35 Easy Rock Guitar Songs (2023 with Video Lessons)

Rock is a very broad genre of music that has its roots from the mid-20th century when musicians began creating songs using a variety of electric musical instruments. You have the classic rock n’ roll music of the 50s and 60s, the soft and hard rock of the 70s, the alternative rock of the 80s and 90s, and the emo and hardcore rock of contemporary times. The themes are as varied as the subgenres, too.

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It is often confusing and challenging for absolute beginner guitarists to choose the song that they need to include in their learning materials. If you’re in this predicament, I understand your frustration. There are literally thousands of original songs and covers that can vie for the best rock song of the century.

However, I do suggest starting your guitar playing adventures with these 35 rock songs. These musical pieces are easy enough to play, while also allowing you to build on your skills. The most interesting part is that you’ll have so much fun playing these songs.

Here Are Easy Rock Songs to Play on Guitar

1. A Horse with No Name by America

Guitar Chords: D6add9/F#, Em

There’s no better song to start your rock music journey than with America’s most successful single. This 1971 chart-topping song has a classic E Dorian mode that is perfect for an acoustic guitar. The original song also has a D, which Bunnell played on the low G and E. What you will find amazing about this song is its driving bass line. Each chorus has a hammer-hook that makes it very enjoyable to play.

Before you get to the waterfall-type of guitar solo, you might want to brush up on the strumming pattern first. This is a rock song that is perfect for teaching newbies about rhythm and about that catchy hook. The chord pattern and progression are very easy. And despite the complicated look of the D6add9/F# chord, the song is still a breeze to play.

2. Don’t Let Me Down by The Beatles

Guitar Chords: F#m, E

Some people may think that this 1969 Beatles song is not a rock song because of its otherwise slow rhythm. At 77 beats per minute, Don’t Let Me Down is hardly what you would call a head-banging number. However, this is a song that fuses the elements of rock and blues. It also has certain elements that are important in a soul type of music. Whatever the case, you will have fun learning to play this 2-chord Beatles rock song.

The tempo of the song is beneficial to beginner guitarists. The rhythm mimics the average beating of the heart. It may be tricky to get the F#m finger positioning if this is your first time playing the guitar. This should be a great tool for introducing you to other barre chords. The song is a cinch, strumming-wise.

3. Eleanor Rigby By the Beatles

Guitar Chords: Em, C

Here’s another easy 2-chord rock song to get you all pumped up for playing other rock songs. Eleanor Rigby is a great song that fuses elements of classical music into a rock tonal structure. Some say this song is also a great example of art rock, owing to the use of elements that are deemed unconventional at the time. You’ll find the message of this song to be very timely. This is even though The Beatles released this song in 1966.

It shouldn’t be difficult to become the next John Lennon or even Paul McCartney belting his guitar with this song. The strumming technique required by the song is as straightforward as any other guitar-playing technique of the 1960s. You can add your own guitar interpretation later once you’ve mastered the rhythm of this fabulous song.

4. Wild Thing by The Troggs

Guitar Chords: A, D, E

Haven’t you noticed that our first few songs on this list are throwback greats of yesteryears? The rock song structure was a lot simpler way back then. And while the overall composition is simple, these songs never reneged on their promise of exciting harmonics and unforgettable melodies. This is what you will also get from the Trogg’s 1966 song that fuses garage rock with proto-punk and hard rock elements.

Get ready to shout Wild Thing, while you strum the three basic chords with gusto. The sequencing and the progression of the song is so predictable that you can be a master of this piece in less than 30 minutes. I also have seen some guitarists giving the song an upgrade by incorporating an arpeggio style of playing. You can also do this if you have already mastered the basics.

5. Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley

Guitar Chords: D, G, A

You’re not a rock star if you don’t know how to play one of The King of Rock n’ Roll’s greatest songs. Jailhouse Rock is not only a chart-topper. It is also a Hall of Famer and one of the all-time greats across different music genres. One of the greatest aspects of Jailhouse Rock is its 2-chord pattern that echoes through the verses. It establishes a very firm hook that has become the envy of many songwriters, even to this very day.

The original song can be a little bit complicated to play for absolute beginners. However, there are a few online materials that transpose the original chords into something more playable by novice standards. I strongly recommend learning the actual fingerstyle of the song because this is the only way you can give justice to this all-time great.

