15 Best Classical Guitar Strings (Nylon) in 2022

Picking the right set of classical guitar strings can play a crucial role in shaping how your guitar sounds, plays, and feels. This is why it’s important that you choose the right option that perfectly matches your playing preferences, and we’re here to help you do just that!

Best Nylon / Classical Guitar Strings (Featured Image)

After testing dozens of strings we’ve put together a list of the best classical guitar strings at each price point and shared why recommend them. To make it as complete as possible, we’ve included a vibrant variety of options at each price point. So scroll down to find the perfect set of nylon guitar strings that match your budget, playing technique, and preferred tone and sound.

Name of ProductImage of ProductDescriptionPrice RangeFull Review
1. D'Addario EJ45 Pro-Arte (Best Value)D'Addario EJ45 Pro-Arte Normal Tension Classical Guitar StringsBass Strings Material: Silver-plated wound
Treble String Material: Clear nylon
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2. D'Addario EJ46C Pro-Arte (Highest Rated)D'Addario EJ46C Pro-Arte Composite Classical Guitar StringsBass Strings Material: Silverplated, Copper wound, Composite
Treble String Material: Clear nylon, Composite 3rd
$13Read Full Review Below
3. D'Addario EJ27 Strings (Budget Pick)D'Addario EJ27H Student Nylon Classical Guitar StringsBass Strings Material: Silver-plated copper wound
Treble String Material: Clear nylon
$7Read Full Review Below
4. Augustine Classic Blue StringsAugustine Classic Blue setBass Strings Material: Silver Plated Copper Wound
Treble String Material: Clear Nylon
$13Read Full Review Below
5. Ernie Ball 2409 Ernesto Palla Nylon Ball EndErnie Ball 2409 Ernesto Palla Nylon Ball EndBass Strings Material: Multifilament Nylon, Silver-plated copper
Treble String Material: Solid Monofilament Clear Nylon
$6Read Full Review Below
6. LaBella 2001LaBella 2001 Medium Tension Classical Guitar StringsBass Strings Material: Silver-plated wound
Treble String Material: Clear nylon 202
$11Read Full Review Below
7. Martin M160 Classical Ball Ended StringsMartin M160 Classical Hard Tension SilverplatedBass Strings Material: Crystal nylon, silver plated
Treble String Material: Crystal nylon, silver plated
$6Read Full Review Below
8. Fender 130 Clear Silver Ball End StringsFender 130 Clear/Silver Classical Nylon Guitar StringsBass Strings Material: Silver Wound Nylon
Treble String Material: Plain Nylon
$10Read Full Review Below
9. Savarez Corum Alliance 500AJSavarez Corum Alliance 500AJ High Tension Classical Guitar StringsBass Strings Material: Corum Polished Silver Wound Nylon Core
Treble String Material: KF Alliance Carbon
$20Read Full Review Below
10. Savarez 540R Classical Guitar StringsSavarez 540R Classical Guitar Strings Normal TensionBass Strings Material: HT Classic Silver Plated Wound
Treble String Material: KF Alliance Carbon Composite
$20Read Full Review Below
11. Savarez 510 MJ (STSAV51-50403)Savarez Classical Guitar Strings 510 MJBass Strings Material:  Cantiga – Silver-Plated Copper Wound
Treble String Material: Alliance Carbon Fiber 1st E and 2nd B
$20Read Full Review Below
12. Savarez Traditional White Card 520BSavarez Traditional White Card 520B Light Tension Classical Guitar StringsBass Strings Material: Traditional Silver Wound Copper
Treble String Material: Rectified ‘Crystal’ Nylon
$12Read Full Review Below
13. Augustine Classical Guitar StringsAugustine Classical Guitar StringsBass Strings Material: Silver Plated Copper
Treble String Material: Cristal Nylon
$12Read Full Review Below
14. D'Addario EJ25B Pro-Arte Black Nylon Composite FlamencoD'Addario EJ25B Pro-Arte Black Nylon CompositeTreble Strings Material: Black Nylon
Bass String Material: Uncoated Silver-Plated Copper
$15Read Full Review Below
15. Augustine Classic/Gold StringsAugustine AUGGOLDSET Classic/Gold Nylon Classical Guitar StringsBass Strings Material: Silver-Plated Copper Wound
Treble String Material: Crystal Nylon
$10Read Full Review Below

Here Are the Best Classical Guitar Strings

1. D’Addario EJ45 Pro-Arte (Best Value)

D'Addario EJ45 Pro-Arte Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings

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Estimated Price: $10

Bass Strings Material: Silver-plated wound
Treble String Material: Clear nylon
Gauge: .028-.0322-.0403-.029-.035-.043
Tension: Medium / Normal Tension

My Review: There’s plenty to like about EJ45 Pro-Arte, D’Addario’s wildly popular classical set, with its fantastic tone, easy playability, and excellent projection. The clear nylon trebles are sorted using a computer-controlled laser to give its users the highest quality and truest sound that these strings are so well known for. The strings are semi-polished with a flattened wire surface for a comfortable feel and to reduce any finger noise squeaks. The EJ45 strings come with medium tension making for easier and more balanced playing. With a pocket-pleasing price, exceptional quality, and playability, these strings are a smart pick for beginners or anyone looking for a great value.

