14 Best Vocal Processors in 2024 (All Price Ranges)

If you’re a singer, I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about vocal effects processors and how much they can transform your singing and unlock so much potential live. Whether you’re looking to buy one to enhance your live performance or add some effects to your recordings, It can be very overwhelming to choose one because there are just so many brands, types, and features out there!

If you’re a solo artist and need some back vocals without actual backup singers, or want to add harmonies to your voice, or if you just need that extra boost of autotune to sound pitch-perfect, then you’re in the right place!

Best Vocal Effects Processors (Featured Image)

Every vocalist has their requirements for what they want in a vocal processor depending on their live act, singing style, and musical productions. It’s important to choose the one that suits both your individual needs and your budget.

In this guide, I’ll be reviewing the best vocal processors at each price point. To help you narrow down your picks and find the vocal processor that’s best for you, I’ve highlighted my top four picks overall. If you’d like to know more about vocal processors and the different features and effects to look out for, check out our in-depth buying guide at the bottom of this article.

Name of ProductImage of ProductDescriptionPrice RangeFull Review
1. TC Helicon VoiceLive Touch 2 (Best Overall)TC Helicon VoiceLive Touch 2Type: Stand Mountable/Tabletop
Weight: 3.5 lbs
$500Read Full Review Below
2. TC Helicon Harmony-G XT Vocal Processor (Best Value)TC Helicon Harmony-G XT Vocal ProcessorType: Stompbox Processor
Weight: 2 lbs
$230Read Full Review Below
3. BOSS VE-5 Vocal Performer (Best Under $500) BOSS VE-5 Vocal PerformerType: Tabletop / Stand Mountable
Weight: 2.4 lbs
$300Read Full Review Below
4. TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3 Extreme (Best Under $1000)TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3 ExtremeType: Stompbox pedal
Weight: 5 lbs
$800Read Full Review Below
5. Behringer Virtualizer 3D FX2000Behringer Virtualizer 3D FX2000Type: Tabletop Processor
Weight: 4.63 lbs
$125Read Full Review Below
6. TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3Type: Stompbox pedal
Weight: 7.3 lbs
$250Read Full Review Below
7. Roland AIRA Series VT-3Roland AIRA Series VT-3Type: Tabletop processor
Weight: 1.5 lbs
$200Read Full Review Below
8. Roland VT-4Roland VT-4Type: Tabletop processor
Weight: 2.14 lbs
$240Read Full Review Below
9. Tascam TA1VP Vocal ProducerTascam TA1VP Vocal ProducerType: Tabletop processor
Weight: 6.35 lbs
$450Read Full Review Below
10. TC Helicon VoiceTone Correct XTTC Helicon VoiceTone Correct XTType: Stompbox Processor
Weight: 1.5 lbs
$270Read Full Review Below
11. Boss Acoustic Singer Effects Processor Pedal (VE-8)Boss Acoustic Singer Effects Processor PedalType: Stompbox pedal
Weight: 4 lbs
$300Read Full Review Below
12. Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer Multi-Effects Pedal Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer Multi-Effects PedalType: Stompbox pedal
Weight: 2.4 lbs
$264Read Full Review Below
13. Boss VE-2 Vocal Harmonist Multi-Effects Pedal (good)Boss VE-2 Vocal Harmonist Multi-Effects PedalType: Stompbox pedal
Weight: 1.9 lbs
$220Read Full Review Below
14. Electro-Harmonix Voice Box Harmony Machine and VocoderElectro-Harmonix Voice Box Harmony Machine and VocoderType: Tabletop processor
Weight: 1.95 lbs
$230Read Full Review Below

Here Are the Best Vocal Effects Processors

1. TC Helicon VoiceLive Touch 2 (Best Overall)

TC Helicon VoiceLive Touch 2

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Estimated Price $500
Vocal Effects Processor Type Stand Mountable/Tabletop
Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 4 x 9 inches

My Review: The TC-Helicon VoiceLive Touch 2 is a modern state-of-the-art vocal processor with a sleek design and a touch display screen that makes it extremely easy to launch effects with your fingertips. It’s practical, hands-on, and full of effects and controls to take your performance to the next level. If you’re a singer and want a vocal processor that lets you take charge of your harmonies, looping, and effects right in the palm of your hands, this one is for you.

The VoiceLive Touch 2 comes with so many effects including modulation, delay, reverb, harmony, double, choir, adaptive tone, pitch correction, guitar FX, guitar tuner, VLOOP six-track looper, and much more! It has 200+ presets and 25 user preset slots. It automatically applies adaptive EQ, compression, de-essing, and gating to your live vocals, leaving you free to focus on controlling the effects you want.

Two features that set this vocal processor apart, that you actually can’t find in any other vocal processor, are the “GENRE” feature and the “HIT” feature. The GENRE feature allows you to explore hundreds of presents that are unique to the sound you are looking for, making it so easy to find the right sounds that fit your music style, how awesome? Wait, I’m not done yet. The HIT feature allows you to build intensity in the chorus or strip down your verses with just a hit of a button.

The TC-Helicon VoiceLive Touch 2 is a special one to own. It comes with embedded stereo RoomSense mics which “listen” to instruments nearby to control your harmonies and add ambiance to your in-ear monitor mix. What more could you possibly want from a vocal effects processor?

