50 Popular & Easy 7 String Guitar Songs (With Tabs)

Diving into the world of 7-string guitars has an almost intrinsic relationship with metal and heavier genres of music. While some bands and artists may use 7-string guitars in less intense styles of music, when we think of 7-string guitars, we think of metal. And the more strings you add, the heavier it gets!

7 string guitar songs with tabs featured image

That said, some of the 7 string guitar songs on this list may present a challenge to guitarists beginning their journey with extended-range guitars. With that in mind, if you find a particular song takes you a bit longer to master; don’t fret (no pun intended!) As always, take it slow and pace yourself, and if you really want to play the song and just can’t quite grasp the quick-paced leads or speedy solos, stick with the rhythm sections until you become more comfortable with the feel of a 7-string guitar. Now let’s check out some of the most fun and interesting songs to play on a 7-string guitar!

List of 7 String Guitar Songs

1. Tooth and Claw by Animals as Leaders

Genre Progressive Metal
Tuning B E A D G B E
Tabs View Tooth and Claw Tab Here

For guitarists, the name Animals as Leaders causes two different reactions, fear or awe. Either you’re Randy Rhodes reincarnated and are ready to take on a few extra strings to tackle Tosin Abasi’s insane riffage, or you’re not ready to take on the intimidating-sounding tapping and sweeping arpeggios. Either way, “Tooth and Claw” presents an interesting opportunity for us. The moderate tempo carries some open low-end notes and places them between a pleasing E-chord arrangement that might take a couple of tries to get down just right when you consider the timing of the section. Follows is a short solo that starts pretty melodically and ends in some pretty crazy (and yet totally Abasi) legato before heading back into the staccato chugging. If you’re not quite ready to tackle the leads, just stick with the rhythm section for now until you get more comfortable.

2. Bleed by Meshuggah

Genre Extreme Metal
Tuning F A# D# G# C# F A#
Tabs View Bleed Tab Here

We did say these were supposed to be easy 7-string songs, right? Well, nothing worth doing ever comes easy! And “Bleed” by Meshuggah might be the epitome of that saying. The lesson from David Scheider that is linked above has a great explanation of why this iconic riff confuses so many of us guitarists when we try to learn it. As he shows at the end of the video, take the riff super slow when you make your first attempts with the necessary picking pattern. Nail this riff, and your right-hand technique will be 24k solid gold for any song you try to play! Don’t be intimidated, though; at its core, “Bleed” is simply fast triplets and a little string bend!

3. Holographic Universe by Scar Symmetry

Genre Progressive Metal
Tuning A E A D G B E
Tabs View Holographic Universe Tab Here

Take a look at the tab when you check out this Scar Symmetry track because although it sounds like an intense song to take on, this one’s going to be all about timing and muting. There’s a lot of staccato going on here, especially in the rhythm sections under the solos and during the verses. Aside from that, if your right-hand tremolo technique is on point, then you’re set. It doesn’t really get too crazy until the solo fills come in at around the two-minute mark. Check out the included band cover from Millisa Henderson and see how it’s done- they’re an ensemble of Berklee College of Music students, so you KNOW it’ll be a top-notch cover!

4. Endurance by Any Given Day

Genre Metalcore
Tuning G D G C F A D
Tabs View Endurance Tab Here

German metalcore outfit brings us “Endurance”, a chug-tastic intro to 7-string madness that will make for a great song to learn when you’re just starting out with extended-range guitars. Make sure to put some thick strings on your axe, though. This song is tuned all the way down to G on the low string (think drop C with the 6th string tuned up a step for a lowered “standard” tuning and adding in another low G on the 7th string). “Endurance” has a great four-on-the-floor intro beat and a pretty straightforward metalcore approach to low and heavy guitar, so jump right into this track and get your wrist muscles moving!

5. After Midnight by Andy James

Genre Metal/Rock
Tuning B E A D G B E
Tabs View After Midnight Tab Here

This stunningly beautiful instrumental from Andy James starts out with an incredibly melodic and thoughtful legato phrase before moving into a tasteful yet approachable solo. After that things get rightfully extreme, but tackle the different sections of the song as you feel comfortable. Although “After Midnight” is performed on a 7-string guitar, looking at the provided tab shows us that the low B string actually gets a nice day off here! That makes this song perfect for players who are just starting out on 7-string guitars and need some time getting used to the shape and feel of a slightly bigger neck.

