35 Easy Pop Songs to Play on Guitar (with Videos)

Pop songs are always a great starting point for beginner guitarists. Many of these songs will have very catchy melodies as well as easy to follow rhythms that are perfect for newbies. The structure is also predictable, allowing novice guitarists to learn the different basics of guitar playing. The lyrics are also easy to remember. It would be easy to sing while you’re playing the guitar. Most pop songs also have hooks that will get the attention of any listener the instant you play the song.

Taylor Swift Playing an Easy Pop Song on Guitar
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Not all pop songs are great for beginner guitarists, however. There are songs that command complex fingerstyle techniques. Some may also contain several chords that require very fast transitions in between.

If you’re only beginning to enjoy playing your guitar and you’d like to play pop songs, then you’ve got to start with the easy ones. Forget the songs with more complicated structures for now. What you need is to develop your guitar playing skills. These 35 easy pop songs to play on guitar will help you develop proficiency in guitar playing, while also having fun.

List of the Top 35 Easy Pop Songs on Guitar

1. All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor

Guitar chords: A, Bm, E

You’ve got to love the bass of this 2014 song by Meghan Trainor. While the song can be rightfully called as having one of the coolest basslines on the planet, there’s no denying its amazing beat. What you should know about this pop song is that it is an excellent combination of retro R&B, bubblegum pop, and doo-wop. And if this song isn’t going to get your friends rocking your house, I don’t know what will.

Incredibly, this wonderful song only has three chords. There are guitarists who would like to play the chords a bit higher on the neck. You can do that once you’ve mastered the basics of this song. You can skip the incredible bass notes of the intro for now. Focus on the groove and you will be rocking this song in no time.

2. Royals by Lorde

Guitar chords: D, C, G

This is the song that launched the career of Kiwi singer, Lorde. This kind of pop song is a combination of electropop and art pop. You can also hear influences of hip hop, grime, and even indie pop in the way the song is structured. It is considered as one of the best songs ever to hit the charts in 2013. It should be very fun to play this Lorde song on your guitar.

If this your first time playing this song, I recommend using a single downstrum for each beat of the chord. Don’t worry as you can always play more complicated strumming patterns. What is crucial at this stage is for you to recognize the rhythm of the song. This will help you get into the groove a lot faster and prepare you for greater things.

3. Love on the Weekend by John Mayer

Guitar chords: G, C, D

This song highlighted John Mayer’s return to his pop rock roots without sacrificing the bluesy flair that we have come to love about his songs. I know of many people who cannot seem to get enough of this 2016 hit. It has a likable rhythm and the lyrics are something that almost everyone can relate to.

I wouldn’t really be surprised if you’re going to play this one on your guitar. First, the chords are very elementary. I think a first grader can easily play this song. Second, the strumming pattern is as simple as absolute beginners hope it to be. This song is sure to give you a nice backgrounder on guitar playing basics. The song also has a lovely guitar riff that’s interesting to learn. Put these things together and you’re ready to play any song.

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4. I Have a Dream By ABBA

Guitar chords: E, A, D

Most Millennials and younger people may have never heard of this song. However, ask any Baby Buster or even a Boomer and they will tell you about their fond memories of this 1979 hit song by ABBA. This is one of the most recognizable works of the Swedish pop group. Its message is still very relevant even in the tech-crazed 21st century. Given that a lot of modern artists have covered the song, it is fitting that I include it in this magic list.

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard about, I Have a Dream before. You only need to listen to it once to get both the rhythm and the chord progression right. Speaking of chords, there are only three. These chords are also something that you should never worry about. The pattern of strumming is as straightforward as can be.

5. Photograph by Ed Sheeran

Guitar chords: D, Bm, A, G

People who are in a long-distance relationship love this song. Recorded by Ed Sheeran in 2014, this acoustic folk pop song enjoyed substantial airtime play from many radio stations across the globe. It’s a certified triple platinum in the UK and a double platinum in Oceania, Italy, and Canada. I especially like the MTV of this song as it gives Sheeran fans a rare glimpse of their idol growing up.

Like many of Sheeran’s songs, Photograph is always easy to play. The tune is nice and the rhythm is just right for beginners. Playing this pop song should be easy because of its simple 4-chord structure and very standard strumming pattern. The chord progression is also predictable, although with some slight variations in some parts of the song. It really is a fascinating song to play.

