Parts of an Electric Guitar (with Diagram and Video)

It would be impossible to imagine today’s music scene without the electric guitar. This iconic instrument single-handedly revolutionized the world of music with its millions of sonic possibilities and has birthed a mind-boggling variety of genres – from rock, blues, jazz, metal, rock n ‘ roll, and many more. So if you want to learn …

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Parts of an Acoustic Guitar (with Diagram and Video)

Whether you’ve been tinkering with your trusty old acoustic guitar or a newly acquired guitar that you are looking to learn, it’s always helpful to know the anatomy of your instrument itself and what purpose each part serves. With this easy guide to all the parts of an acoustic guitar, we’ll cover everything you need …

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15 Best Low Action Acoustic Guitars (2022 List)

Some of the Best Low Action Acoustic Guitars

Low action guitars come with solid advantages that make them popular among many guitarists! But how can you go about buying a good one? Over the years our team at Guitar Lobby has owned and tested dozens of low action guitars and in the rest of this article, we’ll be giving honest reviews of the …

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35 Best Classic Rock Songs of All Time (2022 Update)

Eric Clapton Playing Classic Rock Music

When it comes to music, it’s fair to say that things move in cycles, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the case of classic rock. Only a decade ago, listening to classic rock was uncool, but over the last few years, it has been making somewhat of a comeback. Old bands are reuniting …

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25 Best Guitar Books For Beginners (2022 List)

Some of the Best Guitar Books For Beginners

Throughout my career, I’ve come across several aspiring musicians looking to learn the guitar, but aren’t sure how to start or go about it the right way. I’ve also come across an equal number of beginners who are frustrated with YouTube guitar tutorials because they find them sharing incomplete or narrow concepts but not the …

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12 Best Home Recording Studio Packages (2022 Update)

Some of the Best Home Recording Studio Packages

I’m sure you’ve suffered through low-quality phone recordings that sound like an old tape machine. But with modern tech, it’s easy to get studio-quality sound at your home, and it’s more affordable than ever. The days of 480P YouTube videos are gone, and now you can get HD video and audio using a simple setup. …

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Samantha Fish Guitars and Gear List (2022 Update)

Samantha Fish Playing Guitar

Bolstered by the unyielding Midwestern work ethic she cultivated in her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, Samantha Fish has plotted an exponential rise into blues and rock stardom. Fish has carefully crafted an image, brand, and sound that defies pigeonholing. Since trading in her drums, ala Eddie Van Halen, for the guitar at 15, Samantha …

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John Petrucci Guitars and Gear List (2022 Update)

John Petrucci Playing Guitar

Dream Theater is one of the most recognized and loved progressive acts of all time. In a style that’s grown and evolved from the 1980s to this date, Dream Theater has been well and revered the entire way as the true godfathers of the genre. At the helm of Dream Theater sits lead guitarist, John …

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Steve Vai Guitars and Gear List (2022 Update)

Steve Vai Playing Guitar

Steve Vai, innovator of “stunt guitar” and mercurial, enigmatic solo artist. His unique playing style is rooted firmly in precision and infinite expression, and over five decades remains at the forefront of potent shred guitar. Appropriately, his first job as a guitarist came with Frank Zappa, who often referred to Vai, then aged eighteen, as …

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Dolly Parton Guitars and Gear List (with Videos)

Dolly Parton Playing Guitar

You wouldn’t think an artist that became popular back in the 1960s would still be popular today, but with every passing year, Dolly Parton seems to become even more relevant! The iconic singer/songwriter has been on the front lines of country music and pop culture for over six decades, pumping out hit after hit and …

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