String Material: When you are buying D’Addario strings, you know you are getting the finest quality product. The strings are made using the brand’s advanced polymer extrusion process while being continuously measured by two-axis lasers to give you a set that has accurate intonation and string tension. The EJ45 trebles are made with in-house clear nylon, while the basses use multi-filament nylon, which is wound with silver-plated copper. The resulting tone is rich, warm, with consistent, precise intonation. The strings are tie-end like most classical strings and arrive in nifty packaging to protect them from rust, dirt, and corrosion.

String Gauge and Tension: The D’Addario EJ45 Pro-Arte nylon classical strings have gauges that go from .028 to .043, the treble E to G is .028-.0322-.0403, and for bass D to E- .029-.035-.043 inches. As we mentioned before, the string tension is normal, which is great for learners as they make for breezy playing and suit every style and genre.

String Tone and Sound: D’Addario’s budget-friendly strings deliver outstanding sound quality, as is expected from its trusted makers. The laser-controlled clear nylon trebles offer exceptional tonal clarity, with basses adding warmth. The resulting sound is well-blended and versatile. The overall tone you get is balanced, responsive with a dynamic range. While normal tension strings lack the volume to be played unamplified for a crowd, they will not let you down in an intimate solo performance. These are easily some of the best nylon guitar strings on the market right now, especially for the money!

2. D’Addario EJ46C Pro-Arte (Highest Rated)

D'Addario EJ46C Pro-Arte Composite Classical Guitar Strings

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Estimated Price: $13

Bass Strings Material: Silverplated, Copper wound, Composite
Treble String Material: Clear nylon, Composite 3rd
Gauge: .0285-.0327- .0410-.030-.036-.044 inches
Tension: Normal or Hard or Extra Hard Tension

My Review: D’Addario EJ46 strings are one of the brand’s best-selling hard tension composite sets, which has won hearts for its bold, rich tone and dynamic projection. Part of the acclaimed Pro-Arte series, these nylon classical strings are made with premium quality materials and perfectly designed. They are expertly manufactured with great precision to provide the players with a full-bodied and precise tone. In short, the EJ46C like its cousins offers top-notch quality, great tone, and durability. The set features two G strings, a traditional Pro-Arte, an alternate composite string for enhanced projection, and a smoother transition from the trebles to basses. With such a fantastic tone, impressive projection, and longevity, it is not surprising why these strings are so popular.

String Material: The EJ46C trebles are laser sorted to produce a consistent set of strings with accurate tension and precise intonation. The treble strings are made of clear nylon. The set features an additional 3rd/G string made of composite material, which is denser and stronger than nylon. This string acts as a bridge between the trebles and basses while providing a well-blended sound with greater projection. The bass strings are silver-plated copper wound on an in-house multifilament stranded core material, which lasts longer than traditional classical strings. The overall tone you get is warm, powerful, and long-lasting. These strings are traditional tie-end and come in environmentally friendly rust-free protective packaging. These well-made strings will last on your guitar for a really long time.

String Gauge and Tension: String gauge and tension affect not just the instrument’s playability but also its volume and tone. The EJ46C Pro-Arte features heavier gauges with trebles at .0285-.0327- .0410 and basses .030-.036-.044 inches in diameter. The harder tension of this set provides increased resistance and volume without compromising on the tone.

String Tone and Sound: D’Addario has combined clear nylon treble strings with silver-plated copper wound composite basses to give its players a full-range tone with precise intonation. The volume and projection are exceptional, thanks to the higher tension of these strings. In short, the Pro-Arte composite strings deliver a powerful, warm, and long-lasting tone that will work well in any performance, live, or studio. These are hands down some of the best strings that I’ve ever tested.

3. D’Addario EJ27 (Budget Pick)

D'Addario EJ27 Guitar Strings

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Estimated Price: $7

Bass Strings Material: Silver-plated copper wound
Treble String Material: Clear nylon
Gauge: .0285-.0327-.0409-.030-.036-.044 inches
Tension: Normal or Hard Tension

My Review: Produced by the leading and most revered manufacturer of guitar strings and accessories, D’Addario, the EJ27H nylon strings boast impressive tone and remarkable affordability. The set contains three clear nylon trebles and three silver-plated copper wound bass strings, which render a well-balanced tone with good projection. While we are reviewing the hard tension variant, the EJ27H strings are also available in normal-tension for full and ¾ and ½ scale guitars. These bang for the bucks, student-grade nylon strings can be picked up by anyone looking for a reliable performance with a long-lasting tone.

String Material: This hard tension set’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd strings have been made with clear nylon, a material popular for producing a smooth tone with a nice balance of brightness and warmth. The EJ27H’s multifilament nylon bass strings are wrapped in silver-plated copper for enhanced durability. These nylon strings have plain tie-ends, and therefore, new learners might need to check out some tutorials on how to feed them through the hole and knot them before use. We love that these highly economical strings come in eco-friendly, corrosion-resistant packaging to keep them in fresh and perfect condition when opened. Like all other D’Addario strings, these too have been designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA.

