38 Best Songs About New Beginnings (2024 Update)

Change is an unavoidable part of our lives, whether it’s changes in places, people, or in other aspects of life. And whether we like to admit it or not, we ourselves have either changed or need to change. There are many things or events that could bring us to changing ourselves, some of which may be heartbreak, moving to another city, or a new experience. I can’t lie about not going through some of those pains, and what I truly found solace in was music.

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Songs spoke the words I needed to explain what I was feeling. In this article, I want to be able to give you some songs to listen to whenever you feel the need to start anew. However, I will also be including some songs about new beginnings, getting lost while in the process of changing, and more. Through this, I hope that these songs will make the process of changing easier for you!

Here are 38 Great Songs About New Beginnings

1. Begin Again by Purity Ring

From the album Another Eternity, The song Begin Again focuses on rebirth/resurrection. If you’ve watched its video with an eerie undertone and set in a quasi-puritanical society, you can tell that the song is about the cycle of life. Its central theme is different from most of Purity Ring’s work that focuses on streamlined and ultramodern art. But what makes this song beautiful is the lyrics that highlight love’s infinite power. It also covers our relationship with the universe and how everything on earth and beyond is connected. I find this track addictive to listen to, and that’s primarily for its upbeat music and beautiful lyrics about starting over.

Formed in 2010, Purity Ring is a Canadian pop band consists of Megan James and Corin Roddick. Some of their works include the albums “Shrine,” their debut album (2012), “Another Eternity” (2015), and “Womb” (2020).

2. Begin by Shallou

If you’re looking for inspiration as you’re getting ready to start over, this is a great song. It offers you some tenderness to overcome challenges, get through life’s transition, and then start again with a more positive perspective. Its introduction is subtle, yet it can grab your attention and hook you until the end. The song doesn’t have a major climax, but it involves listeners with its gradual intensity rise, Wales’ amazing vocals, and the whimsical instrumental that comes with it. Completing the listener’s experience is the percussion that sets the tone for a very relaxing ambiance.

Shallou, who has carved his name in the electronic and indie music scenes, is an LA-based environmentalist, singer, and producer known for house melodies with soulful vocals. All Becomes Okay, his debut EP, was released in May 2017.

3. Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran takes us down the memory lane of his childhood traveling back to Framlingham, Suffolk, England. This song covers his childhood memories, good and bad, and invites listeners to revisit childhood and reflect. Its lyrics reminisce beautiful moments in his life, watching the sunset, having his first kiss, and other interesting events. It’s about his life and how life grew up in his quiet town where, although much changed, green pastures still exist. This song about “good old days” reminds us that our childhood makes us who we are and that change is inevitable. It just makes us wiser and stronger to what we can become in the future.

4. New Beginnings by Daydreamer

This inspiring song about new beginnings revolves around the idea that you cannot just wish for things to come your way, but you must work hard to achieve them. It’s about working hard, not just sitting around and wishing. You need to work toward your dreams and stay strong even if you’d face obstacles along the way.

As remember, “nothing starts without you.” So, if you could relate to the lyrics, you should include this song in your playlist.

5. Start Again by Seven Lions feat. Fiora

Written by Fiora Cutler and Jeffrey Montalvo, Start Again offers an updated dubstep sound to fans looking for something new from the Seven Lions. This song, which features a more melodic and cinematic track complete with intricate layers and instrumentals, isn’t the typical melodic dubstep that you’d hear from Seven Lions’ previous releases, including “Calling You Home.” It’s an emotional ballad with an inspiring upward motion that can throw doubt out the window and inspire you to rise and start again.

Jeff Montalvo, better known by his stage name Seven Lions, is an American record producer, remixer, instrumentalist, and DJ. He’s known for combining different styles, including drum and bass, melodic dubstep, trance, electro house, and glitch-hop. This is definitely one of my favorite songs about new beginnings.

6. Brand New Day by Dizzee Rascal

From the album “Boy in the Corner” and one of Dizzee Rascals’ hit songs, Brand New Day talks about new opportunities (brand new day) coming your way. It inspires and reminds listeners that even if you’re going through a lot in life, you must find a way to keep moving. In this song, Dizzee Rascals talks about his life growing up in London and memories, including losing friendships, and about being matured enough (Lyrics: Some of us better start growing up) to learn from mistakes, prepare for the future, and become a better person than yesterday.

