13 Best Telecaster Guitar Cases (2024 Update)

Fender Telecaster Guitar Cases (Featured Image)

As musicians, we take our hard-earned money to buy our instruments to continue our craft. While this is something we love doing it is quite an investment for our guitars with some Telecasters cost thousands of dollars. So how do you protect that investment? You get a case! As traveling musicians having a durable, lightweight …

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17 Best Les Paul Pickups in 2024 (with Videos)

Gibson Les Paul Pickups Featured Image

The Gibson Les Paul has built a legendary reputation since it was first introduced to the masses in the 1950s. Despite the advancements in production techniques and guitar components, the pickups used in this iconic solid body guitar have remained relatively consistent. Just as the single-coil pickups used in Fender’s Telecaster and Stratocaster defined the …

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15 Best Telecaster Pickups in 2024 (All Price Ranges)

Best Telecaster Pickups (Featured Image)

Since it was first introduced to the masses in the autumn of 1950, the Fender Telecaster has built a legacy that other electric guitars can only dream of. Responsible for some of the most iconic guitar tones in music history, the Telecaster’s popularity continues over 70 years after its original inception. One constant topic of …

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