String Gauge and Tension: Nylon strings come in non-linear gauges, unlike steel ones which go up linearly, with high E having the smallest diameter. The gauges of these nylon strings from the thinnest to the fattest E are .0285-.0327-.0409-.030-.036-.044 inches. These heavy gauge strings clubbed with hard tension produce a significant volume with more sustain and lesser fret buzz. These high tension strings are great for heavy strumming and attack but can be a tad difficult to master. For those who are just starting out, we recommend the model’s normal tension variant as they are easier to play.

String Tone and Sound: The Clear nylon trebles have been paired with silver-plated copper wound bass strings to offer its players a well-balanced tone with ample projection. With higher tension, these strings give out a loud and consistent sound. All in all, this set will work well with most classical genres.

4. Augustine Classic Blue Strings (Editor’s Choice)

Augustine Classic Blue set

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Estimated Price: $13

Bass Strings Material: Silver Plated Copper Wound
Treble String Material: Clear Nylon
Gauge: .028-.032-.040-.0305-.036-.045
Tension: High Tension

My Review: We just had to round up the list with one more star from the good ol’ Augustine camp, and what better way to do it than talk about the Augustine Classic Blue High Tension strings. This set of strings are fashioned in the original style of Augustine strings that the legendary classical guitarist Andre Segovia used to use, so you can be sure of a great tone and playability with these beauties. Made with clear nylon trebles and silver-plated copper wound nylon bass strings, these strings have impressive tone quality, consistency as well as quite a dependable intonation, which is more than you can say for some of the other high tension strings on the market. At such a pocket-friendly price point, they are definitely a good bang for the buck, if you ask us.

String Material: The treble strings of the Classic Blues are made from clear nylon, while the bass strings are made from silver-plated copper that’s been wound up around a nylon core. As a result, you get comfort and excellent playability. These are tie-ins instead of ball-ends, so it looks like they’ve stuck to tradition here as well.

String Gauge and Tension: The gauge for the E1-B2-G3 treble strings is .028-.032-.0404, while the gauge for the D4-A5-E6 bass strings is .0305-.036-.045. Since these are Augustine Classic Blues, they’re high tension ( the blue color of their packs signals high tension strings). But what’s impressive is that they let you enjoy all the benefits of high tension strings like a louder volume, great responsiveness, and attack, and also do away with the drawbacks that come with high tension strings with precise intonation and comfortable playability.

String Tone and Sound: Expect full, low bass notes and clear as day high notes with this set – you’ll get a bright, well-balanced, and rich that’s versatile enough to suit a variety of playing styles. You’ll notice clear, sustaining treble notes shine through beautifully, supported by impressive projection. In my opinion, these are some of the best classical guitar strings on the market right now.

5. Ernie Ball 2409 Ernesto Palla Nylon Ball End

Ernie Ball 2409 Ernesto Palla Nylon Ball End

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Estimated Price: $6

Bass Strings Material: Multifilament Nylon, Silver-plated copper
Treble String Material: Solid Monofilament Clear Nylon
Gauge: .028-.032-.040-.030-.036-.042
Tension: Normal / Medium Tension

My Review: Ernie Ball 2409 Ernesto Palla is a fine set of innovatively designed strings to give its players an outstanding tone and high performance at a great price. The strings are made of solid monofilament clear nylon which has an exceptionally smooth feel and will last a really long time. The basses are made from silver-plated copper wrapped over a multifilament nylon core. The tone produced by this combination is rich and vibrantly clear. As the name suggests, the brand specializes in producing ball-end strings, ideal for students or anyone wishing to avoid the tedious re-stringing process. The modern ball ends make these strings compatible with a wide range of instruments.

String Material: The treble strings are made from solid nylon monofilament, which is smooth and highly durable. The 4th, 5th, and 6th strings utilize silver-plated copper-wound around a nylon multifilament for added strength. The quality material used in treble-bass pairing produces a clear, complex tone that is also rich and warm. All six 2409 Ernesto Palla strings come with ball ends, making them easy to fit as well as re-string. Also, this highly affordable set arrives in a protective airtight pouch to secure freshness.

String Gauge and Tension: It is not hard to see why Ernie Ball is the top choice of strings for contemporary players and beginners. They are incredibly easy to play and designed to last. The 2409 Ernesto Palla strings offer its players medium string tension, which provides balanced projection. It is ideal to master medium tension strings before moving up to higher tension, which requires more technique and hand strength. The string gauges of the 2409 set are .028-.032-.040-.030- .036-.042 inches will suit all styles.

String Tone and Sound: The 2409 Ernesto Palla strings produce a clear and balanced tone thanks to the clear nylon trebles. The multifilament silver plated copper wrapped basses make the overall tone smooth, rich, and warm. The sound you end up with will work well with a variety of musical genres.

