The 4 Types of Guitar Amps Explained

Powered vaccum tubes inside a guitar amp

Thinking of buying a guitar amp but confused by all the jargon? It takes quite a bit of time to get your head around all the ins and outs, especially when there are so many brands, specs and features out there. Fortunately, there’s some high-level information you can learn and understand quickly without getting overly …

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25 Most Common Jazz Chord Progressions Every Guitarist Should Know

Jazz Chord Progressions being played by Chris Schiebel

Jazz is all about fluid, ever-evolving creative expression that allows you to push the envelope and grow as a musician. And while learning jazz standards is a great way to make your foray, getting a good grounding in the standard chord progressions will go a long way in allowing you to explore endless melodic and …

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17 Most Common Pop Chord Progressions Every Guitarist Should Learn

Pop chord progressions being played by Chris Schiebel

One thing common in the most iconic pop songs is that they are super catchy and easy to remember. However, if you get down to analyzing the chord structure, you’ll find the use of repetitive pop chord progressions to be a common ingredient. Pop songs are also spiced up with hooks designed to grab the …

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10 Best Beginner Electric Guitars (2023 Hands-On Tested)

Best Beginner Electric Guitars (Featured Image)

When I was purchasing my first electric guitar, I didn’t know much about the instrument. I looked around online and watched videos, but with so many models to choose from, the whole process was still overwhelming. The good news for you is that I have learned a ton about electric guitars and tested dozens of …

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20 Best Female Metal Bands (& Female Fronted)

Female Fronted Metal Band Evanescence Performing Live

Although metal music has traditionally been male-dominated, over the past couple of decades, we have seen a significant rise in all-female and female fronted metal bands. These powerful female figures have made their definitive mark on the music industry, playing a critical role in the continuous innovation of the metal genre into an increasingly inclusive …

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9 Types of Electric Guitars Explained (Most Common Styles)

Types of Electric Guitars Featured Image

There is no denying that the 20th century, or at least the second half of it, belongs entirely to the electric guitar. It is responsible for numerous seminal moments in music history, across multiple genres. Indeed, the electric guitar is one of the most versatile instruments out there, and given the right combo of guitar, …

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Where to Sell Guitars & Music Gear (15 Best Places in 2023)

Where to sell guitars and music gear cartoon graphic

Whether you’re a guitarist, producer, or vocalist, every musician loves to hunt for new gear. In fact, we’ve even coined a term for it: GAS, or Gear Acquisition Syndrome! But to feed this lifelong habit, you may also need to sell off your old equipment from time to time. In fact, a well-preserved guitar can …

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Mac DeMarco Guitars & Gear List (2023 Update)

Mac DeMarco Playing Guitar

The prince of indie, Mac DeMarco has captivated and reinvented what it means to be an independent artist and songwriter in modern times. He initially garnered a devoted following through his laid-back jangle pop, lo-fi indie sound, and open-heart lyricism. But Demarco’s success wasn’t just some overnight happening, born in British Columbia in 1990, Mac …

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45 Popular & Easy R&B Guitar Songs (2023 With Chords)

R&B guitar songs being played by Chris Schiebel

Rhythm and blues, also known as R&B, has always been one of my favorite music genres to play on the guitar. Classic R&B came from the African-American community and naturally was full of struggle, loss, love, and overcoming. Over time, the genre has evolved, merging with hip-hop and soul music, giving it a more modern …

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48 Easy Taylor Swift Guitar Songs (2023 With Tabs & Videos)

Easy Taylor Swift Songs on Guitar (Featured Image)

You don’t have to be a huge fan of Taylor Swift to appreciate her remarkable talent for songwriting. And her voice, while perhaps not the best in the world, sure has a timbre to it that can stir the soul. What endears Swift to her fans is the relatability of her songs. The musical pieces …

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