6. He Who Sleeps by Morbid Angel

Genre Death Metal
Tuning A# D# G# C# F# A# D#
Tabs View He Who Sleeps Tab Here

Things take a turn for the extreme when we look at our next song, 2000’s “He Who Sleeps.” This track is a slow burn, with heavy, sludgy, and deep chords played at a fairly slower tempo than what we’ve seen so far on this list. A heavy right hand will be necessary for playing this song how it’s meant to be played! This Morbid Angel track will be great for those newer to 7-string guitars and looking for an easy song to cut their teeth on! Take a look at the tab provided for the exact chord placements and timing notes, and get ready for a piece of metal history!

7. Low by Wage War

Genre Metalcore/Post-Hardcore
Tuning F C F A# D# G C
Tabs View Low Tab Here

“Low” presents us with a metalcore/post-hardcore heavy-hitter with its fair share of quick open string legato and tasty chords that might take a few rounds of practice to get down, but once you do, this song will be a great way to exercise both right and left hands! Take a look at the provided tab and visualize what you’re playing before you take a stab at it; listening to the track might be a little intimidating at first, but when you take the riff slow and keep an eye on the on-screen tab, things will become clear! Get ready to wage war on boring practice sessions with this amazing song!

8. Our Truth by Lacuna Coil

Genre Gothic Metal
Tuning B E A D G B E
Tabs View Our Truth Tab Here

If Evanescence started playing on downtuned guitars, you’d have the Italian metal band Lacuna Coil in a nutshell. Coming off of the 2006 soundtrack to Underworld: Evolution, “Our Truth” starts out with a nice clean section to get you warmed up before going into a fairly simple core rhythm section. The guitar playing really is meant to take a backseat to singer Cristina Scabbia’s vocals so no need to brace yourself for anything too intense. Dial down the gain a little bit, brush up on your pinched harmonics, and get ready to master this Lacuna Coil classic!

9. Solitaire Unraveling by Mushroomhead

Genre Alternative Metal
Tuning A D G C F A D
Tabs View Solitaire Unraveling Tab Here

Another great track to iron out your chops on, “Solitaire Unraveling,” starts off with a soft synth intro before going into some slidey guitar riffs and thick, chunky chords. Brush up on your palm, muting when you’re ready to take on this Mushroomhead classic; there are lots of muted staccato phrases spread throughout the song. The song does have a little bit of everything, however, with a light legato riff breaking up the song close to the three-minute mark. All in all, if you’re just starting out using 7-string guitars and you want to find a heavy-hitting song to jam along to, Mushroomhead has got you covered!

10. Shock by Fear Factory

Genre Industrial Metal/Nu Metal
Tuning A D G C F A D
Tabs View Shock Tab Here

This Fear Factory 7-string track jumps right out at you with what feels like a blazing one-string intro followed by some quick-switching chords. You’re going to need some right-hand stamina and some left-hand finger agility (and vice-versa if you’re a southpaw)! Beyond that, “Shock” should feel pretty seamless to learn if your repertoire has a few metal tracks in it to start. But just to be safe, take a look at the provided guitar cover video and take a look at the player’s left-hand technique; watch how he glides between chords without lifting his hand from the fretboard. Little tricks like this will help you on your way to mastering songs like “Shock.”

11. Seven String by Joe Satriani

Genre Instrumental Rock
Tuning B E A D G B E
Tabs View Seven String Tab Here

Normally seen wielding his signature red 6-string, Joe Satriani dips his toes into the world of 7-strings for his aptly named song, “Seven String.” Here he starts off with a thick, middy rock riff that sounds hefty and powerful play on the extended guitar. In typical Satch style, he makes the guitar sing and squeal while keeping the tune melodic and smooth. From the listener’s perspective, “Seven String” feels approachable for players willing to take the time and effort to learn the intricate ins and outs of Satriani’s technique, in particular his chord structures and timing. And for those feeling extra adventurous, skip ahead to the 2:00 mark.