6. LaBella 2001

LaBella 2001 Medium Tension Classical Guitar Strings

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Estimated Price: $11

Bass Strings Material: Silver-plated wound
Treble String Material: Clear nylon 202
Gauge: .029-.0335-.041-.0285-.035-.0415
Tension: Medium / Normal Tension

My Review: La Bella 2001 Medium Tension strings are inarguably the most popular from the brand’s concert series. The family-owned brand has been making stellar strings for over four centuries and is the top choice for many world-renowned classical musicians. With their well-balanced tone, powerful projection, comfortable playing feel, and a wallet-friendly price to boot, these strings are an impressive mix of quality and affordability. These classical strings are quite flexible, making them pretty responsive and sensitive to subtle tonal changes. You also get easy vibrato at the slightest of left-hand movements. Furthermore, these medium tension strings are incredibly easy to play, making them ideal for guitarists of all proficiency levels.

String Material: Years of thorough research and development have been poured into producing the 2001 classical strings. The set delivers brilliantly on most classical guitarists’ core requirements, which are tonal clarity, responsiveness, and sustain while capturing the subtlest of nuances. The 2001 treble strings have been made using nylon 202 for enhanced aural transparency and projection. The basses are silver-plated for a more balanced and long-lasting tone. We love that these strings come with modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) to prevent any discoloration, keeping them in a super fresh condition when opened.

String Gauge and Tension: The clear nylon trebles have a string gauge range of .029-.0335-.041, while the silver-plated wound basses gauges are .0285-.035-.0415 inches. The classical string gauges differ minimally from one another, which is not the case with steel strings of acoustic guitar. However, it is the tension that is the more critical factor for classical nylon strings. The 2001 strings have medium tension and, in conjunction with the silver-plated wound, basses provide a clean, rounded, and well-balanced tone covering both highs and lows. The medium tension also ensures that the players get a breezy playing experience.

String Tone and Sound: The strings produce a perfectly balanced tone with a good blend of warmth and brightness and great sustain. You will enjoy playing these responsive, sensitive strings that produce vibrato at the slightest of left-hand movements. The 2001 strings offer a great sound with excellent clarity and consistent projection, and that too at an easy on the pockets price. Now that’s quite a deal in our book!

7. Martin M160 Classical Ball Ended Strings

Martin M160 Classical Hard Tension Silverplated

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Estimated Price: $6

Bass Strings Material: Crystal nylon, silver plated
Treble String Material: Crystal nylon, silver plated
Gauge: .028-.032-.040-.030-.035-.043

My Review: When it’s a Martin guitar or string set, you know you are getting the best quality, performance, and tone. Martin strings are renowned for their rich tones, clarity, and durability. The M160 fits this bill with all the classic Martin qualities available to its players at a very affordable price. We couldn’t ask for more! The silver plating on these strings makes them more durable and corrosion-resistant. These strings come with ball ends which makes the re-stringing process way quicker than the traditional tie-on ends. Anyone scouting for a set of classical strings with a good tone, ball ends, and a cheap price tag can’t go wrong with the M160.

String Material: These classical guitar strings have a silver-plated wrap wire around a durable stranded nylon core to offer its players a comfortable feel, excellent tuning stability, and an articulate tone. The silver plating helps produce a more traditional sound while making the strings more resistant to corrosion and long-lasting. The strings feature ball ends, which is great for those who are new to using nylon strings or classical guitars and want zero-hassles when it comes to setting them through the bridge. The ball ends fare better on acoustic-electric guitars as the strings’ angle vis-a-vis bridge takes them closer to the piezo pickup, producing a better sound.

String Gauge and Tension: The string gauges of M160 from highest to lowest E are .028-.032-.040-.030-.035-.043 inches. We liked the projection of these higher tension strings, especially while strumming. Fretting them may take some getting used to for beginners, but more experienced players would have a blast playing them! Those seeking comfort and easy playability shouldn’t worry as the model has a normal tension variant to choose from as well.

String Tone and Sound: Martin has silver-plated these crystal nylon strings for a warm, clear tone which is well suited to classical pieces. They have excellent tuning stability and a bold projection brought about by the harder tension of the strings. With such exceptional quality at a pocket-friendly price, these strings sure are a steal!

8. Fender 130 Clear Silver Ball End Strings

Fender 130 Clear/Silver Classical Nylon Guitar Strings

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Estimated Price: $10

Bass Strings Material: Silver Wound Nylon
Treble String Material: Plain Nylon
Gauge: .028-.029-.032-.035-.040-.043
Tension: Regular/Medium Tension

My Review: The Fender 100 series has built a reputation for itself over the years as being solid, dependable, and easy to play. With the Fender 130, they’ve brought out silver wound bass strings and clear nylon treble strings. Together, this medium-tension set offers comfort, playability and a balanced, all-round sound that will suit classical and folk guitar players of all skill levels. Finally, the reasonable price point also adds to the appeal. If you’re looking for a set of versatile, fuss-free strings that don’t break the bank, then these are worth taking a look at.

String Material: The treble strings of this set are made from plain nylon – offering smooth playability and a balanced sound. Meanwhile, the bass strings are made from pure silver-wound nylon core. Using pure silver is something unique here since most brands use silver-plated copper for their bass strings. But using pure silver boosts playability and also reduced any finger noise. You also have the option to buy either ball-ends or tie-ins, depending on what you’re comfortable with.