Who This is Best Suited for: Singers or vocalists who are free-handed and want to take charge of their effects and looping. If you’re looking for a vocal processor that has it all and more, the TC-Helicon VoiceLive Touch 2 will be magic at your fingertips. So many possibilities with this one, and it’s pretty easy to navigate. It hooks up to your mic stand or you can just put it on your tabletop if you’re a DJ or producer.

Bottom Line: The TC-Helicon VoiceLive Touch 2 is a dream to have. It’s modern technology and state-of-the-art design and navigation make it a top contender in our list. Although it’s the price is a bit towards the mid-range when it comes to vocal effects processors, it’s got it all. If you have this one, you won’t need anything else. It’s got looping, harmonies, pitch correction, effects, so many options for presets, and features you may never have thought about before. I’m already excited for you if you’re considering buying this one!

Key Features:

  • Touchscreen control
  • 300 customizable factory presets
  • 22 touch buttons with intuitive and creative control
  • Multi-effects
  • Adaptive EQ, Compression, Gating, and De-essing
  • Auto-harmony based on guitar input or MIDI input
  • Tap tempo button matches Delay and Rhythmic effects timing to live beats
  • Guitar tuner
  • High-quality mic pre-amp

2. TC Helicon Harmony-G XT Vocal Processor (Best Value)

TC Helicon Harmony-G XT Vocal Processor

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Estimated Price $230
Vocal Effects Processor Type Stompbox Processor
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 1.5 inches

My Review: TC Helicon has long been one of the most popular brands of vocal effects processors and this is yet another model that’s packed with features and effects. The Harmony-G XT Vocal Processor is an incredibly versatile device that’s great for singers who also play the guitar or keyboard live. This is a stompbox type, which means, you can use your feet to operate it during a live performance. This processor in particular is known for its incredible harmonies generated using both your instrument and your vocals. But don’t worry if you don’t play, you can still record and program your harmonies manually.

The TC Helicon Harmony-G XT boasts many features such as compression, EQ, pitch-correction, voice doubling, and much more! What more can a vocalist need? Well, it also comes with a smart harmonizer which gives you the option to choose between female or male-sounding harmonies for your live vocals.

This one is a dream for any performer because you can use it as your vocal processor, guitar processor, guitar tuner, and also as a mic preamp. This makes it a great addition to your gear whether you’ll use it live or in the studio. Not only that, but it doesn’t come with a hundred scary-looking knobs so it’s pretty easy to navigate and doesn’t look as intimidating as other vocal effects processors in the market. Sold? Me too.

Who This is Best Suited for: The TC Helicon Harmony-G XT is great for anyone who wants to take it to the stage. It’s sturdy and durable, obviously made to be stomped on, but on top of that, it comes with so many effects and features for both vocals and guitar that you’d be crazy to pass on. Vocalists who want great pitch correction, realistic harmonies, amazing reverb, and voice doubling features, this is the processor for you.

Bottom Line: This is an entire vocal solution for singers and you won’t need to buy any additional pedals if you have this one. It’s compatible with your guitar or keyboard and brings out heavenly harmonies using advanced algorithms and software. It’s durable and perfect for touring and will last you a lifetime. Priced at just $229, what are you even waiting for? The only downside I’ve seen in many reviews is that it’s a bit on the heavier side, but honestly, it’s completely worth it for all those features. Overall, I would say this is the best vocal processor for the money.

Key Features:

  • Listens to guitar and voice to create correct harmony parts automatically
  • Vocal and guitar input with six reverb/delay combinations
  • 10 presets, each with A/B options
  • Stereo or mono configurable output
  • Clean, studio-quality mic preamp with phantom power and XLR input
  • Selection of four overdub-style doubling effects with two more doubling voices available
  • Pitch Correction on lead vocals
  • Guitar tuner

3. BOSS VE-5 Vocal Performer (Best Under $500)

BOSS VE-5 Vocal Performer

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Estimated Price $300
Vocal Effects Processor Type Tabletop / Stand Mountable
Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 11.06 x 6.77 x 4.69 inches

My Review: The BOSS VE-5 Vocal Performer is so versatile and easy to use. It comes full with six vocal effects including reverb, delay, double/harmony, dynamics, pitch correction, and tone/SFX so you can experiment and have fun all you want! Whether you’re a singer, producer, or DJ, the VE-5 is a blast to have on stage and in the studio.

It comes with many presets that are easy to explore and lets you choose the most unique sound for your vocals. Phrase-looping is also an exciting feature of the VE-5 and allows you to loop multiple layers of your voice in real-time. With looping, the possibilities are endless and it adds an edge to your live performance so if that’s a feature you’re looking for, I would recommend the VE-5.

The BOSS VE-5 is a processor you can both use as a tabletop or clip it to your mic stand as you sing live. It gives you up to 9 hours of performance time which no-one can say no to, and additional inputs for connecting footswitches for more control on stage. And not just that, for extreme portability, they included a built-in microphone so you can experiment anywhere!

Who This is Best Suited for: If you’re looking for a vocal processor that’s portable, affordable, and has all the effects you need, then the BOSS VE-5 is your vocal processor of choice. Suitable for both producers and singers alike with its option to clip on a stand as well as sit on your studio desk.

Bottom Line: The BOSS VE-5 is full of great features and effects that will suit many different musicians. It’s perfect for the stage and in the studio and is also very affordable for the immense value it provides. Not only that but that built-in mic goes the extra mile and lets you enjoy the vocal processor anywhere you take it!