12. Jato Unit by Jeff Loomis

Genre Instrumental Rock
Tuning B E A D G B E
Tabs View Jato Unit Tab Here

Another solo guitar powerhouse, Jeff Loomis, shreds the frets right off his Schecter with the 2008 “Zero Order Phase” album. Confidence is key here because this track does not hold back! But never fear; there’s always the rhythm guitar section to learn if you’re not feeling quite up to Loomis’ finger-destroying lead antics. If you are feeling ready, though, check out the provided tab to see just how it’s done. “Jato Unit” proves itself as a compendium of hypershred guitar techniques. Not to be taken lightly! This song might not be the easiest song to master, but great things are accomplished by those who endure difficult paths with unwavering determination and resilience! This is one of my personal favorite 7 string guitar songs.

13. Softly She Cries by Pain of Salvation

Genre Progressive Metal
Tuning A E A D G B E
Tabs View Softly She Cries Tab Here

A quick listen almost yields a Breaking Benjamin sound (think “Blow Me Away”), but deeper attention proves that Pain of Salvation is in a realm of its own. “Softly She Cries” only enforces this idea. There’s an interestingly bendy, low-gain riff to start off the song, which leads into a heavy power chord riff led by a…theremin? Hey, it works! Back into the low-gain, we go for the verse and then a steady chorus that drives home the main rhythm. This song won’t be a problem for beginning players, being incredibly accessible thanks to its dropped tuning allowing power chords to be played with one finger.

14. The Eagle and The Snake by Ihsahn

Genre Progressive Metal
Tuning B E A D G B E
Tabs View The Eagle and The Snake Tab Here

There is a lot to unpack here! You may know Norwegian metal king Ihsahn from the band Emperor, or maybe you’ve never heard of him. Either way, his guitar technique on “The Eagle and The Snake” may be one of the most dynamic and interesting pieces on this list! We start off with some inverted guitar chords followed by some slow and spread-out arpeggios for the chorus, adding atmosphere and mystique to Ihsahn’s smooth singing. Then we head into the first guitar solo; Jeff Loomis joins in on this track, and it’s unclear whether he or Ihsahn plays this solo, but either way, it won’t take too much finessing to get it down. Some basic tremolo picking will suffice for the next verse before things get too wild. Check out the provided guitar tab to see just how it’s done!

15. Desolate Specter by Termina

Genre Metal
Tuning G D G C F A D
Tabs View Desolate Specter Tab Here

Metal Guitar YouTuber Nik Nocturnal forms one half of the band Termina, along with co-guitarist and WVNDER vocalist Andy Cizek. In the provided video above, Nik Nocturnal himself provides an impressive demonstration of how to play his song, with tabs on-screen for you to follow along with. The song starts off with an intense passage of palm-muted staccato chords and a riff that can only be described as the epitome of modern metal. Follow along and study the tab to see just how Nik Nocturnal plays these passages with such fluidity. It may take a few rounds of practice to get your timing and fingering right. Also, be prepared for the tempo change around the 1:35 mark!

16. Beware by Deftones

Genre Alternative Metal
Tuning F# C# F# B E G# C#
Tabs View Beware Tab Here

Stephen Carpenter’s 7-string prowess makes it almost seem like he has an otherworldly connection with the music he writes. “Beware” is no different and features a very distinct and unique sound that Deftones is known well for. In terms of technique and accessibility, “Beware” doesn’t get as intense and crazy as some of the songs on this list, but only proves that metal doesn’t have to be all about who can create and play the most complex and hard-to-play riffs as long as the music has some soul. Carpenter’s dropped tuning makes one-finger chords a breeze, and the shifts between clean and distorted tones (as well as chords and single-string playing) breathe enough life into the song to make you lose yourself when you play along!

17. Dimman by Vildhjarta

Genre Progressive Metal
Tuning G D G C F A D
Tabs View Dimman Tab Here

Swedish progressive metal team Vildhjarta presents us with something that starts off very different for this list from what we’ve seen thus far: deep and twangy cleans imparting a pleasant and mesmerizing constellation of chords and legato playing that keeps you guessing where the player will take the song next. The next phase slows down a little bit without losing any luster and while holding onto those deep, thoughtful notes. This song will definitely require some study of the provided tab to master correctly. Notice also at around the 2:40 mark in the provided video where things get serious. The provided tab is separated into two sections, one for the guitar tuned with the low string to G for the and the other with the guitar tuned with the low string on D for part two of the song. Watch the guitarist retune the low string on the fly, stomp his distortion on and jump into part two of the song!