String Gauge and Tension: The gauge of the E1-B2-G3 treble strings is .028-.029-.032, while the gauge for the D4-A5-E6 bass strings is .035-.040-.043. These are medium tension strings, which is the best of both worlds – you get a decent volume as well as a high degree of comfort to play smoothly.

String Tone and Sound: The Fender 130s have a warm and clear tone with a good degree of projection that will travel decently. The clarity of notes is quite noticeable, while you’ll also get a lot of sustain. Thanks to the pure silver wound bass strings, any unwanted finger sounds are cut off, while adding to the note and tonal clarity.

9. Savarez Corum Alliance 500AJ

Savarez Corum Alliance 500AJ High Tension Classical Guitar Strings

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Estimated Price: $20

Bass Strings Material: Corum Polished Silver Wound Nylon Core
Treble String Material: KF Alliance Carbon
Gauge: .025-.028-.034-.030-.036-.044
Tension: Hard /High Tension

My Review: Savarez has been the leading makers of strings for over two centuries now! Guitar players worldwide swear by the brand’s time-tested quality, playability, and outstanding tone when choosing strings for their classical guitars. Part of the Corum Alliance 500 series, the 500AJ features KF Alliance carbon trebles and extremely flexible Corum basses which are silver plate-wound. The sound you get is rich, pure, with plenty of volume. Players whose styles require higher string tension for consistent playability and note attack should give this set a go.

String Material: The 500AJ set has KF Alliance trebles which are carbon-fiber composite that is resistant to fraying. This pick of material has a gut-string style feel with enhanced lifespan and minimal fret buzz. The set features innovative Corum basses that are extremely flexible and rich sounding yet retain accuracy and responsiveness similar to stiffer strings. Basically, best of both worlds. These unique basses are constructed with silver-plated wrap wire wound around the nylon core and are easier to play than traditional strings. The silver plating also makes them corrosion resistant and smooth to touch.

String Gauge and Tension: Savarez Corum Alliance 500AJ is a high tension set that makes them louder with a soft, warm tone. Typically, higher tension strings put more strain on the guitar, so avoid using them with older instruments. Those of you who are new learners should consider starting out with 500AJ’s normal tension variant for greater ease of play and then slowly move up to higher tension. The treble gauges from E to G are .025-.028-.034, and the bass gauges are .030-.036-.044 inches.

String Tone and Sound: The Alliance treble strings have great levels of tensile strength and elasticity, add to that a consistent core and you get a tone that is rich with a powerful projection. The sound remains remarkably clear at every position, even the very high ones. Savarez has employed advanced Corum basses for a perfect blend of extreme flexibility as well as a fast response li which is hard to find in other stiffer strings. T bass strings y produce a sound that is richer and warmer as well as highly nuanced.

10. Savarez 540R Classical Guitar Strings

Savarez 540R Classical Guitar Strings Normal Tension

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Estimated Price: $20

Bass Strings Material: HT Classic Silver Plated Wound
Treble String Material: KF Alliance Carbon Composite
Gauge: .024-.027-.033-.029-.034-.043
Tension: Normal/ Medium Tension

My Review: The next set of strings we review are the best in class, highly rated standard tension nylon classical strings produced by Savarez. The reputed brand has been making reliable, great-sounding, and consistently playable strings for over two and half centuries. Savarez’s 540R are premium quality strings featuring plain, monofilament fluorocarbon trebles and silverplate-wound basses. These normal-tension composite strings are bright, loud, and snappy with an excellent projection. Although they are on the pricier end, consider the money you pay as a small investment towards quality, longevity, and consistency. Perfect for all, be a guitar hobbyist, or virtuoso, these strings are a great pick.

String Material: The classical string set boasts well-designed trebles made from KF Alliance fluorocarbon thinner material which is an excellent choice for a well- nuanced, crystal clear tone with a balanced volume. The HT Classic nylon basses are silver polished-wound offering a stiff, powerful tone with a dynamic range of overtones. The basses provide a good amount of resistance under fingers, making them perfect for a controlled and fast attack. The material employed in the strings is of superior quality, making them long-lasting and corrosion-resistant. The 540R strings are tie-end and also available in longer lengths for long-scaled guitars.

String Gauge and Tension: The trebles E1-B2-G3 gauges are .024-.027-.033, and the basses D4-A5-E6 are .029-.034-.043 inches. The strings come with normal-tension giving its users a balanced playing experience that suits most playing styles and musical genres. These strings are also preferred by Flamenco players who play an aggressive attack, which is a testament to the set’s versatility. Those who prefer higher tension or a blend of both can go for high and mixed tension variants of the model.

String Tone and Sound: For those of you who want their classical guitar strings to sound bright, snappy, and clear, then Savarez 540R is definitely worth exploring. The carbon trebles do well in capturing nuances with a crystal clear tone, with the basses adding the punch and power to the overall sound. These time-tested, high-quality strings have been winning hearts for their responsive, articulated sound while providing a consistent playing experience.