Key Features:

  • Six types of high-quality vocal effects – Reverb, Delay, Double/Harmony, Dynamics, Pitch Correct, and Tone/SFX
  • Tone/SFX effects include Distortion, Radio, and Strobe effects
  • Pitch Correction mode allows you to add hard tune effects to your vocals
  • Large selection of presets
  • Built-in phase looper
  • Built-in mic
  • Footswitch inputs
  • Phantom power
  • 4 AA batteries provide you with up to 9 hours of performance

4. TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3 Extreme (Best Under $1000)

TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3 Extreme

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Estimated Price $800
Vocal Effects Processor Type Stompbox pedal
Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 13.8 x 8.5 x 3 inches

My Review: You’ve guessed it, this is the extreme version of the VoiceLive 3, with four times the memory! The VoiceLive 3 Extreme is an extremely versatile processor that will meet all your sound needs. With this processor you can create natural-sounding harmonies, add vocal and guitar effects, and much much more. All of these features come in a stompbox pedal which you can easily operate with your foot during a live performance.

The VoiceLive series has already impressed us enough, but with the new VoiceLive 3 Extreme, TC-Helicon you get next-level performance. They added tons of new effects and features to an already incredible vocal effect processor. The automation feature is one you can’t miss because it lets you completely focus on your performance, instead of getting distracted by the pedal. It remembers all the effects you’ve created and then synchronizes them with your track perfectly. If you’re worried about the performance part, it’s got you secured, and if you’re worried about running out of storage, the VoiceLive 3 has memory to store over 100 songs!

Who This is Best Suited for: The VoiceLive 3 Extreme is an all-in-one package for any vocalist with a guitar or not. It’s also perfect for those who want to “transform” their voice with vocoder and radio effects and the like. This pedal is really for everyone because it meets all the requirements you’d be looking for in a vocal effects processor.

Bottom Line: The TC Helicon VoiceLive 3 is on the more expensive side compared to other vocal effects processors, but I believe it’s well worth the price for everything it offers. The automation feature is a feature that’s attractive to so many vocalists who are worried about getting distracted by a pedal on stage. This is something you never have to worry about with the VoiceLive 3 extreme. Harmonies, pitch correction, and all the things we love as singers are included with advanced controls.

Key Features:

  • Smart vocal harmonies by sensing instrument input
  • TonePrint guitar FX and amp/speaker emulation
  • Backing track import with effects automation
  • Performance recorder sends 24-bit audio to USB flash drive
  • Built-in Vocoder and talk box
  • Mic pre automatically sets gain
  • Adaptive Tone
  • 3-phrase looping
  • Re-mappable buttons to customize navigation

5. Behringer Virtualizer 3D FX2000

Behringer Virtualizer 3D FX2000

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Estimated Price $125
Vocal Effects Processor Type Tabletop Processor
Weight 4.63 lbs
Dimensions 19.02 x 8.54 x 1.75 inches

My Review: The Behringer Virtualizer 3D FX2000 is a complex multi-effects vocal processor that offers reverb and delay effects. However, these aren’t just simple reverb and delay, the Virtualizer 3D FX2000 offers 12 different reverbs and three delays that you can choose from as well as multiple filters, flange, EQs, distortions, and countless Fx combinations that you may never run out of!

The Virtualizer 3D FX2000 creates unique sound combinations but you have to be willing to experiment with the different settings to find the fitting sound for your live performance or studio use. It comes with 100 presets to choose from and another 100 user presets a -10dB pad in case of any unwanted signals and multiple modulation effects.

What’s great about the Virtualizer 3D FX2000 is that it comes with multiple input and output options, which makes it a very versatile vocal effects processor that you can connect to your instruments. It also comes at a price point that you just can’t turn down!

Who This is Best Suited for: If you’re a producer, DJ, or just generally more into the technicalities of things, this vocal effects processor would be great for you. However, for the average singer, it may be a bit complicated. Keep in mind that this is a tabletop processor which would be more suitable for specific performers or studio use.

Bottom Line: For such a budget-friendly price, the Behringer Virtualizer 3D FX2000 offers great value for money. You get many editable effects like reverb, delay, flanger, vocoder, and more. It’s also very sturdy and durable and would last you years of use, however, I find that it’s quite limited in effects overall compared to other vocal processors. Nonetheless, it’s a great option to keep in mind at such an awesome price!

Key Features:

  • 71 algorithms—true RSM (Real Sound Modeling) stereo and 3D effects
  • Wave-adaptive virtual Room reverb algorithms
  • Modulation, dynamic, psychoacoustic and EQ algorithms
  • Authentic amp simulation, distortion, and special effects
  • 11 effect combinations with selectable serial/parallel configuration

6. TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3

TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3

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Estimated Price $250
Vocal Effects Processor Type Stompbox pedal
Weight 7.3 lbs
Dimensions 10.6 x 5.9 x 20.2 inches

My Review: TC Helicon strikes again with the VoiceLive 3. Imagine a complete vocal solution for both the stage and the studio, with rich harmonies and effects. The VoiceLive 3 features 11 independent effects blocks, over 180 different styles, and more than 250 presets. It’s not only a vocal pedal, if you play the guitar then you’d appreciate the FX by TC ELECTRONIC. These include Flashback Delay, Hall of Fame Reverb, Corona Chorus, and Vortex Flanger.