18. Physical Education by Animals As Leaders

Genre Progressive Metal
Tuning C# A E A D G B
Tabs View Physical Education Tab Here

Animals As Leaders mastermind Tosin Abasi gives an in-depth look at a technique he calls “thumping”, using the thumb to slap the strings lightly, adding a percussive fill to the main riff of the song. “Physical Education” is another song not to be taken lightly, but that doesn’t mean it’s an impossible riff! Pay close attention to the tab, look at which notes you hammer on, which notes get picked, which notes get “thumped,” and most importantly, play the song nice and slow at first until you get the hang of it! The lesson Abasi shows is for a passage that comes in around the 2:00 mark in the song, so if you want to learn more about the intro riffs, check out the provided tab!

19. Citizen Erased by Muse

Genre Alternative Rock
Tuning A E A D G B E
Tabs View Citizen Erased Tab Here

Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy takes “Citizen Erased” in a bit of a heavier direction than I was used to when I first heard the track, especially compared to having listened to the album Supermassive Black Hole previously. Nonetheless, Bellamy injects his signature style and emotional depth into the track, combining beautiful shimmering cleans with heavy and in-your-face distorted sections to create a stunning array of musical dynamic expressions. This is a bit of a longer track with a lot going on inside, so take the song little by little until you’re comfortable with the feel of the tune.

20. Whole by Flaw

Genre Nu-Metal
Tuning B E A D G B E
Tabs View Whole Tab Here

Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, Flaw is here to deliver an intense example of 2000s nu-metal to your next playlist. Looking at the song (and the provided tab) objectively, the song presents itself as a straightforward and accessible addition to your practice sessions. Chords reign supreme here, with most of the emphasis in the song being placed squarely on vocalist Chris Volz’s blazing vocals that hit you square in the heart with lines like “since you took your life, mine has not been whole.” Once you nail this song, be sure to play it with the feeling with which it was written.

21. Recreant by Chelsea Grin

Genre Deathcore
Tuning A E A D G B E
Tabs View Recreant Tab Here

Chelsea Grin pulls no punches with this song. Right away, we start off an intense palm-muted riff that just sounds so thick with the low string tuned to a low A note. At around the 2:00 mark, a smooth arpeggio riff is unleashed at a slow enough tempo where each note gets its own spotlight; no sweeping is required. All in all, this song is a great foray into the extreme scene of Deathcore! The halftime breakdown near the end of the song is a great place to practice your headbanging and overall stage presence; just saying!

22. Abyss by Unleash The Archers

Genre Power Metal
Tuning B E A D G B E
Tabs View Soulbound Tab Here

This might just be my favorite song on the list so far! Unleash The Archers is ready to set your frets on fire with 2020’s “Soulbound,” a song rife with palm-muted legato spanning all over the fretboard, harmonics, groove-laden power-chord rhythms, layered harmony sections, and soaring lead riffs that breathe such incredible life into the song; and that’s before the insane guitar solo comes in at around the 2:30 mark! Unleash The Archers’ guitarist Andrew Kingsley himself gives us an inside look at how it’s all done in the video provided above!

23. Acid Rain by Liquid Tension Experiment

Genre Progressive Metal
Tuning B E A D G B E
Tabs View Acid Rain Tab Here

Did you know you could slow down the playback of YouTube videos? Because you might need to for this track… Fretboard God John Petrucci unleashes an incredible amount of energy here to play this intense and masterful song. The tab provided has three different sections for the different passages in the song, so make sure to check out all three and really take your time with them. As always, start slow and work your way up, nailing down the rhythm guitar parts to get yourself comfortable with the tempo and feel of the song if need be.

24. Blind by Korn

Genre Nu-Metal
Tuning A D G C F A D
Tabs View Blind Tab Here

This classic Korn song takes 7-string playing to an entirely new level, making Korn’s ability to define genres and write such unique and compelling music one reason they’ve secured an eternal home in the hearts of metalheads everywhere. Listening to the song and looking through the tab shows that while dynamic and powerful, from a guitarist’s perspective, the song is still quite accessible and shouldn’t give you too much of a hard time learning. Both Head’s and Munky’s guitar parts are shown on the video link provided, so be sure to check it out to see just how the song is played!