6. With or Without You by U2

Guitar chords: A, Bm, D, G

I love the sustained guitar sections of the 1987 song. It has a very catchy tune that you could easily catch yourself humming the song. This U2 song is more of a rock. However, it does have elements to it that make it one of the popular hits during its time. It topped the Hot 100 in both the US and Canada for 3 consecutive weeks.

Strumming this 4-chord song is very simple. You can start by practicing the two barre chords that the song has. If you find this tricky, then you can always ditch the G barre chord for a simpler open G. One suggestion is to tune your guitar about half a step down from the standard. This helps compliment the vocals. You can always play the song with your guitar in its standard tuning.

7. Hey Soul Sister by Train

Guitar chords: C, G, Am, F

This is one of the most popular songs in 2009. Its live version for the iTunes platform even landed the song a Grammy at the 53rd celebration of the annual awards. And this is one of the very few songs that has received a platinum certification 6x. That says a lot about the acoustic quality of this pop rock.

What is even more exciting is that it doesn’t take much to learn to play it on your guitar. The only tricky chord is the F. The three other chords should already be a cinch. The strumming pattern is simple. However, I do recommend starting the chords with a basic downstrum first. You can then execute the unique combinations of down- and up- strums once you’ve mastered the rhythm of the song. Have your friends sing along, too.

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8. You Belong with Me by Taylor Swift

Guitar chords: D, A, Em, G

With a tune that can make little girls dance with glee, this Taylor Swift song is perfect for the beginning guitarist. It is also great for seasoned guitarists who want a song with a bouncy rhythm, a relatable message, and an overall pleasant vibe. It goes without saying that this is one of Swift’s most phenomenal hits in the first decade of the new millennia.

The chords cannot get any simpler and basic than the ones employed in this song. There are very minimal changes in the way you’ll strum the chords. I have a 5-year old neighbor who can play the song like a pro. What is important here is for you to develop the much-needed finger dexterity that will open many guitar playing doors for you. This is an easy pop song to play on guitar that I definitely recommend to beginners. And the best part? You get to have fun doing it.

9. Payphone by Maroon 5

Guitar chords: Cadd9, G, Em7, D

There’s no mistaking the ingenious piano hook in this 2012 hit song by Maroon 5. It has some of the finest elements of rhythm & blues and pop music to give you a song that has one of the catchiest melodies in the universe. It is a Top 10-friendly song, peaking at number 2 in the charts. The song is both catchy and melodic without being overly aggressive. The beat has military precision, while still managing to sound warm in a very convincing way.

Playing Payphone on your guitar isn’t difficult. You might be intimidated by the Cadd9 chord. However, the finger positioning of this chord is so much simpler than it sounds. Start with basic strumming before you get fancy. That should help you feel the groove of this song and get ready to rock the house.

10. Die Young by Kesha

Guitar chords: C#m, B, E, A

To say that I love this pop song is an understatement. I adore it. It has an anthem-like vibe that makes you want to celebrate every time you sing it. And when you get to play it on the guitar, people around you will never stop dancing to the beat. It speaks of the indefatigable spirit of youth. The uptempo dance beat will have you jumping up all day. This is the epitome of 21st century electropop music where it is easy to get the crowd on its feet.

This also makes the song a very popular piece to play on the guitar. It has simple chords and a steady chord progression. Fancy fingerstyles are out of the question. It’s plain and simple strumming pattern. You can also improve the song by adding synth riffs to give it a new wave style.

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11. Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars

Guitar chords: D, Bm7, G, D

I decided to include this song because it can be a great instrument for beginners to learn and practice a few fingerpicking techniques. The fingerstyle is a wonderful addition to the traditional strumming technique. You can always play Just the Way You Are using the conventional strumming method, of course. However, you will not be able to give justice to the beautiful harmonics of the song.

And what a beautiful melody this song has. It is a very lovely combination of soft rock and pop with hints of rhythm and blues to give it that distinct Mars song. The pulse is both danceable and steady. The chorus is a perfect sing-along piece. You may find the lyrics to be sappy, cheesy, and corny. Tell that to the millions of tweenies and oldies that love the song.

12. Diamonds by Rihanna

Guitar chords: G, Bm, A, Bm11

You don’t have to be a fan of Rihanna to like this song. It has the nice elements of R&B and electro songs with a relaxed mid-tempo pop style. The original version has electronic rhythms, orchestral sounds, and heavy synthesizers that complement Rihanna’s signature deep vocals. Even the lyrics of the song are quite unusual if you’re considering Rihanna’s other songs.