You’ll find this pedal is great for songwriting and in-studio use as much as for living performances due to its versatility. With knobs that let you have complete control over all levels and effects, it’s bound to be your go-to all-in-one processor. Simple layout and easy to use, the VoiceLive 3 by TC Helicon proves to have the best balance of quality and affordability.

Matched with several looper modes, several input options, effects for both acoustic and electric guitar, this processor will make your live performance as unique as you want it to be. The VoiceLive 3 automatically applies adaptive EQ and compression on your live vocals, as well as mic gain and other useful functions.

Who This is Best Suited for: If you’re looking for an amazing looper with countless effects for both vocals and guitar, then the VoiceLive 3 is for you. If you like to get creative during your songwriting process or even on stage, you’ll find everything you need in this one-stop vocal processor.

Bottom Line: The VoiceLive 3 is a highly capable vocal effects processor. It provides multiple controls and effects options, realistic harmonies, and many guitar effects to choose from. It’s perfect for looping and experimenting with songwriting and obviously for the stage as well. The only issue I find with this vocal effects processor is that it comes at a hefty weight of 7 lbs, which some may argue makes it a processor for the studio and not one you can easily take on the road.

Key Features:

  • Harmony sounds – Pedal, Fixed, and Mixed Mode
  • Vocoder with Voice Controlled Synth and Robot Modes
  • Adaptive Tone
  • HIT button to create FX impact
  • VoiceSupport app

7. Roland AIRA Series VT-3

Roland AIRA Series VT-3

Check Musician’s Friend Price

Estimated Price $200
Vocal Effects Processor Type Tabletop processor
Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 6.9 x 8.3 x 2.2 inches

My Review: The Roland VT-3 is all you can ask for if you’re looking for a vocal processor to transform your vocals. It can transform your voice into synthesizers, synth basses, hard-tuned and lo-fi sounds, as well as radio voice and much more. This is perfect for EDM producers, DJs, or just performers who want to alter vocal character and play around with electro sounds.

There’s nothing subtle about the VT-3, but if you’re looking to add some subtle effects like reverb and delay you can also achieve that with this processor. Because the VT-3 is meant to be played, it comes as a tabletop design which may be limiting for a vocalist performing live. It’s compact, durable, and lightweight so you can easily take it anywhere.

Who This is Best Suited for: I would say the VT-3 is geared more towards producers and DJs who want to alter their voice character in real-time. If you’re looking for a vocal processor to produce awesome electro sounds and synths, this is for you. I don’t see the VT-3 as being the best option for singers who are looking for great harmony and advanced pitch correction features, although it has some basic features and can do the job.

Bottom Line: The Roland VT-3 is compact and durable so it’s great for live performances and for taking it with you on tour. It’s every EDM producer’s dream in terms of transforming voice character and creating cool electro sounds. It’s versatile in that setting and application so I would recommend it for that purpose. If you’re a more traditional performer, I would suggest looking for another vocal effects processor.

Key Features:

  • Smooth control with dedicated Pitch and Formant sliders
  • Large Reverb and Mix Balance sliders
  • Save three favorite settings for instant recall
  • Option to connect a foot-switch for additional control in live performances
  • Built-in USB audio interface with loopback recording to overdub vocals on existing tracks
  • Six locations for user presets
  • Low Cut Filter & Noise Gate
  • Lo-fi character with Megaphone and Radio settings
  • Synthetic sounding voices with the Robot button
  • Synth, Lead, and Bass settings for synths you can sing

8. Roland VT-4

Roland VT-4

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Estimated Price $240
Vocal Effects Processor Type Tabletop processor
Weight 2.14 lbs
Dimensions 5.24 x 6.85 x 2.28 inches

 My Review: Roland’s revised VT-4 is an upgrade from their previous VT3. This vocal effects processor finally gets what it’s been missing in vocal effects, harmony, and MIDI inputs. The original VT-3 was great in terms of vocal transformation but offered little features to vocalists and singers who were looking for a bit more! The Vt-4 does just that, you now have more control over your sounds, use multiple effects at the same time, as well as a MIDI input which aids in producing great harmonies for your melodies.

The VT-4 puts singers in mind with its simple design and no menu diving or programming that could be difficult to operate. So Whether you’re a producer, DJ, or singer, you’ll find what you need in the improved VT-4 by Roland as it allows for both drastic transformation of the voice and subtle enhancements.

Roland has proven that they are masters of compact and durable design with the VT-3 and VT-4 which makes them the perfect choice for live applications and great to take on the road.

Who This is Best Suited for: Unlike the VT-3, the VT-4 is not just geared towards DJs, EDM producers, and electronic musicians. It’s much more versatile and offers more advanced controls and settings over effects and harmonies. It’s just as much geared towards singers who are seeking pitch correction, harmonies, and a vocal processor that connects with your MIDI keyboard.