25. Memoirs by Monuments

Genre Progressive Metal
Tuning A# F A# D# F A# D#
Tabs View Memoirs Tab Here

Starting off with a climactic riff that combines metalcore and the structure and technique of modern progressive metal, “Memoirs” is a song that will not only stick out in your jam sessions but will also give you plenty of practice for both your right- and left-hand techniques. Palm muting, string-spanning riffs, and clean sections, fast dynamic chords all make for a seasoned guitarist in the long run! It’s a relatively short song too, so not too much stamina is needed here. Just make sure to pay close attention to the tab and to check out the provided YouTube link where both guitar parts are showcased for easy learning!

26. Follow The Signs by Born of Osiris

Genre Progressive Metalcore
Tuning G D G C F A D
Tabs View Follow The Signs Tab Here

Timing is going to be everything with this song! Technique-wise, “Follow The Signs” requires some basic chords and lead playing, with the exception of the mini-solos interspersed between riffs and passages. When it comes to these solos, pay close attention to the provided tab and start off slow before attempting the riffs at speed unless you’re ready to take on some full-speed shredding. For precisely-timed rhythm chugging, check out the provided guitar cover video where YouTube metal wizard Nik Nocturnal shows us exactly how it’s done. Ready up your right-hand stamina and make sure you’ve got the muscle to take this song on at full speed!

27. Possession by Whitechapel

Genre Deathcore
Tuning A E A D G B E
Tabs View Possession Tab Here

The crew over at Whitechapel brings us “Possession”, a track filled with thick riffs, intense tremolo-picking sections, some interesting string-skipping plenty of reason to send your fingers flying across the fretboard. We start out with some single-string low notes to warm up, followed by the string-skipping section: pay close attention to the provided tab to check out just how it’s done. Also, watch the player in the provided YouTube cover and notice how he keeps his index finger barred across the frets! Little tricks like this will make playing and learning new music so much easier!

28. Lost In The Static by After The Burial

Genre Progressive Metal/Djent
Tuning A# D# G# C# F# A# D#
Tabs View Lost In The Static Tab Here

Hailing from Minnesota, After The Burial brings us “Lost In The Static,” a djent-y five-minute piece from 2016’s album Dig Deep. It starts off with a properly thick riff accompanied by a ringing lead melody before diving into a slow-burn series of chugs and “thunks”. At nearly 1:45 we encounter a tasty riff that not only sounds awesome to hear and play but would also serve as a really nice warm up exercise! Check out the tab and the provided video to see exactly how it’s done, but for now, just picture it as a musical tour of your guitar’s fretboard.

29. Down From The Sky by Trivium

Genre Metal
Tuning B E A D G B E
Tabs View Down From The Sky Tab Here

Right away, you can tell this is a signature Matt Heafy riff; this entire song is just masterfully written and beautifully presented. We’re starting off with some open high melodies before going into some simple but elegant verse chords. There’s a moderately-high tempo here, but the passages are written in a way where the notes don’t feel crowded together or too quickly-paced. Check out the video provided for an instrumental playthrough with a tab on the screen to follow along. Also in signature, Trivium fashion is the bendy breakdown and ripping guitar solo at around the 3:30 mark. Tread lightly but don’t be afraid to take on this impeccable 7-string song!

30. You Only Live Once by Suicide Silence

Genre Metal
Tuning A E A D G B E
Tabs View You Only Live Once Tab Here

Guitar virtuoso and YouTuber Nik Nocturnal returns once more to give us a rundown on Suicide Silence’s “You Only Live Once” in the provided video link. This song comes bursting out of the gate with some finger Olympics worthy of being an advanced left-hand workout. Leading into some hefty low string bending and circling right back around to the lightly palm-muted single notes, “You Only Live Once” get a pretty thick tone from its down tuned A string in the 7th string slot. There are also a few time signature switch-ups, so be ready for the time changes as they come. Pay attention to where they’re positioned in the tab provided!

31. Burn It To The Ground by Nickelback

Genre Alternative Rock
Tuning B E A D G B E
Tabs View Burn It To The Ground Tab Here

Yes, you read that correctly- Nickelback is joining the list of 7-string songs you need to learn! Guitar (lesson) hero Marty Music gives us a detailed look at how to take on the song from the radio-rock powerband Nickelback in the provided video. The song begins with a fuzz-laden and unexpectantly heavy intro riff over a four-on-the-floor beat that transitions into a verse and chorus that almost bleeds over into a country-rock feel. Nonetheless, it’s a pretty straightforward and simple song to pick up and add to your repertoire. Just keep your timing and picking pattern nice and loose and laid back as it sounds in the record.