The mid-tempo nature of the song makes it an incredibly easy pop song to play on the guitar. You could have arthritis and still be able to play the four chords of this 2012 song. Always start with a very basic downstrum playing the different chords. You should be able to focus on the standard strumming pattern of the song after a few tries on the basic downstrum. It should be a fun song from there.

13. Truly, Madly, Deeply by Savage Garden

Guitar chords: C, G, F, Am

The 1990s saw the rise of Savage Garden. This pop duo from the Land Down Under created some of the most memorable songs of the 90s. One of their most unforgettable hits is Truly, Madly, Deeply. It topped the charts in both the US, Australia, and New Zealand in 1997. The song’s guitar-etched, plush instrumentation worked so well with its romantic lyrics. This cemented the song’s position in the list of the best pop songs of the 1990s.

This pop ballad is very interesting to play on the acoustic guitar. Both the tonal structure and the chord progression are easy and simple. You can produce a very lovely melody with a simple strumming pattern. Falling in love is easy with this song filling the background. So, go on ahead and play it to your loved one.

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14. I Love It by Icona Pop

Guitar chords: G, C, Am, Bb

Every time a band or even a disc jockey plays this 2012 song, the crowd simply cannot firmly plant their feet on the ground. The song has a very hypnotic rhythm and a pulsating groove that will make anyone want to hit the dance floor right away. And why not? This is an electro pop and a dance pop that Icona Pop released to start a dance craze. rock ‘n

That’s exactly what you’ll get when you play this song. While your guitar may not have the electrifying beat of the original musical arrangement, you can bet your guitar can give justice to the song. The chords are simple and the strumming will never tax your fingers. The key is to find the rhythm that will elevate the song to a dance-worthy piece. Expect your pals to jam along with you.

15. Fall for You by Secondhand Serenade

Guitar chords: Am, F, C, G

Call it cheesy. Call it corny. Just don’t ever call this song lame. This is one of my absolute favorites when it comes to the pop songs of the 2000s. Released in 2008 by the American rock band, Secondhand Serenade, this is a very popular emo song that can be a real tearjerker for some. And even if your eyes will not well up, the beautiful lyrics and the amazing melody can surely soften that steely heart of yours.

Playing Fall for You on the guitar is the closest thing you can get to the original in terms of its melodic harmony. You can go arpeggio if you like. But, if this is your first time, I suggest getting the notes with a simple strumming pattern. You’ll never have problems with the chords, either. All four are easy to play.

16. Your Call by Secondhand Serenade

Guitar chords: C, D, Em, G

What can I say? I’m a huge fan of Secondhand Serenade. And one of their very first songs that I really fell in love with is Your Call. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. The band released this song in 2007. What I really love about this song is that it was designed specifically for the acoustic guitar. And when you add John Vesely’s riveting vocals and showmanship, you know you’ve got an instant hit on your hands.

While you can strum the basic four chords of this song, I strongly suggest learning the fingerstyle. You will be playing the chords Csus2, Dadd11, Em, and G5. These are minor variations of the major chords of the song. Fingerpicking gives the song its elegant melody and a more piano-like timbre that makes the sound so beautiful. All in all, if you’re looking for easy pop songs on guitar this is a great option.

17. The Winner Takes It All By ABBA

Guitar chords: D, Em, A, Bm

Here’s another popular song straight from the 80s. There have been a lot of controversy about this song. Many people believe that the song pertains to the divorce between ABBA’s lead vocalist, Agnetha Faitskog, and the band’s other vocalist, Bjorn Ulvaeus. While the couple denied this, there’s no denying the power of the song when it comes to the charts. The song was a UK chart topper as well as in other countries.

This is an easy piece for the guitar. You can have a very playful strumming pattern or go with a more straightforward technique. Ideally, you will want a capo on the 4th fret to get that distinct tune of the original song. Don’t worry if you don’t have a capo. It will still sound beautiful, especially if you get all the chords right.

18. Perfect by Ed Sheeran

Guitar chords: G, Em, C, D

Want to surprise your loved one on your wedding day? Thinking of a sweet and memorable way of proposing? Dying to express your heartfelt emotions to your loved one? This Ed Sheeran classic can get you across the finish line in a spectacular fashion. Not only is the lyrics so mesmerizing, the melody and harmonics are also magical. These elements can speak right to your loved one’s heart or anyone else who hears the song, for that matter.