6. Sweet Home Alabama By Lynyrd Skynyrd

Guitar Chords: D, C, G

Sweet Home Alabama is easily one of my favorite easy rock guitar songs. With its characteristic Southern charm, Sweet Home Alabama belongs to the kind of songs that fuses the beautiful melodies of country and the robust tonal structure of rock. This is a 1974 Lynyrd Skynyrd song that performed exceptionally well on the charts. Credit goes to Ed King and Leon Wilkeson for creating a guitar riff that many 21st century guitarists still use as an inspiration for their own creation.

If you’re a newbie, it would be best to start off with the basic downstrums. Do it several times until you get the feel for the rhythm. The fingerstyle can follow as soon as you’ve mastered the groove of the song. Fingerpicking the notes of the song will exercise your fingers. This should help you get ready for playing many of the rock songs of the last 50 years.

7. Whole Lotta Love By Led Zeppelin

Guitar Chords: D, E, A

It is very easy to see why many people love the opening guitar riff of this 1969 Led Zeppelin song. The first few notes alone are enough to make you believe that this is a hip hard rock music that will have you bobbing your head and swaying your body with abandon. The song has a few elements of blues that add color to its already-exciting tonal structure.

Basic strumming techniques are ideal for the absolute novice guitarist. However, to be a true rock star, you’ve got to strive to play the guitar riffs in arpeggio. Don’t worry. The fingerpicking techniques are almost like strumming. The fretting movements aren’t difficult either. It’s more about the strumming technique to get the rhythm right. Once you nail it, friends will be flocking over to sing along with you. Overall, this is easily one of my favorite easy rock songs to play on guitar.

8. For What It’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield

Guitar Chords: A, D, E

Most folks think that this 1966 Buffalo Springfield song is more of a folk and country piece. Well, they are right. However, the song also happens to be played with electric musical instruments. This makes For What It’s Worth a combination of folk rock and country rock. You will also hear elements of psychedelic rock in the piece. This is quite new at the time of the song’s release, making this Springfield number nothing short of innovative.

The catchy tune of the song can be mastered using only three very simple chords. There aren’t any barre chords in the piece that can be tricky to play. The song is also an excellent introduction to the history of rock ‘n roll in this country. You don’t need a complex structure to produce a song that is worth dancing to.

9. Johnny B. Goode By Chuck Berry

Guitar Chords: E, A, D

Rock n’ roll wouldn’t be here without the musical ingenuity of Charles Edward Anderson Berry. Everyone knows him as Chuck Berry. Unfortunately, many guitarists today don’t know Berry as the pioneering legend of rock. And one of the most enduring songs of the Father of Rock n’ Roll is this 1958 song, Johnny B. Goode.

You don’t even need to sing the lyrics. The guitar riff is enough to captivate you in playing this piece all day long for several consecutive days at a time. While the 3-chord structure of the song is perfect for beginners, its fingerstyle is something that is best reserved for advanced guitarists. Start with the basic rhythm and the groove of the song. Get the strumming pattern right. Your mastery of these basics is key to playing the song using the recommended fingerpicking technique.

10. La Bamba By Ritchie Valens

Guitar Chords: C, F, G

Get ready to dance with one of the world’s best known and earliest rock n’ roll songs. It even predates Johnny B. Goode by the Father of Rock n’ Roll. La Bamba is a staple folk song in the Veracruz region of Mexico. In 1958, Ritchie Valens gave the folk song a more modern and rock n’ roll vibe. Los Lobos covered the song in 1987 for the biopic of the same name. It doesn’t matter which version you decide to play. What’s important is you’ll have fun playing one of the all-time greatest songs in the music kingdom.

The fingerstyle of La Bamba can be complicated. This is especially true if you consider its tempo of 144 beats per minute. You’ve got to have lightning-quick reflexes to will your fingers to fret and play very fast. You’ll test the coordination of your fingers as well as their string-playing precision. If this troubles you, then you can always start the song with a strum. Whatever you do, don’t scrape this song off your list of must-learn rock songs.

11. Get Back by The Beatles

Guitar Chords: A, D, G

Would you believe me if I told you that Get Back is more of a potboiler rewrite? That’s exactly how John Lennon described their 1969 song when he was interviewed by Playboy in 1980. Regardless of what the great Beatle thinks about their song, Get Back remains one of the most successful numbers that integrates rock and blues elements. The guitar riff is also very recognizable. It has provided inspiration to countless songwriters throughout the last 5 decades.

Playing Get Back isn’t difficult, especially if you’re only going to strum the chords. What is tricky is getting the right rhythm. This is easier than it sounds, since the song has a very fast tempo of 126 beats per minute. Take the first few lessons at a more manageable 70-80 BPM, just to have a feel for the rhythm.

12. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door By Bob Dylan/Guns n’ Roses

Guitar Chords: G, D, Cadd9, Asus4

Aspiring rockers always include this classic folk-rock song in their repertoire. Whether it is as a beginner’s learning piece or an all-important live number, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door is always a fun and exciting song to play. The original Bob Dylan version is perfect for beginners because the 1973 piece doesn’t require fancy fingerstyle techniques. You get to develop your rhythm a lot better.

Advanced beginner guitarists should pick the 1987 Guns n’ Roses version. It has a hard rock vibe that gets more amazing because of its fingerpicks. It is also twice longer than the 1970s original, allowing you to execute some of the most famous guitar riffs on the planet. The song is an excellent piece for mastering the fundamentals of rock music on a guitar. The confidence it gives you will also come in handy in the future.

13. Zombie By The Cranberries

Guitar Chords: Em, C, G, D

There is a song in 1993 that captivated the world in terms of its message and the song’s unrelenting and uncompromising vocals. Dolores O’Riordan first wrote the song for the acoustic guitar. However, she deemed it a lot more engaging and more powerful in delivering the song’s message if it were played on an electric guitar. This gave the world one of the most intriguing alternative rock pieces of the 90s.

Four chords should not be difficult to play. The chords aren’t the barre type, either. Strumming the song is also straightforward. Beginning with a downstrum pattern, you can progress to incorporating an upstrum after every combination of downstrums. What’s important here is for you to play whichever strumming pattern is most comfortable for you. The fretting movements aren’t complicated, too. It makes playing this song very easy for beginners.

14. Creep By Radiohead

Guitar Chords: G, B, C, Cm

Radiohead may have grown weary of playing their song. However, the rest of the world cannot seem to get enough of this 1992 song’s alternative rock vibe. It has elements of both grunge and post-grunge that give the song hints of metal and punk. The midtempo of the song is enough to get you swinging to its groove.

You’ll never have a rock song with a simpler chord and chord progression than Creep. You will be playing the four chords at a tempo of 88 BPM throughout the song. Do take note that there are power chords in the song’s first two choruses. It is also crucial to play three dead notes whenever you make the transition between the verse and the chorus. Hit the strings hard to give life to the otherwise ‘quiet’ song.

15. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones

Guitar Chords: E, D, A, B7

Whenever Keith Richards and Mick Jagger put their heads together, you can only expect the most fascinating results. And one of the best songs ever to come out of the musical minds of these two rock geniuses is Satisfaction. This is a hard rock number that has good qualities of blues rock. What sets this 1965 The Rolling Stones song from other rock greats is that the song’s principal driver is Richard’s phenomenal guitar riff.

It is true that Satisfaction only has four easy chords. However, you’ve got to master the fingerstyle if ever you want to perform this song in front of your colleagues. The groove is as catchy as the lyrics. It is critical for beginning guitarists to learn the fingerpicking techniques that the song requires. Only then can you play the song with the utmost satisfaction.

16. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

Guitar Chords: F5, Bb5, G#, C#

This song underscored the entry of grunge into the mainstream music scene in 1991. It is also one of Nirvana’s most popular song. It charted high on the different music charts of many countries across the globe. This Nirvana song is a Hall of Famer, a Guinness World Record holder, and an all-time great. It’s no wonder that many artists today started their careers by learning and playing Smells Like Teen Spirit.

The original song has Fm, Bb, Ab, and Db for its basic chords. However, it is the set of four power chords that gives the song its distinct harmonic and melodic personality. The power chords require strumming the strings with a syncopated 16th note. It can be a very tricky song to master that is well worth your effort once you get the hang of it.

17. Livin’ on a Prayer By Bon Jovi

Guitar Chords: Em, C, D, G

Very few songs can achieve the feat of Livin’ on a Prayer. This song topped the charts in 1986. It still enjoys significant positioning at the charts after several decades. Both pop and rock radio stations love playing this song. Fans of arena rock and glam metal also love this song. Both the lyrics and the tonal structure of the song are catchy.

If you’re new to playing a guitar, the trickiest aspect of playing this Bon Jovi song is getting the rhythm right. It is a song that has an uptempo beat of 123 BPM. And while it is not in the 140s, the tempo should still put your fingers and wrists to the test. It should still be a very interesting song to get your rock guitar playing on the right track. I highly recommend this song to anyone looking for easy rock guitar songs to learn.