32. Heartwork by Carcass

Genre Grindcore/Melodic Death Metal
Tuning B E A D G B E
Tabs View Heartwork Tab Here

Melodic death metal standards dictate that this Carcass classic begins with a spicy tremolo picking and leads into some seriously beefy chords courtesy of the B-tuned low string. “Heartwork” has a pretty fast tempo, so this will be a song to take slowly at first if you’re not quite up on your tremolo-picking game or just need a few rounds of practice to nail your chord transitions. Once you get to around the 0:30 mark, there’s a nice slow and melodic solo for you to warm up your legato game with before heading back into some quick-transitioning chords.

33. Psychosocial by Slipknot

Genre Groove Metal
Tuning A E A D G B E
Tabs View Psychosocial Tab Here

Slipknot fans just remember when this song came out… It was huge! And now you can learn it for yourself! Grab your 7-string, and let’s get into it! The iconic song starts out with an equally iconic riff. Squealy and anticipatory, it makes way for an absolutely monstrous verse riff. No guitarist playing this riff will be able to resist its overwhelming groove. Only Slipknot could craft such an amazing transition from an intense and heavy groove to an incredibly smooth, melodic, and catchy chorus and back again. Get ready to get heavy with this Slipknot masterpiece!

34. Red Razor Wrists by Upon A Burning Body

Genre Metalcore
Tuning A E A D G B E
Tabs View Red Razor Wrists Tab Here

“Red Razor Wrists” starts out with an intricate high-string riff before going into a very traditional metalcore verse riff. The left-hand technique will reign supreme here, with the song’s dynamic passages requiring quick movements between strings. The song doesn’t get too crazy, though; no guitar solo here, so this should be a pretty simple song to pick up if you study the provided tab and practice the song a few times! Palm muting will be your best friend with this song, so make sure you balance between muting enough of the note without deadening it completely!

35. Eye For An Eye by Thy Art Is Murder

Genre Deathcore
Tuning A E A D G B E
Tabs View Eye For An Eye Tab Here

If that opening drum groove isn’t enough to get you excited for this Thy Art Is Murder tune, maybe the tremolo-picked rhythm or the opening arpeggios will light a fire for you! Either way, “Eye For An Eye” could serve as a great warm-up for your practice session. Between the dynamic and charismatic chord changes in the verse rhythms and the extreme right-hand speed needed to keep up with this song’s intense riffs, you’ll definitely get a good workout in playing this until around the 2:00 mark, where you can take it slow when the breakdown hits!

36. Citizen by Northlane

Genre Progressive Metal
Tuning F A# F A# D# G C
Tabs View Citizen Tab Here

What a mix of pure catchy melody and djent-y rhythm! Jon and Josh from Northlane take you through how to play their song “Citizen” in the provided video, so make sure to check it out! We start out with some pretty basic, almost metalcore-ish riffing in the first segment, which becomes an ethereal, atmospheric verse riff before ramping up and making its final climactic transition into the melodic hook. The low F tuning really helps add some beef and thickness to these riffs! Take advantage of the video showcase and nail down both the lead and rhythm sections for this song!

37. Iron Moon by Fit For An Autopsy

Genre Deathcore
Tuning G D G C F A D
Tabs View Iron Moon Tab Here

Jeff Loomis makes a cameo in the video provided above (in spirit, anyway). Give your 7-string a good stretch with this intense deathcore classic from Fit For An Autopsy. Right way, we’re hit square in the face with some heavy palm-muted chords and gritty distorted riffs dripping with venom. Cascading ascending arpeggios follow, reaching a climactic boiling point that ends in a quick succession of staccato hits in the breakdown. Don’t be intimidated by the depth of this song; just pay close attention to your fingering as well as the tab provided, especially when it comes to the solo at around the 1:54 mark!