Bottom Line: Overall, the VT-4 is an upgrade from the original VT-3 as it comes with more options and possibilities. This could be your go-to vocal processor if you want something to last you years no matter what style you’re performing in. The VT-4 comes with a very affordable price which makes it one you should consider if you’re looking for a processor that has all the features you’re looking for and meets your budget. Overall, it’s one of the best vocal effects processors out there.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use with no menu diving or programming
  • Roland VT-4 is an easy-to-use but incredibly effective voice transformer
  • Modern and retro vocal effects, including delay, reverb, formant and vocoding
  • Ability to layer multiple effects at once or chain them together
  • Allows smooth, instant control over both pitch and formant for real-time tweaking
  • A friendly “key” dial at the top right
  • Direct access to “vocoder” and “harmonizer” modes
  • Multiple effects at once
  • MIDI input – so play in the notes/harmonies you want for the vocoder, harmonizer, and pitch engines
  • Variations for all the effects
  • Five-hour battery life

9. Tascam TA1VP Vocal Producer

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Estimated Price $450
Vocal Effects Processor Type Tabletop processor
Weight 6.35 lbs
Dimensions 21.75 x 11.75 x 5.75 inches

My Review: The TASCAM’s TA-1VP is the only hardware processor with Auto-Tune technology for flawless vocal intonation. It’s perfect for both live gigs and in-studio applications. For live gigs, it allows you to have high-quality pitch correction like no other in a rack mount box. Whether you’re a singer or a hip-hop artist, you can adjust and control pitch correction levels however you want. It also has a foot-switch input to make things easier on stage.

The TASCAM’s TA-1VP is an all-around solution for vocals as it comes with a variety of EQ and compression tools. For the studio, the Antares microphone modeling technology shines by producing high-end studio mic sounds. All settings on the TA-1VP can be recalled easily through presets on the front panel. All in all, this is a great vocal effects processors for every use.

Who This is Best Suited for: If you’re a vocalist or producer looking for a vocal effects processor for top-notch pitch correction, mic modeling technology for the studio, and great harmonies and effects, you’d love the TA-1VP. It’s not geared towards electronic artists, DJs, and the likes.

Bottom Line: No matter what your sound needs are, in the studio or on stage, the TA-1VP has you covered. This vocal processor is perfect for vocalists looking for the best pitch correction feature on any hardware device. For the studio, it gives you so many options to sound as good as the world’s best mics and a lot more! Overall, I think it provides great value for the price of $499. The downside in my opinion is that it’s not so stage-friendly for singers and it’s also a bit bulky and on the heavier side compared to other vocal effects processors.

Key Features:

  • Co-developed with Antares Audio Technologies
  • Includes mic preamp, compression, EQ, de-essing, tube modeling
  • Antares’ famous Auto-Tune pitch correction with enhanced tracking and correction capabilities
  • Antares Microphone Modeling simulates a variety of high-end studio microphones with variable proximity effect
  • High-quality XLR mic input + phantom power
  • User-selectable scales
  • User-programmable settings
  • Dynamic MIDI control
  • 1/4″ footswitch input

10. TC Helicon VoiceTone Correct XT

TC Helicon VoiceTone Correct XT

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Estimated Price $270
Vocal Effects Processor Type Stompbox Processor
Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 5.25 x 5 x 1.5 inches

My Review: Another one of TC Helicon’s superstar vocal processor pedals, the VoiceTone Correct XT is the perfect processor for pitch-perfect smooth vocals. Matched with adaptive tone technology that provides compression and de-essing to your vocals in real-time.

It features TC Helicon’s auto-chromatic pitch correction which helps you reach the perfect pitch by providing a guide that you can sing along with, much like a metronome for tempo but with vocals! Another great thing about this model is that it provides the performer with a sense of safety with its intelligent anti-feedback, never letting you or the audience down.

The TC Helicon VoiceTone Correct XT is a stompbox pedal which is highly convenient for live applications. You also get the option to connect it to other VoiceTone pedals to create your unique sound. It’s compact and easy to use, perfect if you’re looking for simplicity in your vocal effects processor. At an affordable price, the VoiceTone Correct XT is a great option to keep in mind if you’re looking for basic features.

Who This is Best Suited for: If you’re looking to enhance your vocals without the hassle of navigating and operating a complicated vocal processor, then the VoiceTone Correct XT might be just what you need. If eliminating feedback and toning your vocals are your main focus points, this model checks all the boxes.

Bottom Line: The VoiceTone Correct XT is extremely easy to use and acts as a simple solution to live vocals. It’s affordable and comes with the main features that vocalists are after. While you shouldn’t overuse the dynamics knob to avoid unwanted feedback, the anti-feedback feature keeps that in check. Overall, it’s a reasonable product at a reasonable price.

Key Features:

  • Adaptive Tone
  • Intelligent Anti-Feedback
  • Auto-Chromatic Pitch Correction
  • Shape, Dynamics, & Pitch controls
  • Anti-Feedback, gate, and warmth on/off buttons
  • Gain reduction and pitch meters

11. Boss Acoustic Singer Effects Processor Pedal (VE-8)

Boss Acoustic Singer Effects Processor Pedal

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Estimated Price $300
Vocal Effects Processor Type Stompbox pedal
Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 25.59 x 9.09 x 13.78 inches

My Review: The Boss Acoustic Singer Effects Processor Pedal or as they call it, the VE-8 is the best vocal solution for singer/songwriters and vocalists who sing while playing the guitar. It acts as mic preamp as well as a great vocal and guitar effects pedal. High-quality BOSS sound processing comes coupled with natural harmonies, chromatic pitch correction, and multiple effects.