18. Losing My Religion by R.E.M.

Guitar Chords: F, Dm, G, Am, Em

R.E.M. never knew that Losing My religion will be such a big hit. Not only did this 1991 song gained extensive radio airplay. It also enjoyed rave reviews from MTV viewers. What is more amazing about this piece of music is the fact that the alternative rock group wrote the riff for the mandolin. It’s a good thing, since you can easily play this rock song on your guitar.

With an uncomplicated chord pattern and progression, this is one song that any beginner guitarist should learn. The tune is captivating and the vibe is dance-enticing. You’ll have your friends all over the dance floor even before you get to the first verse of the song. This is a music piece that is instrumental in developing the much-needed competencies of many aspiring guitarists all over the world.

19. House of the Rising Sun by The Animals

Guitar Chords: Am, C, D, F, E

Most of us think that this song is an original creation by The Animals in 1964. This musical piece has been around since the 17th century as a folk song of miners. It was only in 1933 when the song was ‘professionally’ recorded by Ashley and Foster. What the Animals did to the song was transform it from a very common folk song to something more spectacular and entertaining. This is one of the world’s first true folk-rock songs.

So, how do you play this popular rock song? Start with the chords, which should be as easy as it can get. Playing the song itself takes a combination of downstrums and a purposeful fingerpicking technique. The 78-BPM tempo of the song is also great for mastering these techniques without putting strain on your wrists.

20. Cherub Rock by The Smashing Pumpkins

Guitar Chords: D, A, C, G, E

If you’re ready for some hard rock music, then you’ve got to check Cherub Rock. Musicologists classify this 1992 song as an alternative rock, although others would prefer calling it a grunge type of music. Whatever the case, Cherub Rock is one of the smashing songs that is perfect for novice and advanced beginner rock guitarists. The song requires no complicated tuning of your guitar. If you can have your instrument in the standard E, then you should be able to play this song straight up.

Cherub Rock is a good material for learning a combination of fingerpicking and strumming techniques. Beginners can always begin their learning journey with a conventional down-up strumming pattern. The predictable rhythm allows for easy playing. And it’s always a great song to hum along.

21. Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi

Guitar Chords: Bb, F, Am, C, Dm

Here’s another song that wannabe Bon Jovi rockers need to master if they want to follow in the footsteps of their favorite rock band. There’s no question that Bed of Roses has become the anthem of the early 90s. Bars, discos, and watering holes always devote a significant portion of their airtime to this 1992 song. While it is not as hard rock as what you would like the song to be, it happens to be one of the most exciting power ballads you can ever play.

The song comes replete with fascinating guitar riffs that are made memorable because of their fingerstyle. Learning the song should be easy without ever losing its harmonic qualities. The tempo is just right for beginners at a friendly 76 BPM. This is one Bon Jovi song worth mastering.

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22. I Love Rock N’ Roll by Joan Jett

Guitar Chords: E, A, B, G, D

It wasn’t Joan Jett who first recorded this hard rock classic. That distinction goes to the Arrows, which the group recorded in 1975 or about 7 years before Joan Jett decided to make a cover for the song. However, it was Jett who truly popularized the song. This hard rock anthem topped the Billboard Hot 100 in 1982. Britney Spears, Alex Gaudino, LadBaby and other artists also gave their own rendition of the song. It’s proof of the undying popularity of the musical piece, culminating in its induction into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Any aspiring rock guitarist will do well to learn the different techniques and tricks of this song. From the powerful strumming to the electrifying fingerstyles, this is an all-in-one learning piece. The song is also very engaging to play.

23. I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing by Aerosmith

Guitar Chords: G, D/F#, Em7, Cadd9, Am7

The world knows this song as the track that came with the Hollywood film, Armageddon in 1998. What many don’t realize is that it is also one of Aerosmith’s greatest, chart-topping songs. The musical piece is a powerful rock ballad that is the perfect platform for Steven Tyler’s phenomenal vocals. And when you get to play this rock song on your guitar, you’d be playing one of the greatest tunes of all time.

True performers always play this song arpeggio to give it exceptional harmonic qualities. However, beginner guitarists can still play the song by employing a few basic strumming patterns for the different chords. Focus on the four downstrums before giving it an upstrum to complete the song’s driving pattern. Its lovely melody and tune should also make the song very interesting to play.