It is easy to play this wedding day and Valentine’s Day favorite on the guitar. The strumming pattern is as simple as the message of the song. The chords and their progression are as uncomplicated as the overall structure of this pop ballad. And if you do decide to play it for your loved one, make sure to have plenty of tissue ready.

19. What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction

Guitar chords: E, Asus2, C#m, Bsus4

The song that virtually introduced One Direction to the song-crazed world, What Makes You Beautiful has all the makings of a great song. It is a power pop with an uptempo style that can get you on your feet. And even if you don’t know the lyrics, singing na-na-na-na on the middle eight is enough to get you into the groove.

Three of the four chords may seem intimidating to a lot of beginner guitarists. All you need is a bit of familiarity to help you play this One Direction song like the guitarists in your favorite watering hole. What you need to focus on is the characteristic groove of the song. It has that iconic break after each chord, giving the song its familiar hook. Master this technique and you’ve opened the door to other fascinating songs for the guitar.

20. Apologize by OneRepublic

Guitar chords: Am, F, C, G

Very few believed that Apologize will be a big hit on the radio once it gets released. True enough, the song enjoyed a phenomenal 10,000-plus plays in a single week across hundreds of radio stations all over North America. This OneRepublic song also topped the charts not only in the US but also in 15 other countries. That’s how big this unassuming pop rock has become.

Now, you get to play this phenomenal song straight on your guitar. With its catchy ‘’it’s too late” hook and a slow tempo, this is one song that is a cinch to guitar play. I think you should learn the simple fingerpicking techniques of this song. It’s more beautiful that way. You can always employ the basic strumming method when you get to the chorus of the song.

21. Counting Stars by OneRepublic

Guitar chords: Am, C, G, F

It’s never surprising why many pundits say Counting Stars is one of OneRepublic’s most successful and most beautiful songs. Released about 6 years after Apologize, this song has a very beguiling rhythm that is characteristic of conventional pop rock. However, there is also that unique groove that can only come from a folk pop style of music. As such, when you combine the two, you’re getting a song that is worthy on the dance floor as it is in your own entertainment room.

Like Apologize, Counting Stars is a great song for mastering both of your strumming and fingerpicking skills. The intro and the verses serve as a great exercise for the playing fingers. The chorus will keep your wrist all warm up. Don’t forget the capo on the 4th fret to give the song a nice melody.

22. All of Me by John Legend

Guitar chords: Em, C, G, D, Am

The year 2013 was the year of John Legend. With almost every radio station all over the world giving airplay to All of Me, it wouldn’t take long before this song knocked off Pharell William’s Happy from the top of the charts. Okay, so this song is not the pop song you may have in mind. It does have elements in it that makes the song very likable. The song has elements of soul and R&B, made more beautiful by the vocals of Legend.

And here’s the other beautiful thing about this song. You’ll get to play it on your guitar in under an hour. You cannot ask for simpler chords or even a chord progression that won’t give you a headache. The strumming pattern is as friendly to the wrist as it is in the fingers.

23. Memories by Maroon 5

Guitar chords: G, D, Em, Bm, C

If you’re a fan of classical music, you would instantly recognize the base structure of Memories. It has the nice melodic qualities of Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Who’ve guessed that a popular song like this 2019 Maroon 5 hit can draw inspiration from a 17th century masterpiece? Hats off to Adam Levine and his gang for infusing elements of ancient music into the very fabric of 21st century pop.

Here’s the thing about Memories. It is a fascinating combination of strumming and fingerpicking. The combo technique allows you to create the beautiful harmonics of the original version. There’s no need to fret about the chord progression either. You can memorize the progression quickly and easily. The song is a good tool for exercising the wrists and the fingers. It’s a fascinating way to entertain friends, too.

24. Rolling in the Deep by Adele

Guitar chords: Am, E7, Em, F, G

The song may have a dark, almost sinister start, only to surprise you with its upbeat vibe after the first verse. The vocals can send your spine into a frantic shiver. Rolling in the Deep has a dark, bluesy groove that blends well with a modern disco tune. Musicologists and music enthusiasts call it a crossover. The lyrics are snarky and Adele’s vocals are unlike any other artist. This song is what catapulted Adele to global stardom, despite the artist’s initial reservations about performing the song.