11. Savarez 510 MJ (STSAV51-50403)

Savarez Classical Guitar Strings 510 MJ

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Estimated Price: $20

Bass Strings Material: Cantiga – Silver-Plated Copper Wound, Multifilament Nylon Core
Treble String Material: Alliance Carbon Fiber 1st E and 2nd B, New Crystal Clear Nylon 3rd G
Gauge: 030-.034-.034-.030-.036-.044
Tension: High Tension

My Review: The Savarez Classical 510 MJ Guitar Strings are part of the brand’s Creation Cantiga Series, which are specially crafted for exceptionally rich projection and playability, both for recordings as well as live performances. Thanks to thoughtfully crafting the strings with the right materials, they’ve managed to achieve impressive consistency and overall balance amongst all strings – fixing one of the biggest complaints that classical guitarists seem to have with their strings – about the G string being a little dull compared to others. This set is surely pricier than others on the list, but given its durability, ease of playing, and material quality, it’s worth the price.

String Material: The Savarez 510MJ has crafted the 1st E and the 2nd B treble strings with Alliance carbon fiber, which is a durable material that mimics the properties and elasticity of gut strings – producing high volume and a punchy sound. Meanwhile, the 4th G is crafted from crystal clear nylon, which is super smooth to play and beautifully balances brightness and warmth for a full-bodied sound that doesn’t sound dull. Finally, the 3 bass strings are made from the brand’s proprietary ‘Cantiga’ type of combination – which essentially is made up of a multifilament nylon core that is wrapped up with a silver-plated copper wrap wire. These are tie-in strings and don’t have ball-ends.

String Gauge and Tension: The 510MJ E1-B2-G3 treble gauges are .030-.034-.034 and the D4-A5-E6 gauges are .030-.036-.044. These are high tension strings, which gives them a lot of projection and responsiveness. But we really like the fact that these strings both sound AND feel impressively smooth and consistent to play on. Of course, being high tension strings, you may have to break them in for a couple of days before you get completely comfortable on them.

String Tone and Sound: You’ll get plenty of volume with this set of high tension strings, as well as a quick response that makes it ideal for both strumming as well as fast solo passages. We especially like the balanced, rich tone and the evenness of sound – thanks to the intelligent use of materials for the treble and bass strings. The enhanced overtones are the final cherry on top.

12. Savarez Traditional White Card 520B

Savarez Traditional White Card 520B Light Tension Classical Guitar Strings

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Estimated Price: $12

Bass Strings Material: Traditional Silver Wound Copper
Treble String Material: Rectified ‘Crystal’ Nylon
Gauge: .026-0.32 -.039 -.029 -.033-.041
Tension: Low/ Light Tension

My Review: The Savarez Traditional 520B strings have managed to capture the old, warm, vintage classical sound within them, which is becoming somewhat difficult to find in the contemporary classical guitar strings of today. This quality is mainly thanks to the use of rectified nylon as the primary String Material:, which gives its tone the raw, gritty edge. With dynamic trebles and rich, deep bass, these strings deliver a beautifully warm tone that is quite versatile. Given its responsiveness, pocket-friendly price point, and unique tonal quality, we’d say these make for quite a steal.

String Material: For the Savarez 520Bs, the real stars of the show are the treble strings that are crafted from rectified nylon. These types of strings are well-known for their mellow and warm tonal texture and playability, thanks to their unique unpolished finish. And it is exactly this warm and mellow quality that they bring to this set of strings as well. The rectified nylon also gives the treble strings an interesting texture, which is unlike the usual smoothness of the clear nylon. Some players find this texture quite comfortable and grippier to play on vis a vis clear nylon, so it’s a good idea to try them! Meanwhile, the bass strings are made from traditional, silver-wound copper strings over multifilament nylon. These strings don’t come with ball-ends and have to be tied into the bridge. But, being light tension strings, you’ll find it quite easy to do so both for the bass and the treble strings.

String Gauge and Tension: The gauge for the E1-B2-G3 treble strings is .026 – 0.32 – .039, while for the D4-A5-E6 bass strings is 029 -.033-.041. Being light tension strings, the 520Bs are quite smooth and comfortable to play on both for beginners and experienced players alike. Moreover, the light tension doesn’t take a toll on your guitar’s body either, even if you use them for long durations of time. The rectified nylon texture of the treble strings gives the players immense control over the vibrato and stability.

String Tone and Sound: The fact that these strings are low tension, plus with rectified nylon trebles gives them a very unique tone that is very dynamic but also warm and almost antique in its tonal character. Plus, it also cuts back on the overtones and gives you a true and clear tone and pitch while playing. Meanwhile, the bass strings have an impressively deep, soft, and warm tone. Together, what you get is an impressively responsive and dynamic sound with a warmth that will take you back to vintage recordings of classical performances.

13. Augustine Classical Guitar Strings

Augustine Classical Guitar Strings

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Estimated Price: $12.22

Bass Strings Material: Silver Plated Copper
Treble String Material: Cristal Nylon
Gauge: .028-.032-.040-.0285-.0325-.0435
Tension: Light Tension Bass Strings, Regular Tension Treble Strings

My Review: Augustine Classical Strings have been around since the late 1940s, and their classic black set has been a staple for classical guitarists for decades upon decades now. So it’s no wonder that the brand’s Classic Black, Low Tension Strings are still wildly popular and have made it to this list. With the brand’s cristal nylon being used to make the trebles and traditional silver-plated copper for basses, this set is widely considered to be one of the most dependable, durable, playable, and best-sounding low tension strings in the market. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, you’ll find playing on them quite an effortless task. Paired with its reasonable price point, they definitely appear to be worth the investment.