Better known as Dizzee Rascals, Dylan Kwabena Mills MBE is a British rapper, record producer, songwriter, and MC and is the pioneer of grime music. He’s also known for works incorporating bassline, UK garage, R&B, and British hip hop.

7. Dusk Till Dawn by Zayn & Sia

This song is about an unwavering relationship that just keeps getting stronger no matter the obstacles coming a couple’s way and an unchallenged love in both the good and bad times. It covers moving forward and trying even if we experience shortcomings. “Dusk” signifies hardships in life, while “Dawn” symbolizes hope (the sun will rise again).

In the chorus, I think this song reminds us that no matter what comes our way, we can still win in the end if we keep the faith – in ourselves and each other.

8. New Rules (Alison Wonderland Remix) by Dua Lipa

If you look at the lyrics of this song, you can tell that it’s about staying away from an ex and starting over. Lipa states that the song is about setting new rules – and walking away from someone that’s not worth your attention and love. However, she didn’t confirm if the song is about her own personal experience or not. The three rules in this song about new beginnings are not answering an ex’s calls, not allowing him in, and not being friends with him.

This song performed well globally. In fact, it topped the charts in Romania, the UK, the Netherlands, Latvia, and Hungary, to name some, while it peaked at #6 in the US Billboard Hot 100. Born on August 22, 1995, Dua Lipa is an English songwriter and singer who signed with Warner Music Group in 2015 and released her debut album in 2017.

9. Godspeed by Frank Ocean (Genre: Pop)

“Godspeed” is all about beginning the process of changing from a heartbreak. The lyrics are in the first-person point of view, where Frank seems to be talking to a loved one. Here, he wishes the other person somewhat a “safe” or “happy” journey by wishing them Godspeed (thus, the title).

This is a respectful way of letting another person go, which is a good sign of self-improvement and change. Whoever was doing badly in that relationship, letting go is still a sign of good change, as it gives each of you of the time and space to breathe and work on yourselves. Further, letting go allows you to begin anew with another person, only after you’ve recovered and hopefully improved.

This is a very slow and mellow song with a very eerie bridge. I’ve listened to this song late at night and found myself looking behind my back to see if there was anyone whispering. Nevertheless, it is still a painfully good song, given its message of peacefully and respectfully letting someone go, a sign of a good and pure heart.

10. Follow the Sun by Xavier Rudd (Genre: Alternative/Indie)

“Follow the Sun” is a song about looking to the better things in the world. The song revolves around the message that going back to and being with nature allows us to be at peace. “Follow the sun” can be taken as a metaphor to looking forward to and aiming for better days.

Having new beginnings places, you through a very tedious and trying process. You will have dark days (often called regression), and I, too, have gone through it. This song reminded me that the situation you and I are in always gets better, and that the turmoil caused by it can be soothed by taking a break from the world.

The song is slow and has a very peaceful and light melody, so it matches the message perfectly! I’ve found myself relaxing while listening to this song, which was great for the times I felt troubled and lost while I was trying to adapt to the major change in my life.

11. A Better Man by Clint Black (Genre: Country)

“A Better Man” is another song in the first-person point of view that talks about leaving a relationship as an even better person than when it started. The lyrics are written in such a way that it may not be talking directly to the significant other, but to a memory of them. It talks about having improved from the relationship by learning new stuff about the world and oneself, thanks to the partner.

Even if you don’t like admitting it, there is a thing or two that you could learn from your ex or ex-to-be (no hurt intended). Seeing the world from a different perspective is one of them, and having yourself receive words of encouragement make you think better of yourself. Eventually, you’ll be confident enough to do the things you were too scared to do before, so you would have truly left as a better version of yourself.

The song is quite upbeat for a country song, so it matches well with the lyrics and message it conveys. You should be happy that you’re ready to change and find yourself in the world as an even better version of yourself!

12. Closing Time by Semisonic (Genre: Rock)

“Closing Time” is a song with a sweet story and great use of metaphors. The metaphor sticks to that of a bar, where it is apparently time to close shop. It tells about the harsh reality of ending a chapter in one’s life, essentially inciting a new beginning.

The song was inspired by the birth Semisonic band member Dan Wilson’s child. It uses the metaphor of the bar to somehow speak to his own child, to come out of the womb and enter a new world. Even with that, we can still pick up the message of new beginnings, as having a child is an entirely new chapter of one’s life, inciting change from being a simple man into a father.