There’s no doubt that this is Adele’s most important piece. To play it on your guitar will give you the chance to deliver a bluesy pop music that has enough oomph to get everyone to the dance floor. Chords are never an issue. Nor should you be concerned about the strumming pattern.

25. Love Yourself by Justin Bieber

Guitar chords: C, G, Am, Dm, F

Beliebers never fail to stand proud every time someone plays their idol’s music. And one of the Canadian pop sensation’s easiest and hippest songs in 2015 is Love Yourself. This is an acoustic pop meant solely for the acoustic guitar. That is why I included this song as one of the best pieces that any guitarist should play. Justin Bieber sang it with a huskier tone, giving the song a softer melody and a more relaxed vibe.

Another reason why I included the song on this list is that it only has 5 easy chords. It’s best for beginner guitarists to play the song with a simple downstrum of the chords. Advanced guitarists can always experiment and play around with the song’s fingerstyle. However, you want to play this song, it should sound beautiful and almost soulful.

26. Ghost Town by Adam Lambert

Guitar chords: C, D, Em, G, Am

The intro of Ghost Town has a very cowboy-like feel, thanks to the use of a whistle that is more characteristic of the Wild West. The song has guitar balladry interlaced with fascinating electronic dance music drops. It is very interesting to note that the addictive whistle line of the song also happens to be its massive earworm hook. While the overall tone of Ghost Town is darker than any of the previous songs of Lambert, it is still a great piece to play on one’s guitar.

The structure of the song allows for an almost effortless guitar-playing. Five chords make up the entire song, with different parts playing a different chord progression. This gives the song enough character to be playable without sounding dull and boring. It’s an existential dance Goth, the way Lambert envisions it.

27. Nothin’ on You by B.o.B.

Guitar chords: CM7, CM7/A, Bm7, D, C

Many people say that Nothin’ on You’s success on the charts wouldn’t have been possible if not for Bruno Mars, who hummed the melody of the song. However, there are also critics who praised the positive vibe and the overall sweetness of the song. It doesn’t matter what others think. What I do know is that this chart-topping single of 2009 is one of the easiest pop songs you can ever play on any guitar.

It is true that the song is more of a Southern hip hop and with elements of R&B. The chords are quite unusual for beginners. The fact of the matter is that these chords are a lot simpler than they seem. The relaxed tempo of the song also guarantees easy mastery of both the rhythm and the strumming pattern of the song.

28. Our Song by Taylor Swift

Guitar chords: D, Em, G, A, D/F#

Young girls love this song. It is a vibrant song with a snappy midtempo. Some like to consider it as a precious gem that can hit as hard as metal. It is not surprising that this 2007 song was successful at the charts. The message is very relatable to any girl who is madly in love. I cannot think of a better song to play with your loved one than Our Song.

The song only has four basic chords that progress in a very predictable manner. However, there is a fifth chord that guitarists often play at one part of the song to complement the twangy vocals of Swift. The uptempo of the song requires an upstrum for every three downstrums. It’s as simple as that. You’ll never get lost playing the chords of this pop song.

29. Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx

Guitar chords: C, G, Am, F, Dm7

The best way to play Right Here Waiting is arpeggio. The harmonic melodies of the song do stand out when played this way. It is important to understand that this Richard Marx song is primarily intended for the piano. That is why it is best to hit the individual notes in a piano fashion using the strings of your guitar.

Beginner guitarists may have a difficult time mastering the fingerstyle of the song. As such, playing it with the basic strumming technique should suffice for now. Five chords complete the song. Start by learning the rhythm. This will set you up for strumming the chords in their natural progression. I do insist on your learning the fingerstyle because girls dig it. It is also a fascinating way for enhancing your guitar-playing skills.

30. Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

Guitar chords: C, D, G, Em, Cadd9

It’s almost impossible to resist the opening beat of this 2012 song by the Canadian pop star. Call Me Maybe has an intro that is so catchy that it’ll have you tapping your foot or even percussing your pencil on your table after just a few notes of the song. That’s how enticing the number is. And when Carly Rae Jepsen is already belting the chorus, you’ll find yourself singing, too.

Imagine playing this song on your guitar. Folks around you will be getting up to dance. If not, they’ll be accompanying your guitar playing with their own makeshift instruments. The chords of Call Me Maybe aren’t that difficult at all. If any, it’s the rhythm that you need to pay attention to. It has that bubblegum pop vibe to it that works so well with the dance pop and teen pop style of the song.