String Material: The construction and craftsmanship of the Classic Blacks by Augustine have stayed the same over the years, and that’s why you can be sure of consistent quality every time. Its treble strings are made from the brand’s proprietary ‘cristal nylon’, which is a clearer and slightly more rigid formulation – which makes for ultimate playability and responsiveness. Meanwhile, the bass strings are crafted from silver-plated copper that has been wound over multifilament nylon for a sweet, warmer tone. These strings don’t have loop or ball ends, so you’ll have to tie them the traditional way in the bridge.

String Gauge and Tension: The gauge of the E1-B2-G3 treble strings is .028-.032-.040, while that of the D4-A5-E6 bass strings is .0285-.0325-.0435. With regard to tension, its treble strings are regular tension, while the bass strings are low tension strings – together, they’re extremely responsive and smooth to play on, making them accessible to musicians of all skill levels and playing styles. You’ll also notice a strong consistency in both how the strings sound as well as feel while playing.

String Tone and Sound: The Classic Blacks by Augustine bring out a mellow, warm, and full-bodied tone and sound from your guitar. You’ll find lots of sweetness as well as sustain in them, and surprisingly punchy vibrato. Even though they’re low tension strings, they allow you to play quite loud as well as quite softly without having to sacrifice your tone at any point. Because of this versatility, these strings are ideal to play lots of different styles – be it classical, Tarrega, Jazz, or more.

14. D’Addario EJ25B Pro-Arte Black Nylon Composite Flamenco

D'Addario EJ25B Pro-Arte Black Nylon Composite

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Estimated Price: $15.32

Treble Strings Material: Black Nylon
Bass String Material: Uncoated Silver-Plated Copper, Composite Multifilament Nylon Core
Gauge: .028-.032-.041-.029-.029-.034-.044
Tension: Custom Tension

My Review: The D’Addario EJ25B Pro Arte Flamenco Strings are tailor-made for the requirements of Flamenco guitarists. Thanks to its varying tension strings, together with black nylon trebles and composite multifilament nylon bass strings, you’ll get a flexible, solid feel along with tonnes of attack that is essential to flamenco guitar playing. This set is quite long-lasting as well, which makes it worth the money.

String Material: The EJ25B Pro Arte series has been crafted using laser-sorted black nylon, which lends a warm and mellow tone, while also ensuring precise intonation. Meanwhile, the bass strings are made from a composite multi-filament nylon core that’s wrapped with uncoated silver-plated copper. You also get a clear nylon variant in this model for the treble strings, in case you’re used to the brighter tone of clear nylons and prefer their playability. These are tie-in strings and not ball ends, so they’ll have to be tied to the bridge. The corrosion-resistant packaging also does a great job of keeping your strings in perfect condition till the time you’re ready to use them – so don’t be afraid to stack up on these without the fear of them dying on you before coming out of the box!

String Gauge and Tension: One of the most unique features of this model is that they have custom tension, instead of being the same level of tension throughout. So the E6-A5-D4-G3-B2-E1 tension for the strings is 15.2-14.6-14.3-12.4-12-15.8. As for the string gauge, the E1-B2-G3 treble string gauge is .028-.032-.041, while the gauge for the D4-A5-E6 bass strings is .029-.029-.034-.044. Since these strings are custom tension, they’re quite flexible and responsive when playing.

String Tone and Sound: Flamenco guitar strings traditionally have quite a bright and percussive tone, with plenty of attack, and that’s what you can expect from the EJ25B as well. You’ll notice that these strings have an extremely quick attack, which is absolutely needed for Flamenco musicians. Musicians who largely play classical pieces may want to pay attention to this, so that they know what to expect and whether it matches their expectations when they play traditional classical pieces.

15. Augustine Classic/Gold Strings

Augustine AUGGOLDSET Classic/Gold Nylon Classical Guitar Strings

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Estimated Price: $10.34

Bass Strings Material: Silver-Plated Copper Wound
Treble String Material: Crystal Nylon
Gauge: .028-.032-.040-.0315-.035-.0445
Tension: Medium Tension Trebles, Light Tension Bass

My Review: If the Augustine Classic Blues signal high tension strings with a velvety rich tone, then their Classic Gold is medium-tension strings that are all about the bright, lively projection that can spice up the tone of even the most plain-sounding guitars. With its crystal nylon trebles and brass-plated copper wound bass strings, you can expect a confident and clear, bright tone that does really well with Flamenco players. Priced at a very reasonable point, these are a pretty solid choice if you’re looking for a pocket-friendly, reliable, and bright-sounding set of strings.

String Material: The Augustine Classic Golds have treble strings that are crafted from crystal nylons that provide impressive clarity and articulation while playing. The bass strings, on the other hand, deviate from the regular silver-plated copper and instead, are made from brass-plated copper wrapped around the nylon multifilament core. This has a massive impact on the tone of the Classic Golds, which we will talk about further down. As usual, these strings by Augustine are also tie-ins and not ball-ends.