The song is quite fast-paced and upbeat, as it is a rock song. Despite the heavy instrumentals, the song still conveys a message hidden deep within the well-thought-of lyrics. If you like listening to rock and are excited to enter a new chapter of your life, you’d want to give this song a listen.

13. Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles (Genre: Pop Rock)

“Here Comes the Sun” is a song about beginning anew with a positive outlook. It uses the brightest thing in our life, the Sun, as a metaphor for the start of the new chapter. It talks about the feeling of finally seeing better days after going through dark, cold, and long winter. Feeling better about the new chapter also lets you invite a more positive energy into your life, thus seeing more smiles from people.

Change is extremely difficult, and it will feel like going through a never-ending winter. However, once you’ve accepted that there is no other way to go but change for the better, you will start to see the world in a brighter way! Having positively changed attracts more positive people in your life, but that doesn’t mean your life will always be happy, as the seasons come and go.

The song is very upbeat and happy, something I always find myself connecting to The Beatles. Nevertheless, it matches the message of the song quite perfectly and is sure to bring you good vibes while listening to it! As it talks about new beginnings, I like to listen to it at the start of the day as a great mood boost!

14. I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash (Genre: Reggae)

“I Can See Clearly Now” is a happy song that tells of being in the brighter days. The lyrics are written in a first-person point of view, where the Johnny joyfully tells of finding clarity and readiness for change to anyone who will listen. It is as if Johnny was in a dark place, but now that the rain is gone, he can finally enjoy all the beauty and color life must give him.

Painful experiences can bring us to dark, dark times, and in that time, nothing ever seems to go our way and everything feels hopeless. Nonetheless, we should just treat that as another chapter in our lives that we can’t skip – I mean, who would skip chapters in a book, right? This song basically tells us that things do get better, and having a new beginning can start with a bright, sunshiny day!

The song has a very happy feel to it, as most reggae songs do. The way the music was composed perfectly matches the lyrics, as seeing brighter days should be accompanied by happiness!

15. Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran (Country)

The song tells about the feelings or thoughts that emerge when meeting someone new. It is written as a soliloquy, where Taylor and Ed talk to only a memory of another person. It follows the story of them having met someone previously and finding themselves unable to stop thinking of them. Now, all that is left is to get to know the other after all that the singers felt when they first crossed paths.

Starting over can be scary, especially when you meet someone that you find impossible to stop thinking of. Getting to know them can be a bit of a challenge because you also must stop yourself from just jumping in to unknown waters. However, getting to know them is already a sign of willingness to start over and letting your life change.

The song is sung in a very slow and sweet way, which is something good and common among love songs. It somehow gives listeners, such as me, a feeling of both happiness and uncertainty, and I think that is perfectly normal to feel when starting over with someone new.

16. Places We Won’t Walk by Bruno Major (Genre: Alternative/Indie)

“Places We Won’t Walk” is a song about breaking up and no longer being able to see a happy future with an ex-lover. The song describes a happy future, one that is ideally enjoyed or formerly planned with a lover. It describes many sweet and wonderful scenarios in each verse, but ending with the line, “in places we won’t walk”, as seeing those scenarios as something they could never experience together.

A major change in our life is not always happy. We find faults in ourselves or in others, and we decide that we can’t have things the same way as it always is. “Places We Won’t Walk” is a song that tells us new beginnings can also be found in sadness and loneliness, but seeing the good in the world despite of those feelings anyway.

The song is very mellow and soft, and hearing the first few lines may mislead you into thinking it was a sweet love song. It is a painful song to listen to, but hearing of a wonderful world through a sweet song in our ears is a good reminder to look up and see the joys of life, even in our lonesome.

17. New Rules by Dua Lipa (Genre: Pop)

The song written by Dua Lipa tells of coming up with a way to get over someone and start anew: by making “New Rules”. The song recounts events in which the “lover” was toxic and hurtful towards Dua. Thus, the she comes up with new rules to keep herself from falling into the trap of the lover, as she felt unloved and used as a mean of comfort.

As we try to start over, we often find ourselves going back to the source of our pain, whether to find a short burst of happiness or simply from the lack of closure. “New Rules” reminds us that it is never healthy to repetitively go back and accept the source of our pains, and we must control ourselves from it by giving ourselves boundaries.