This processor gives you the option to manually choose your scale, or connect your acoustic guitar and let it automatically take over. The VE-8 features vocal doubling effects and hard-tune electronic vocal sounds to suit many applications.

The VE-8 is all you need if you’re a solo performer and the simple layout allows you to operate it with ease. Direct DAW recording over USB and an aux audio input for your phone make this vocal processor useful to record your song ideas or even for the studio.

The best thing is that the VE-8 connects to your guitar and “listens” to the chords so it can provide you with unmatched harmonies automatically. As for your guitar, the acoustic resonance and effects enhance your sound like no other.

Who This is Best Suited for: The Boss Acoustic Singer Effects Processor Pedal is your perfect companion if you sing and play the acoustic guitar. It’s a well-rounded processor that offers high-quality vocal effects and pitch correction, as well as many additions for your acoustic guitar.

Bottom Line: The VE-8 is an affordable vocal processor that provides multiple effects for vocals and acoustic guitar. It’s mainly geared towards singer/songwriters and acoustic artists. It offers high-quality harmonies, pitch correction, and a mic preamp. It has the option of phantom power for your dynamics or condensers and a USB connector for your DAW. Overall, it offers great value and quality for the price and I highly recommend it to any acoustic artist looking for a complete package.

Key Features:

  • Professional vocal preamp with onboard harmony, enhancement, and effects
  • Acoustic Resonance and effects for acoustic guitar
  • Reverb, distortion, and electronic sounds
  • BOSS Octave, Mod Delay, and Chorus pedal effects
  • 80-second looper keeps your live shows dynamic
  • Professional mic preamp with phantom power for both dynamics and condensers
  • Vocal harmonies in real-time by ‘listening’ to guitar chords
  • Chromatic pitch correction
  • Guitar tuner

12. Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer Multi-Effects Pedal

Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer Multi-Effects Pedal

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Estimated Price $264
Vocal Effects Processor Type Stompbox pedal
Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 6.25 x 6.81 x 2.25 inches

My Review: The Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer is an ultra-simple vocal effects processor for singers. With just a tap on the footswitch, you can access high-quality vocal effects and much more. The VE-20 offers beautiful harmonies and the option to layer them to give you vocalists a full sound. It also comes with a real-time pitch correction feature that gives any live singer the safety net they’re looking for.

This small compact vocal effects processor comes with popular effects such as distortion, radio, and strobe. A built-in loop phraser is also a sought out feature that you can find in the VE-20. It lets you

The VE-20 has been specifically designed to have a simple layout that’s easy to operate on stage. Its durability and small size allow you to take it just about anywhere, especially that it runs on both battery power and AC.

Who This is Best Suited for: If you’re looking for a durable and easy to use vocal effects processor, this is the one. It’s perfect for singers who want to operate their vocal pedal seamlessly on stage without the distraction of a hands-on system.

Bottom Line: The BOSS VE-20 is practical, easy to operate, and will last you many years! It gives you a wide range of vocal effects and they sound awesome. A stompbox means that it will be durable for stage usage. If you’re looking for more advanced looping settings, I recommend looking at other processors, however, the BOSS VE-20 is an overall great package at a greater price.

Key Features:

  • Specialized effects for vocalists include Harmony, Double-Track, Dynamics, Reverb, Delay, and more
  • 3-part harmonies and layers
  • Real-time pitch-correction tools
  • Special FX, including Distortion, Radio, and Strobe
  • Phrase Looper with 38 seconds (mono) of recording time
  • Phantom power for condenser microphones

13. Boss VE-2 Vocal Harmonist Multi-Effects Pedal

Boss VE-2 Vocal Harmonist Multi-Effects Pedal

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Estimated Price $220
Vocal Effects Processor Type Stompbox pedal
Weight 1.9 lbs
Dimensions 8.85 x 6.5 x 4.4 inches

My Review: The BOSS VE-2 Vocal Harmonist effects processor is the holy grail for singers. It’s designed to be easy to use and you don’t even have to have any knowledge of vocal effects or music theory. This processor creates beautiful and rich harmonies with or without plugging in your guitar. With your guitar, it uses the chords to determine the right harmonies, without the guitar you can simply enter the key you’re singing in, or you can just use a combination on both features!

What’s impressive about the VE-2, other than the price, is that it runs both on batteries and AC, with USB connectivity so you can record anything on the go! Three memory slots let you store and recall your favorite settings, and an aux input allows you to play your backing tracks and sign with them live.

Who This is Best Suited for: Singers who are looking for a vocal effects processor to give them perfect pitch and to create beautiful harmonies and layering on stage. The Boss VE-2 Vocal Harmonist is a singer’s magic vocal tool for the stage and the studio.

Bottom Line: The BOSS VE-2 gives you killer harmony options with or without connecting your guitar. It’s an easy pedal to operate onstage or to record in the studio. It comes with an amazing price for a full vocal solution tool that provides high-quality effects and harmonies to singers in any setting. This is easily one of the best vocal effects processors for the money.

