45 Popular & Easy R&B Guitar Songs (2024 With Chords)

R&B guitar songs being played by Chris Schiebel

Rhythm and blues, also known as R&B, has always been one of my favorite music genres to play on the guitar. Classic R&B came from the African-American community and naturally was full of struggle, loss, love, and overcoming. Over time, the genre has evolved, merging with hip-hop and soul music, giving it a more modern …

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35 Easy Metallica Songs to Play on Guitar (With Tabs)

Easy Metallica songs being played by Chris Schiebel

For beginner guitarists, getting into metal can be daunting. Many tracks in the genre are complex, often seeming out of reach for those just starting out. However, Metallica’s vast discography offers a unique blend of songs that are both iconic and accessible for beginners. While a lot of Metallica tracks boast intricate solos, many also …

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50 Best Instrumental Guitar Songs (2024 With Tabs)

Instrumental Guitar Songs being played by Chris Schiebel

If a picture paints a thousand words and music paints a picture, how do we measure the quality and emotion of instrumental songs? Is it by the number of hearts they touch? The number of notes per second? Sometimes instrumental guitar songs can tell a much more vivid and emotionally evocative story than a song …

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40 Easy Nirvana Songs to Play on Guitar (2024 With Tabs)

Easy Nirvana songs being played by Chris Schiebel

You may be a guitar player, bassist, vocalist, or just a person who likes listening to different kinds of music, but I am sure that you have heard about the band we’re about to learn some songs from. Yes, I’m talking about Nirvana, which was an American grunge band formed in the late 1980s with …

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50 Popular & Easy 7 String Guitar Songs (With Tabs)

7 string guitar songs with tabs featured image

Diving into the world of 7-string guitars has an almost intrinsic relationship with metal and heavier genres of music. While some bands and artists may use 7-string guitars in less intense styles of music, when we think of 7-string guitars, we think of metal. And the more strings you add, the heavier it gets! That …

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50 Popular Songs in E Minor (2024 With Tabs)

Songs in e minor being played by Chris Schiebel

E minor is a widely favored key in music, renowned for its melancholic and emotional qualities. Numerous songwriters have crafted unforgettable and heart-rending pieces that prominently feature E minor as a chord or a key. Besides, the chord stands as one of the most popular chords in music, and luckily, it’s pretty easy to play! …

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50 Popular & Easy Slide Guitar Songs (2024 With Tabs)

Slide guitar songs being played by Chris schiebel

The guitar’s slide is a technique that is both underappreciated and underused. Based on your preferences, you can use a slide guitar with different types of guitar to create a wider variety of glissando effects and louder vibratos. Guitar slides have the distinct benefit of being incredibly simple to master. You can play every song …

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75 Famous & Easy Power Chord Songs for Beginners (2024)

Easy Power Chord Songs Being Played by Chris Schiebel

Power chords with their root note and the fifth note structure are neutral-sounding chords with no minor or major tone qualities. Their beefy, confident sound has made them a massive hit in punk, rock, grunge, and heavy metal music. If you’re looking for easy power chord songs to play, you’re in luck; we have an …

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50 Best Songs in Open G Tuning (2024 With Tabs & Videos)

Open G Tuning (Featured Image)

If you’ve never played in Open G tuning before, this article has everything you need to get started! We’ve also put together an awesome list of songs in open G tuning with video lessons and tabs included. We’ll start by getting our guitars into tune using the visual guide above. Start with your guitar tuned …

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