The song has a very upbeat tempo, which is enough to get anyone’s body dancing to the beat or singing along to it. I think it is a good way of telling us to be happy about starting over with as little regressions as possible, so that we can get to our destination faster.

18. I Don’t Love You Anymore by Tyler, The Creator (Genre: Hip-Hop)

“I Don’t Love You Anymore” speaks about finally letting someone go and realizing that there really are other fish in the sea. Tyler is speaking to an ex-lover, telling them all the plans he is making to get over the ex-lover. The chorus repeats the line “’because I don’t love you anymore”, as a sort of affirmation and self-assurance that Tyler no longer harbors feelings for his ex.

It is important to know that there are many more people in the world waiting to be loved and for someone to love. Just because you’re having a rough time with a recent breakup doesn’t mean that you’ll never find love again. This song ingrains in our minds not only the idea that we should stop loving someone, but also that we have other chances of finding love.

The song sounds a little bit melancholic, which is a common style for the artist Tyler, The Creator. The sounds are a little bit edgy, but having the one line being sung repetitively can somehow convince us that we no longer love our ex.

19. Feeling Good by Nina Simone (Genre: RnB, Jazz, Soul Music)

“Feeling Good” is a slow song about feeling good for starting something new. The lyrics are written in such a way that Nina talks to the many entities of nature, telling them that they know how the singer is feeling. She also talks of having a new world all to themselves and that they feel good about it. Feeling good may not exactly mean happiness in this song, as it may simply be being one with nature at peace.

Nature is one of the best sources of beauty for our eyes. Seeing all those colors blend and stand out gives us a feeling nothing else can. Sometimes, when we just look at nature and breathe, we often feel excited or unstoppable, and that is how we should also see new beginnings! We should feel good about starting over, and at best not let anything stop us!

The jazz song is very slow, but there is a buildup as Nina sings about her new life. This instrumental buildup gets any jazz lover excited, and is perfect for anyone feeling unstoppable about having a new chapter in their life.

20. Up and Up by Coldplay (Genre: Alternative)

The song tells of the many chances to begin all over again. These chances can show up in many ways, such as fixing a car to drive in it again, angels in the marble waiting to be freed, and many more. Coldplay sings of the many opportunities a lot of people could take to shine in the areas they want to, such as mechanics or handy people, artists, and other common men.

Oftentimes, we are given moments in our life that will act as a spark so we can start a new flame in our lives. Yes, we can miss them quite a lot, but when we are ready to start over, all we need is a chance – no matter how small – to whip us into that new chapter of our lives.

The song is very upbeat, as its main message is to never give up when we feel down and keep moving upwards. If you’re ever particularly feeling down about a failed event, give this song a listen to try and boost your mood, and hopefully, you’ll want to only keep on moving forward!

21. We’ve Only Just Begun by The Carpenters (Genre: Pop)

The song tells of a story of a couple sharing a new beginning. It tells of slowly traversing unfamiliar roads, practically having so much to see and experience. All of these are opportunities for them to grow as a couple, as they have the freedom to choose the path they may take.

When starting out in a new relationship with someone, we often think of only ourselves. We forget that a relationship is a shared experience with our significant other. “We’ve Only Just Begun” teaches us that we shouldn’t see the relationship as an avenue to grow individually, but to grow in a way that we will find ourselves compatible with our significant other.

The song is sung in a very sweet manner, as it is meant to be sung to new couples. This style perfectly suits the message it tries to conveys; a reminder for couples to take things slow and find room for each one to grow as a part of the relationship.

22. Party in The U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus (Genre: Pop)

The song tells the story of finding oneself in a new and strange place. Miley experiences a culture shock while moving. Nevertheless, she still finds comfort in the things that reminded her of home, which were a couple of songs from different singers.

Planning or even experiencing a permanent transfer is scary, especially when you must think about starting over and building a new social life. In that terror, we may sometimes wish to simply go home, a place where everything is familiar. However, this song points out that there are things we can do to feel at home and those of which are sticking to what we’re already used to!

With an upbeat tempo, the music nicely stitches itself to the lyrics, adding to its hype. If I had to listen to a slow song that conveys the same message as “Party in the U.S.A.”, I wouldn’t think that it is trying to get us excited about starting a new life in a new place, as we should look at it with excitement and joy.