38. Pillars of Creation by Keith Merrow

Genre Technical Progressive Metal
Tuning A# F A# D# G# C F
Tabs View Pillars of Creation Tab Here

This song will leave you unable to comprehend where Keith Merrow will take his riffs at any given moment! Right away, we’re introduced to an elaborate and exciting riff that gives your fingers a good stretch and paves the way for a slide-y and groovy phrase where the Merrow puts the “technical” in “technical metal.” Next, we have a really cool section full of hammer-on riffs that change from 4/4 to 7/8 as well as changing key! Overall a very fun song to listen to (and learn to play)! There’s a decently fast triplet-laden breakdown but no guitar solo, so don’t fret about needing to learn any intense shredding or sweep-picking sections. Check out the provided video above, which has an on-screen tab you can follow along with!

39. Clown by Korn

Genre Nu Metal
Tuning A D G C F A D
Tabs View Clown Tab Here

I love a good starchy, middy guitar tone like this! “Clown” is an essential song for any Korn fan or new listener. In the video provided above, we can see not only Head’s and Munky’s guitar sections but their respective tabs also! You shouldn’t have any problems picking this song up; we start off with some quick open notes and high-strung bending that leads into a section of chords that get quickly transitioned between. Here’s a tip for that section in particular: leave your fingers planted and glide your way up and down the fretboard to nail these chords!

40. Demanufacture by Fear Factory

Genre Industrial Metal
Tuning B E A D G B E
Tabs View Demanufacture Tab Here

Fear Factory strikes again with their song “Demanufacture,” an industrial powerhouse of a tune! Right away, we’re going into some quick and aggressive low-note intros over slapping kick drums and anticipatory synths. Transitioning into thicker chords and back again for the verse, stamina is key here as the riffs repeat back and forth through the song. Apart from a section of string-skipped chords, “Demanufacture” gives us the same couple of riffs for the entire song. So strap up your trusty 7-string, crank up the mids, and give this song a shot!

41. Demanufacture by Fear Factory

Genre Deathcore
Tuning A E A D G B E
Tabs View Disengage Tab Here

Continuing our trend of songs that start with the letter “D,” Suicide Silence graces our list again with 2009’s “Disengage.” One-finger chords rule the intro here and should make for an easy time for beginning guitarists who want to get into playing 7-string guitars and heavier music. A quick legato section breaks up the two main phrases, but again, nothing too crazy for a beginner. This is a very accessible song, so don’t be intimidated to start learning some deathcore music! Check out the provided video above for an on-screen tab and a cat cameo at around the 2:14 mark!

42. Be Quiet And Drive by Deftones

Genre Deathcore
Tuning A E A D G B E
Tabs View Be Quiet And Drive Tab Here

Deftones Guitarist and musical evil genius Steph Carpenter gives us a first-hand look at how to throw down with this Deftones classic in the provided video linked above. Normally played on a 6-string guitar, Stephen is playing here on one of his signature 7-strings, so you know the master himself approves transcribing the song for extended-range axes! From the iconic and discordant opening section to the main riff, everything about this song is as cool as it is easy to play. Guitarists of any skill level can have an easy and fun time learning and playing this song! Break it out at your next house party or open mic night! Try plugging in a clean tone instead of the grinding distortion for a solemn and melancholy vibe…

43. Morphogenesis by Scar Symmetry

Genre Melodic Death Metal
Tuning A E A D G B E
Tabs View Morphogenesis Tab Here

One more Scar Symmetry song to throw into the mix, “Morphogenesis,” is a slow-burning vibe all its own. We’re thrown into the deep end of some atmospheric and dreamy high-string chords a melodic and low-key verse section before being completely assaulted by the groove-laden pre-chorus section where the high chords from the intro repeat once more. The chorus returns us to the low end of the fretboard, taking full advantage of that 7th string and the dropped A standard tuning with a catchy chorus that has an almost metalcore feel and is reminiscent of bands like All That Remains… The solos that follow, however… Pure Scar Symmetry! Take a look at the tab if you need a little assistance there!

44. Hostage by Chelsea Grin

Genre Deathcore
Tuning E B E A D G B
Tabs View Hostage Tab Here

This song sounds so incredibly sinister right from the first bar that parallel to the title, “Hostage,” would fit in perfectly with a bank robbery or heist scene in a thriller movie! Short and sweet, this Chelsea Grin tune takes full advantage of the 7-string’s extended range with dropped tuning E-B-E-A-D-G-B. Yikes! The most powerful weapons in your arsenal for this song will be good palm muting techniques, a heavy right hand, and a quick wrist for triplets and staccato sections. The sudden switch up to clean, dreamy tones at around the 2:17 mark might give you a little whiplash, but you should be used to it from all the headbanging, right?