Key Features:

  • Simple user interface – no need to understand the effects or music theory
  • Auto Harmony function – create harmonies by manually setting the key or by connecting your guitar
  • Hybrid mode creates harmonies based on both chords and the manual key setting
  • 24 harmony types (12 x 1- and 2-voice harmonies plus variations for fuller sounds)
  • Reverb, delay, and combination reverb + delay effects with a single knob
  • Enhance function automatically controls dynamics and lets you apply subtle pitch correction as you sing
  • Three memory slots let you store and quickly recall your favorite settings
  • XLR mic input with phantom power that’s available even when running on batteries
  • USB audio function lets you capture processed vocal sounds into your computer

14. Electro-Harmonix Voice Box Harmony Machine and Vocoder

Electro-Harmonix Voice Box Harmony Machine and Vocoder

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Estimated Price $230
Vocal Effects Processor Type Tabletop processor
Weight 1.95 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 7 x 3.5 inches

My Review: The Electro-Harmonix Voice Box Harmony Machine and Vocoder is known as “Backup singers in a box” for a good reason! This vocal effects processor is loaded with vocal effects, a built-in vocoder, and a harmony processor like no other. Hooked up to your instrument, the harmony processor creates 2- to 4-part harmonies directly from your vocals in real-time.

The Voice Box packs effects like reverb and even lets you dial in in “male” or “female” formants however you like! This one of a kind processor gives you nine presets that you can easily control with a footswitch. Perfect for the stage, easy to control and operate, and gives you countless harmony options, what more can a singer need?

Who This is Best Suited for: If you’re looking to have backup singers with you on stage, the voice box will not let you down. If your music is vocal-centered or requires many layers and harmonies, the voice box could be a great option for you.

Bottom Line: The Electro-Harmonix Voice Box Harmony Machine and Vocoder is an affordable vocal processor that offers a great range of harmony features. The footswitch lets you control the whole performance seamlessly without any distractions. Overall, it’s a good option to keep in mind if harmonies and vocal layering is your main focus.

Key Features:

  • Professional-quality pitch shifting algorithm produces realistic harmonies
  • Matches harmonies to any electric instrument you plug into it
  • Vocoder sounds
  • Nine accessible programmable presets
  • Natural Glissando
  • Gender Bender knob allows for male/female formant modification
  • Built-In mic pre with phantom power and gain switch

Choosing the Right Vocal Effects Processor (Buying Guide)

There are so many vocal effects processors available in the market and they come with different features, specs, and designs. To make the right purchase, you must first understand what each feature is about, how it can add to your vocals, and how to use it. I’ll be explaining all the different types in more detail in this buying guide, in addition to some frequently asked questions. That way you’ll have all the information required to confidently choose the vocal effects processor that best fits your vocal requirements.

What Is A Vocal Effects Processor?

A vocal effects processor is just like a guitar effects processor but for the voice, meaning, it adds effects like echo, delay, reverb, voice doubling, autotune, and more to your voice in real-time. A vocal effects processor lets you change your vocal character and make it sound however you want. This could be especially useful if you want your songs to sound exactly like vocally produced versions live.

You can use a vocal effects processor as backup singers, or as a live mix to your vocals. It lets you pitch correct your voice, add harmonies, double your voice, loop, the possibilities are endless with this magical device!

Who Should Buy A Vocal Effects Processor?

A vocal effects processor is the dream device for anyone who wants to incorporate some studio magic into their live performance. If your sound mix is part of your identity as an artist, then this device would be an integral part of your live performance. You’d be able to manipulate your vocal character in any way you like and add plenty of effects. Even so, if you’re a vocalist who is just looking to have a fuller voice, with harmonies, back up vocals, pitch correction, a vocal effects processor is your holy grail.

Vocal effects processors sometimes get a bad rep amongst vocalists and are sometimes said to be “cheating” during a live performance. I believe that they’re one of the most useful products to own as a singer. They’re always a great addition to any live performance, whether they’re used to make vocal character sound unique, or just used for some pitch correction. A good vocal mix is always a bonus in my view.

Some of the greatest singers and performers use vocal effects processors, those include Cher and T-pain. So to put that argument to bed, they are mostly used to enhance talent that’s already there, and not to substitute for lack of talent. Vocal effects processors provide a safety net for any vocalist during a live performance and ensure consistency throughout shows. All in all, it’s undeniably a worthy investment for any singer.

What Are The Main Features To Look Out For?

From my reviews, you can see that vocal effects processors come in so many different sizes, designs, and with so many features! It can be both overwhelming and confusing to tell the difference between them, especially those that are produced by the same brand. TC-Helicon for example has 15 different products that all look practically the same to someone who doesn’t fully understand the features.

Overall, you should be looking for one that has the effects you need and is also durable and portable. To help you figure out which vocal effects processor for you, here are some of the main features to look out for:


Adding harmonies to your vocals is one of the most important features in any vocal processor. Some processors allow you to plug in your guitar or instrument so they can use the chords you’re playing as an aid to produce the right vocal harmonies in real-time. The output sounds incredible as it uses the notes from the chords to produce the perfect harmonies with your melodies. This doesn’t require any manual interference, so if you play an instrument while you sing then this is an important feature to keep in mind.

The amount of harmonies and how much control you have over them is different from one vocal effects processor to the other. However, the best vocal effects processors always allow you to add multiple harmonies while singing.

Pitch Correction (AutoTune):

Pitch correction, or in other terms, “autotune”, is the most sought out feature by vocalists looking to buy a vocal effects processor. As you can already tell, this makes your vocals sound pitch-perfect. Pitch correction is such a useful feature to have as a vocalist because our voices are usually inconsistent from one day to another, so this feature acts as a safety net in both live and studio settings. This is useful for vocalists on tour who want their shows to sound perfect every time.