23. Sober by Childish Gambino (Genre: Hip-Hop)

“Sober” is a song about breaking up and trying to cope with the aftermath. Childish tries to change the mind of the girl as she tries to end it, begging for another chance. He copes with the breakup by drinking and abusing substances, as he couldn’t believe that a chapter of his life just ended and a new one has begun.

A lot of us try to look for ways to cope with the pain of change and starting over, and each of us has a different way of doing so. It is good to look for ways to help you tackle a new chapter of your life, especially one that comes so abruptly. And though it would be best to avoid the coping mechanisms that are bad for our body, there is nothing I can say but to each his own.

This is one of those songs that have a weirdly upbeat tune for such sad lyrics, and you may even find yourself dancing to the beat, but never forget that the song should also be taken seriously, as it conveys a deep message about different and unhealthy coping mechanisms a lot of people could have.

24. idontwannabeyouanymore by Billie Eilish (Genre: Alternative/Indie)

“idontwannabeyouanymore” is about no longer wanting to be the same as they already are, in other words, wanting to change. Billie sings about wanting to get rid of the person who she already is, in a way where she wishes to improve her mental health. However, she finds herself already having said that to herself countless times before, wanting to become a new person each time.

Self-change is a very difficult process to undergo, as deliberately removing bad habits (or any habit for that matter) takes a lot of work. It is difficult to undergo this transition, but it is never wrong to ask for help and take it slow. Change will come in due time; all you must do is practice and work hard to get that new beginning you’ve always wanted.

The song is very slow and painful to listen to. It makes a lot of thoughts run through your head, making you examine the deepest corners of your being. Take that as an opportunity to see where you need to improve or change, and you’ll have turned over a new leaf in no time.

25. Roses by Kanye West (Genre: Hip-Hop)

“Roses” is a song that tells the story of one of the very traumatic experiences we can behold in our lives: death. Kanye relays the story of his grandmother to the audience, all the events that occurred and the conversations he had with hospital staff. He talks about his family being the roses for his grandmother, as flowers and “Wish you well”-s no longer have a use. Despite all this, Kanye looks forward to when the sun will shine on their family again.

Death is inevitable, and so are the changes it brings. Maybe it will bring closer, or maybe it will pull them apart. Having to face our lives after the death of someone we love is difficult, and we will find ourselves reminiscing and regretting all the times we spent with them. Nevertheless, there will also come a time when happiness will be on our side.

The song is rapped for most of the verses, but the chorus is sung in a way like how church choirs sings. This is great because the lyrics and style are perfectly matched, so it doesn’t sound too weird having a happy or hopeful beat with the sad lyrics.

26. Easy Come, Easy Go by George Strait (Genre: Country)

This song is basically about peacefully letting go of a relationship that simply didn’t work. George is talking to his lover, and they seem to be both agreeing that the relationship doesn’t seem to be taking them anywhere or allowing them room to grow. It talks about ending a relationship to find the chance to start a new one with someone else.

Ending a relationship is not as easy as starting it, and somewhere along the way maybe you’ll realize that it is not working out. You can try and fix it, but there’s no point in fixing something that seems to remain broken. So, peacefully and mutually ending a relationship with someone will also let you begin anew without any problems.

Despite being slow, the song brings a good vibe to it, probably because of the high notes it plays on the guitar. It is a great match for the lyrics, as slow and downbeat could make it sound like a terrible breakup song.

27. Pack It Up by Pretenders (Genre: Rock)

“Pack It Up” is a song that speaks of wanting to leave a place and have an entirely new beginning. The lyrics are in the first-person point of view, where Chrissie Hynde, the lead singer, talks to someone about hating where she currently is. She tells them that she’ll leave it without bringing anything that isn’t precious, but also all her social connections.

There are some situations where we realize that being where we currently are is unhealthy for our minds. One of the best ways to help ourselves is to leave it, and maybe even cut off the people causing us some hurt. We can’t allow ourselves to stay in the same place with the same people, lest we will only get worse.

The song is played with some heavy instrumentals. The way it is sung is a bit off, but a lot of Rock music fans might find it all right. It’s a great song to just bang your head to when you’ve had enough of the world.

28. Just Like Starting Over by John Lennon (Genre: Rock)

This song tells the story of John Lennon’s relationship with his partner, Yoko. In the song, John admits that despite having such a great relationship, they haven’t really taken any time to truly be with each other. Thus, he wants to go away with her and spend some time, as if they were starting over.