31. You’re Beautiful by James Blunt

Guitar chords: G, G/F#, Em7, Cadd9, Dsus4

Did you know that James Blunt only took two minutes to write the lyrics of the song that will define his career? It may sound obnoxious, but it’s true. The inspiration behind the creation of the song may not be the usual thing that artists have. What’s important is that it worked. The 2005 song topped the UK, US, and Canada charts. The song even reached the Billboard Hot 100 at the top 40.

This is a pop rock-soft rock song that plays beautifully on the guitar. And if you can mimic Blunt’s signature falsetto-like vocals, then you’ve got it made. The chords are unusual for beginners. These are easy to learn, nevertheless. Strumming is straightforward and is made easy because of the slow tempo of the song. It is the ideal musical piece to play when you want to serenade someone.

32. Fifteen by Taylor Swift

Guitar chords: G, Cadd9, Em7, D, D/F#

Here’s another Taylor Swift song that almost everyone I know can sing as if they were the ones who recorded it in 2009. The country pop style of this song can send feel-good vibes to anyone who hears it. Like other Swift songs, Fifteen draws inspiration from the singer’s own life experiences. This is crucial to delivering a song that anyone who has ever been in love during high school can easily relate to.

The original strumming pattern of the song requires a more complex technique that often comes with a few fingerpicks. If you’re a beginner guitarist, I strongly recommend playing the song with basic downstrums first. Check the rhythm of the song. Make sure that you’re in sync with the beat before you start attacking it with the recommended strumming technique.

33. Lemon Tree by Fool’s Garden

Guitar chords: Em, Bm, Am, D, G, B

Tired of the usual pop song that has a conventional teen pop, dance pop or even a country pop style? I urge you to try Lemon Tree. This is a very different kind of pop song that has a baroque vibe to it. The song also has elements of Britpop, including catchy tunes and brighter melodies. Lemon Tree was an instant hit in the UK and other European countries when it was released in 1995. Today, people still sing the piece because of its very interesting harmonics.

Playing Lemon Tree on the guitar is both easy and tricky. It’s the intro that will somehow challenge beginner guitarists. This part of the song requires careful fingerpicking to produce the individual notes of Lemon Tree. Playing the verses and the chorus is a breeze as it only requires basic strumming.

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34. Blank Space by Taylor Swift

Guitar chords: D, A, G, Em, Em7, Bm

Taylor Swift collaborated with Shellback and Max Martin in the writing of this song that topped the charts in 2014. The lyrics are an exaggeration of Swift’s flirtatious reputation. Some may even look at it as a satirical representation of the singer’s true self. Regardless of how you look at Blank Space, there’s no denying that it is one of the most exciting electropop songs ever to be recorded in 2014.

Blank Space has a rhythm that is almost like a hip-hop beat. Guitarists can easily play the 5-chord song with a simple strumming technique. It often employs downstrums. You’ll need a capo on the 3rd fret and set your guitar to the standard tuning. I’ve seen some folks play the song without the capo and it did turn out nice.

35. When You Say Nothing at All by Ronan Keating

Guitar chords: G, D, Cadd9, Em7, D/F#, E, Bsus4, Asus2

I know that many of you will not agree with me on this one. There are 8 chords to master for this Ronan Keating adult contemporary pop song. However, it is important to understand that E, Bsus4, and Asus2 are the chords that you will only play on the bridge. The other 5 chords are what you will be strumming on the verses and choruses of the song.

What is more important here is to master the fingerstyle of the intro and the pre-chorus. The fingerpicking technique will give this 1999 cover the harmonic qualities that it deserves. After all, this is a chart-topping cover of the 1988 original by Keith Whitley. It is a wonderful song to play when with friends and especially when in the company of the person you love the most.

I strongly recommend starting with the most basic techniques for playing these pop songs on your guitar. There are many learning videos on the internet that you can later use if you want to learn the more complex way of playing these songs. For example, you might want to add a unique fingerstyle to the song or even incorporate a more upbeat tempo to a slow ballad. You can always do many great things with any song once you’ve mastered the basics of guitar playing.

Wrap Up:

That does it for this article, let us know know your favorite pop songs on guitar or if there are any that we should add to this list in the comments below.

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