String Gauge and Tension: The E1-B2-G3 treble string gauges are .028-.032-.040, while the D4-A5-E6 bass strings are 0315-.035-.0445. While they’re overall a medium tension set of strings, they actually fall on the lower end of the spectrum in actuality, since the trebles are medium tension but the bass strings are medium to low, according to their official website.

String Tone and Sound: Thanks to the clever use of brass-plated nylon bass strings and keeping the tension medium to low, the Classic Golds have a delightfully bright tone, with a full-bodied sound and good enough projection as well. This makes them perfect not just for flamenco players but also for those looking for a lively, clear tone in their playing.

Choosing the Right Classical Guitar Strings (Buying Guide)

What Are Classical Guitar Strings?

Simply put, these guitar strings are specially made keeping in mind the construction, sound, and playing technique used in classical guitars. Some people think nylon strings and classical guitar strings are different, but they’re one and the same thing! While in the olden times, classical guitar strings were made up of animal intestines and silk, that’s thankfully not the case now! Modern-day classical guitar strings are mainly made up of nylon as the main material, though there are a couple of other variants available as well.

Can You Put Acoustic Strings On a Classical Guitar?

Let’s just say it upfront – No! Never put metal strings on a classical guitar, because these guitars are not built to handle the kind of neck tension that metal strings bring with them. This is because classical guitars mostly don’t have truss rods, and using acoustic guitar strings can warp your neck. Always go for strings that are specially made for classical guitars, since the tension and gauge of these strings are specially crafted keeping in mind their compatibility with the instrument.
What To Consider When Buying Classical Guitar Strings

To ensure that you pick out the perfect classic guitar strings for your playing style and preferences, here’s a quick look at what to keep in mind:

String Material

Usually, the material used for the bass strings of a classical guitar (E6-A5-D4) is different from the materials used to make the treble strings (G3-B2-E1).

Treble Strings: Most commonly, treble strings are made with clear nylon – they’re easy to play and have a well-balanced tone that’s a nice blend of brightness and warmth. But you also have variants such as black nylon, which lends a softer, mellower tone with clear treble elements compared to clear nylon. Titanium, Carbon Fiber, and Composite are also other options that offer a relatively louder, crisper, and brighter tone.

Bass Strings: Most bass strings of today have a multifilament nylon core or a multifilament composite core that is wrapped with a silver or bronze wound string. While silver offers a warmer tone, the bronze windings are brighter in tone and projection.

String Tension

If you also play acoustic guitar, you’ll be used to picking guitar strings based on their gauge, or thickness. While classical guitar strings also come in different gauges too, a better way to distinguish between them is by their tension, which can be either low, medium, or high tension.

Typically, low tension strings are smoother and easier to play, low in volume, and don’t put much pressure on your guitar’s neck. By contrast, high tension strings offer loud volume, more attack, and are stiffer to play. Medium tension strings are somewhere in the middle of the two. So you should pick your guitar string tension based on your playing and tone preferences.

Ball Ends vs. Tie-Ins

Traditionally, all classical guitar strings had to be tied to the guitar bridge. However, these days, you get variants that have ball-ends. Ball-end strings may be easier to install for students and beginners, but tie-ins are the go-to’s for most intermediate and experienced players and anyone who’s got the hang of the habit of tying in their strings.


As always, it’s important to keep your budget in mind when picking your strings, since this is not a one-time purchase, and any brand that becomes your favorite will have to be bought several times a year. Classical guitar strings can come in a wide range of prices, depending on the materials and technique used as well as the brand value.

While some basic and affordable options can be in the $5 to $9 range, the high-end options with top-quality materials can cost you about $20 per pack. But there are also options that are a solid mix of quality and affordability that fall between $11 to $15 or so. So keep an eye out on the options that fall in your range and requirements.


While you may find several brands selling classical guitar strings these days, there are a few brands that have firmly established themselves as the royals in the field, by virtue of their experience and reputation. Brands like Savarez, D’Addario, and Augustine are some of the world’s greatest classical guitar string brands with over a century’s worth of experience between them, while Ernie Ball and LaBelle have a limited but impressive range of classical guitar strings in their kitty.

Wrap Up:

Since every classical guitarist has their own playing style and preferences, choosing winners is extremely tricky, since no single product will suit every musician. However, if you’re looking for a solid set of high-end strings that boast high quality, tone, and durability, then the Savarez Classical Guitar Strings 510 MJ are worth a good look.

For beginners and students looking for strings that sound great and are easy to play, we’d say explore D’Addario EJ27H Student Nylon Classical Guitar Strings for their affordable price point and ease of playing. For those looking for a good mix of an all-around versatility set of strings, then the D’Addario EJ45 Pro-Arte Classical Guitar Strings won’t let you down.

The world of classical guitar playing is one that spans quite a spectrum in terms of style, sound, emotion, and techniques. And if you’re armed with the right set of classical guitar strings for your playing styles, you’ll be able to bring your favorite compositions to life just the way you like them, along with composing exciting new melodies with confidence. We hope this blog helps you pick the classic guitar strings that are perfect for you – Happy playing!

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