Change doesn’t necessarily have to be big to be considered as change. As time passes, we may forget to spend time with those important to us, especially when we’re thrown into a new schedule. That may change things between you, but you can always try to catch up with each other, and maybe that can be a new beginning for both of you.

“Starting Over” sounds very much like other oldie rock songs, which is nice because it’s enough to get the mood up. If you’re a sap for old love songs, you’d want to give this song a listen, and maybe you’ll even want to reconnect with old friends or flames.

29. Let It Go by Idina Menzel (Genre: Pop)

This song was featured in the Disney movie “Frozen”, and appears in the scene where the main character, Elsa (voiced by Idina), finally sets her powers loose. This song tells of all the internal struggle Elsa faces, having hidden her powers. Eventually, she lets all that bottled-up turmoil free from her chest, letting her begin a new life as a queen of ice.

Bottling emotions up is terribly damaging towards our mental health. It is always best to speak our minds when given the chance. However, not all of us have the strength to do so, and maybe the best way to practice is to try and do it alone, just like Elsa. Being alone with our thoughts helps us understand them, eventually lets us be able to express them!

The song starts slow, mellow way, but it continuously builds up to a wonderful and energizing melody. It’s more than enough to have you screaming the chorus with no regard for other people’s ears!

30. Amazing Grace by Hillsong Worship (Genre: Christian)

“Amazing Grace” is a worship song about finding inner peace from the love of God. Hillsong sings the story of a once broken wretch who found themselves saved and uplifted by the Lord. The wretch now feels free of their sins, thanks to the mercy of God.

Inner turbulence is not the easiest to challenge with, and each of us have a different way of calming that unrest. For some, it is through prayer and faith that they find their peace of mind. Even if not all our chapters begin with happiness, we should still try out best to be at peace in our own way.

Hillsong Worship is known for modernizing Christian worship songs, and their version of the song “Amazing Grace” can attest to that. It might sound a bit like slow rock, but I ensure you, it got my spirits up the first time I listened to it.

31. Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland (Genre: Pop)

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is a plea for change; for a better life. It first appears in the 1939 film “The Wizard of Oz”, where Dorothy Gale, portrayed by Judy, laments her sadness through the song. Dorothy wishes to be a part of the blue birds in the sky, flying freely and happily without any worries.

The first step to changing is to wish/dream of change itself. Through this, we will have acknowledged our faults, and in doing so we will learn and work on making them better. It won’t be easy, but a start is still a start, and all chapters need one.

The song has a very slow tune, like most ballads that are featured in movies. It’s not much of a mood booster, but I hope you’ll start wishing for better days when listening to this song, just as a baby step.

32. Good Day by Greg Street ft. Nappy Roots (Genre: Hip-Hop)

This rap song is about making your own good day rather that waiting for one. Greg and Nappy tells the audience of all they will do and avoid to have a good day ahead of them. Later into the song, you’ll also find the words that mention changing the way one is to make the world a better place for children.

There are times that you’ll get stuck waiting to have a good day, maybe as a sign that you’re already having a new beginning. But if you feel that you’ve been in a slump for too long, don’t be afraid to go do what makes you happy, and do many of those in a single day, and maybe you’ll have a good day. Sometimes, the best way to have a good day is to just make one!

The rap song is very upbeat, which nicely matches the message of the song. Try giving it a listen, and maybe you’ll even find yourself bouncing to the beat of this feel-good song!

33. Start Over by Beyonce (Genre: Contemporary RnB)

Beyoncé tells the story of an unhappy relationship in her song “Start Over”. It seems that her partner is willingly settling for less, but she’s unhappy with how they are. Despite that sentiment, Beyoncé still wishes to try and fix their relationship by starting over, in hopes of having a newfound love for each other.

All relationships have problems, some bigger than others. In any case, these problems are the root of lackluster in romance, and either one gives up or both try to solve it. Solving it gives you somewhat of a fresh start in a relationship, one where your love for one another is stronger, and I, myself, can attest to that.

Queen Beyoncé starts the song with an upbeat and playful tune, but her singing tells us otherwise. The beat of the song has a hype vibe to it, and I honestly would bang my head to this heartbreaking song, maybe add a little bit of off-key singing, too!

34. Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts (Genre: Country)

This song speaks of having to journey on a broken road to get to where a new happy beginning is. Rascal Flatts sings about having all those sad experiences lead them to the one who they are most happy with. They even sing about their exes being guides or teachers to get them ready for who they were meant to be with.

“Bless the Broken Road” teaches us something wonderful about our past pains. We shouldn’t take them as something we brand ourselves with, as doing so will not let us get better. We should take it as a guide to help us become the version of ourselves that we want to be, a new and better person.

The slow song is in no way sad, as it is a love song meant to be sung to a partner. Nevertheless, with or without a partner, you can still sing this song to yourself, in hopes of getting to that new and happier chapter in your life.

35. Congratulations by Post Malone (Genre: Hip-Hop)

This rap song sings about finally achieving all that one has dreamed of, which can be in career, life, or personal care. However, Post Malone also talks to us about the haters he had in his life, as well those who are only trying to use him now. Later into the song, he admits being patient and hardworking to get to where he is now.

The road to success can be long and winding, and parts of it may be filled with obstacles of all shapes and sizes. To get to your dream, you must face every obstacle patiently and tackle them as they come. Keep working hard, and eventually, people will start congratulating you!

The song has a very hype beat, and I’ve heard it quite a lot in parties. It is sure to get you happy about having achieved your dream, and if you haven’t yet, it will surely encourage to get there.

36. Start of Something New by Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens (Genre: Pop)

The song is featured in the Disney musical “Highschool Musical” and conveys the feeling of excitement for starting something new. It is sung by the leading roles Troy (Zac) and Gabriella (Vanessa), when they both meet for the first time, which is a prelude to their Highschool and love life.

Not knowing what to expect for a new chapter in your life can be tremendously scary, but you also have this feeling of excitement. Yes, you’ll never know how things will work out, but what’s most important is that you try your best to start out happy about the change, as having good vibes attracts good people.

The duo sings the song in a very shy way at first, accompanied by a soft melody. As the song progresses into the chorus, the beat turns up and it sounds a lot like a party song in old movies, encouraging you to embrace the change with an enthusiastic heart.

37. How Far I’ll Go by Auli’i Cravalho (Genre: Soul Music, Pop)

Straight from the Disney animated movie “Moana”, the song tells the conflict of the main character. She struggles between choosing to follow the path carved for her by her ancestors and finding her own path, one that is new and unexplored by her people. She sings of her desire to tread the new path, yet she also thinks of having the easy way out by following tradition.

Like Moana, we all struggle to take a different path as we like to run back to what is easy. But, going with the flow will not always make us happy, and it is always important to prioritize our own happiness. Don’t be afraid to go against the flow, carve your own path and be original!

At first the song may seem like a slow, melodic tune, but as Moana progresses into falling for her desires, so too does the song become upbeat. It gets you all excited watching the movie, as you want to see the decision she’ll make as she sings of her struggles, and, hey, maybe you’ll get inspired too!

38. Bad Religion by Frank Ocean (Genre: Contemporary RnB)

“Bad Religion” tells the story Frank’s then secret sexuality. He struggles with the lives he is leading and is trying not to let any of his secrets slip. He asks the taxi driver to be his therapist, as he lays out all hi struggles in life, using many metaphors. If he lets any of his secret life get exposed to the world, it could change his entire career, but the main message of the song is the pains of unrequited love.

We all fear the change that accompanies having our secrets exposed. It could majorly affect how people view and treat us, especially when it is about sexuality/sexual orientation. The best way to deal with it is seek help, as asking for help allows us to recognize that we are taking a step towards being ready for change. Nonetheless, always be careful who you seek help from, as they will also hold the power of changing your entire life.

The slow and melancholic song is enough to get anyone sad and thinking, especially when Frank laments about his unrequited love. If you’re down in the dumps and are looking for songs that you can relate to, give this song a listen, and maybe you’ll find a little clarity too.

Change can come in many ways, and the results will vary for each one of us. It can be troublesome too, but despite all the emotions we feel, the best way to deal with it is to listen to something we can relate to. These songs aren’t the only ones about new beginnings and changes, but I do hope that some of these will help you to express all that you’re feeling.

Wrap Up: Let us know if this list helped you out and let us and everyone else know in the comments what you think are some of the best songs about new beginnings.

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