Despite the overuse of autotune by many artists, this feature enhances your overall sound and makes vocals sound more professional and even, acting as a tuning base for any additional effects! Vocal effects processors have different features for pitch correction, but the more it lets you control the tuning, the better-customized sound output you’ll have.


Looping is an extremely fun feature to have in your vocal processor. I’m sure you’ve seen guitarists looping rhythm and then playing lead over their rhythms. Well, this is the same feature except you’ll be using it with your vocals instead!

This feature lets you record vocal parts so you can loop them and sing over them, how awesome is that? To be honest, this is one of my favorite features I’d be looking forward to using for fun, if not live. Being able to loop vocals live gives you an added uniqueness to your live performance, which can set you apart from other singers. This feature gives you endless possibilities of layering, harmonizing, and just going completely out of the box!


For most vocalists, a normal XLR connection should do it. However, if you also play an instrument and want to connect it to your vocal effects processor to sing and play at the same time then you’d need dedicated inputs/outputs depending on your instrument. This is something to keep in mind while choosing the vocal processor that would fit your use.

Other Effects:

Vocal effects processors vary in terms of added effects. Some come with more effects than others so it depends on what you need. The most basic vocal processors offer main effects like delay, reverb, and looping. The more advanced vocal processors offer control over compression, EQ, reverb, delay, distortion, radio, vocoder, synth, etc.

If you’re looking to go wild with your vocal effects processor, then I suggest going for one that comes with many effects as well as one that allows advanced control over them. If you’re just buying it for the pitch correction and basic features, then a more simple one would be more than enough for you!

Another important feature to keep in mind is the guitar effect. If you sing and play at the same time, this makes it easier to have all your effects in one device and won’t require you to have a separate pedal for your guitar. It’s perfect if you want to buy only one pedal (a multi-effect) as you’d be getting the most value for your buck.

What Are The Different Types Of Vocal Effects Processors?

Choosing the best vocal effects processor for you depends on how you intend on using it. Ask yourself these questions before you make your purchase. What does your live setup look like? Will you be playing any instruments while singing or will you just be singing and free-handed? Do you have a DJ setup? or maybe you’ll be using your vocal effects processor in the studio? Asking yourself these questions determines which type of vocal processor is right for you. There are mainly three types:

Stand Mountable:

The stand mountable type of vocal processors is perfect if you’re a vocalist not playing any instruments. With this type, you can easily mount it on your mic stand and have control of operating the device and switching between effects using your hands during your performance. If you’re sure you won’t be playing any other instruments during your live setup, and won’t be distracted with switching and launching effects, then, by all means, this is a great option for you!


The tabletop vocal processor type is just as it sounds, to be placed on top of a table. Whether you’re a DJ, live producer, or a performer of some sort, or you just simply want to buy one for your studio, a tabletop processor is a perfect choice for you. This won’t work for you if you’ll have your hands occupied with playing another instrument at the same time, it also won’t attach to a mic stand, it’s simply a tabletop.

Both the tabletop and stand mountable vocal processor designs are great if you won’t be distracted with pushing buttons and switching between effects during a performance or in the studio, however, if this is something that would take away from your performance, then the next option should be the best fit for you.

Stompbox (Pedal-controlled):

On the bright side, if you’re someone who plays an instrument, or even play with a band, a “Stompbox” vocal effects processor is the best option for you. This type is a pedal processor that you “stomp” with your foot. It allows you to connect your guitar which is awesome if you’re singing and playing at the same time.

Because it’s connected to your guitar, it basically “reads” the chords you play and harmonizes your vocals using the chord notes, which is incredible in my point of view! This is a popular type of vocal effects processor as it allows the performer to multitask and not get distracted. On the other hand, it takes a little bit of time and skill to get familiar with the multiple switches and to make sure your foot is hitting the right ones during a live performance.

Another great thing about this type of vocal effects processor is that it can also come with guitar effects, so instead of having a separate pedal for your guitar, you can get a vocal processor that acts as an all-in-one multi-effect pedal.

Another tip, if you’re set on buying a stompbox vocal effects processor, is to make sure it fits your guitar type as well. Some processors can connect to acoustic guitars, and others to electric guitars. Pay attention to this so you don’t end up with one that isn’t made to connect with your guitar.

General Things To Keep in Mind

Whatever vocal effects processor or multi-effect pedal you end up choosing, it’s important to keep in mind one main thing. The more you have control over your effects and their levels and how well they blend, the better the vocal effects processor will perform for you. It’s always important to be able to modify and customize settings based on your needs than to be stuck with basic settings that won’t aid in creating your unique sound. Focus on the main features that you need depending on your setup, performance type, and venue, and if it comes with extra effects and features then great! This should be your main focus while choosing the right vocal effects processor.

Another very important thing to think about is the size and durability of your vocal effects processor of choice. This is a priority if you’ll be touring and playing multiple shows, you’ll need something that holds up on the road. However, if you’ll just be getting it for the studio then you have more flexibility regarding size, weight, and durability.

Don’t be afraid to invest in your vocal effects processor. It’s better to invest in an advanced multi-effect pedal than to get one now and end up having to buy multiple ones for different purposes down the road. Long term, you’ll be saving yourself some money and the hassle of having to operate multiple pedals and processors at the same time!

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