45. Reign of Darkness by Thy Art Is Murder

Genre Deathcore
Tuning A E A D G B E
Tabs View Reign of Darkness Tab Here

If your right hand isn’t jacked by the time you master this song, I don’t know what to tell you. Tremolo picking and hard muted staccato sections give this deathcore essential track a djent-y feel and a whole lotta heft. With the exception of the guitar solo, you won’t travel around the fretboard too much playing this song. Most of the riffs are based around the lower end of the fretboard from frets 1-5 and the lowest few strings of the guitar. “Reign of Darkness” is a rhythm guitarist’s best friend and might just be a “must-learn” for all guitarists looking to master the heavy rhythm patterns and techniques!

46. What The Dead Men Say by Trivium

Genre Heavy Metal
Tuning A# D# G# C# F# A# D#
Tabs View What The Dead Men Say Tab Here

Another powerful Trivium song that just screams with Matt and Corey’s signature sound. “What The Dead Men Say” features some incredibly melodic phrasing, cool thrashy pick scrapes, and contrasting high string droning against low, threatening chords, all within the first minute of the song! This song is still very accessible, though. There are some intricate Trivium-style legato and tremolo-picking sections that shouldn’t give you too much trouble if you study the tab and start out at a slower tempo! Check out the included tab to see Corey’s and Matt’s guitar parts!

47. Born by Nevermore

Genre Progressive Metal
Tuning A# D# G# C# F# A# D#
Tabs View Born Tab Here

Guitar virtuoso Jeff Loomis gives us an in-depth look at how to play “Born” in the provided video linked above. “Born” is pretty intense right out of the gates, so don’t be afraid to take it slow and practice a few times at an easier tempo if that’s what you want to do. There are some interesting sections in this song, however! Really fun legato licks intertwine with tremolo-picked verses and low-ended arpeggios to create a sound almost similar to power metal! And, of course, no song featuring Jeff Loomis is complete without a ripping solo, so feel free to stick to the rhythm section if you’re not feeling up to the challenge. I know I’m not ready to attempt that just yet.

48. Icarus Lives by Periphary

Genre Progressive Metal
Tuning G# D# G# C# F# A# D#
Tabs View Icarus Lives Tab Here

If you’re not familiar with Periphery, “Icarus Lives” would make a good track to get you started! And if you are familiar with their guitar technique and signature sound, then I hope you’re feeling bendy because this intro is here to satisfy. I’m more partial to the (discordant? Atonal??) tapping fill at 1:36. Either way, this song will give you a run for your money, but it’s nothing you can’t handle! Just check out the tab provided or take a look at the video guitar cover linked above for an accompanying on-screen tab! This song is as djent-y as it is progressive, so you’ll get a good workout for sure! If you’re looking for some fun 7 string guitar songs to learn, definitely give this one a try.

49. Torn Between Scylla and Charybdis by Trivium

Genre Heavy Metal
Tuning B E A D G B E
Tabs View Torn Between Scylla And Charybdis Tab Here

Watch Corey and Matt duel off and show us how to play the intro to ‘Torn Between Scylla And Charybdis” in the video linked above. If the title of the song doesn’t trip you up enough, the exciting lead melody might, but remember, it’s mostly hammer-ons and pull-offs, so don’t let it intimidate you! Always check out the tab to see just how it’s done. Beyond that, there are riffs that just ooze groove, shred with style and showcase just how versatile and ingenious Trivium’s magicians of music really are. Check out some of the live performances of this song to see how dynamic their playing really is!

50. Indifferent by Destiny Potato

Genre Progressive Metal
Tuning G# D# G# D# G# A# D#
Tabs View Indifferent Tab Here

That’s right; there is no typo here. Don’t judge a book by its cover because Destiny Potato does NOT mess around! From the incredibly dynamic and unique clean intro transitioning into a velvety smooth distorted tone of the same riff, back into a dreamy clean verse and ripping right back into the gain for the chorus (which on its own just exudes style, grace, power, and straight COOL. Overall, “Indifferent” will leave you feeling anything but. The main phrases repeat until about 2:37 where the bridge kicks in and turns things sideways for a few bars before slipping right back into that catchy chorus. Not a bad way to end this list.

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