open D Tuning Songs Featured Image

Open D tuning is one of the most popular alternate tunings and a creative tool that many guitarists enjoy. Whether you’re composing your own original music or just playing your favorite songs, it will for sure expand your music theory knowledge and guitar playing skills. You will discover so many new possibilities and different chord …

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Dave Grohl Guitars and Gear List (2021 Update)

Dave Grohl Guitars and Gear (Featured Image)

You might know him as the drummer from Nirvana, or the leader of the colossal Foo Fighters, but whichever you prefer, there is only one man that has been giving the best of himself to keep Rock N’ Roll on the radar for many decades and many more to come. Undoubtedly one of the most …

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