24. Don’t Stop Believing by Journey

Guitar Chords: E, B, C#m, A, G#m

Believe me. This is one of the easiest rock songs you can ever play on your trusty old guitar. You can always transpose the original chords to make playing a lot easier. Playing through the chords is simple because of the predictable pattern and progression. What you will have to pay attention in this song is the correct strumming pattern. Getting the groove right should help you play almost any other song.

The song did not enjoy instant chart success when it got released in 1981. The highest rank it reached was the 9th position on the Hot 100. However, less than 3 decades later, the song reached number 6. This is due to its cover version performed by the cast of Glee. Many musicologists consider this music piece as an impeccable rock song.

25. Seven Nation Army by White Stripes

Guitar Chords: Em, C, B7, G, A

Personally, I love the guitar riffs of this alternative rock piece. It has that very nice vibe that complements its almost anthem-like character. That is why a lot of people chant to the beat of the song whenever it gets played at sporting events and other competitions. This 2002 song marked the revival of garage rock. It gives contemporary musicians a blueprint for creating their own masterpieces without resorting to complex chord structures.

The chords of Seven Nation Army are great for beginners. If there’s anything that you should focus on, that would be the song’s rhythm. An understanding of the song’s groove will also set you up for the more successful playing of this rock song on your guitar. The strumming technique is uncomplicated. You should be ready to play this song within minutes.

26. Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf

Guitar Chords: E, E7, G, A, D

If there is a song that best sums up all the fine qualities of rock music and why people love it so much, this Steppenwolf song of 1968 is it. The song is the anthem of bikers, gangs, and members of other counter culture groups. People look at the song as the very first musical piece that employed heavy metal elements. However, this is a song that is as hard rock as any other contemporary rock song.

The song can teach beginners many things about playing the guitar. The guitar riffs are not only electrifying. They are excellent tools for mastering the fingerstyle, too. However, not all beginners will be able to execute the techniques right away. That’s why it would be best to focus more on basic chords using only the most basic of strumming techniques.

27. The One I Love by R.E.M.

Guitar Chords: Em, Dsus2, Dsus4, G, Cadd9, D#

This is a rock song that me and my friends never grow tired of either singing or playing on our guitars. It is an alternative rock piece that features a very catchy tune and easy-to-play chords. Q Magazine listed this song as one of the greatest tracks on guitar, making its case as a great learning tool for beginning guitarists.

The chords may seem complicated at first. All it needs is familiarization with the corresponding finger positions to get the fretting movements right. What beginner guitarists should focus on is the strumming pattern. It is straightforward. However, the 128-BPM tempo of the song can be very challenging for novice guitarists. Try reducing the number of beats per minute to make playing more manageable until such time that you’re already comfortable playing the song in its original tempo.

28. The Twist by Chubby Checker

Guitar Chords: G7, C, Am, F, G, C7

One of the hippest rock and roll songs of the 1950s is The Twist. Unfortunately, the original recording by Hank Ballard did not do well in the music charts in 1958. Chubby Checker covered the song two years later, creating an instant hit that soon became the craze in many dance clubs. The cover topped the charts and heralded the birth of the crazy Twist dance.

Like all rock songs of the 50s and 60s, The Twist doesn’t have a very complicated structure. The chords are a breeze to play and the strumming pattern is perfect for elementary guitarists. The song is a good tool for learning the essentials of guitar playing. Its catchy tune also makes the song a great choice when entertaining a group of people. They’ll dance to the beat, if not sing along to the lyrics of the song.

29. Californication By Red Hot Chili Peppers

Guitar Chords: Am, F, C, G, Dm, FM7

Californication is a very popular alternative rock song that even critics of Red Hot Chili Peppers have grown to appreciate the musical ingenuity of the group. While the song did not top the charts in the US and other major countries, it did enjoy significant airtime on radio stations all over the world.

You’ve got to love how Frusciante picked the Am and F chords for a full 12 measures before adding C, G, Dm, and Am to complete a section of the song. This gives the song a very simple structure and a predictable pattern for beginner guitarists to learn. Californication is a good learning tool for developing your fingerpicking skills. You can also play a simple strumming technique. However, only the fingerstyle will give the song its much-vaunted harmonic characteristics.

30. Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Guitar Chords: G, D/F#, Em, F, C, Bb

Lynyrd Skynyrd has been performing at small town gigs since 1964. However, it was only in 1973 when the group was able to release their debut album. One of the most striking songs on that album was Free Bird. It is a very long musical piece, spanning a full 9 minutes. The single is shorter. However, when the band plays the song in their live performances, it can extend all the way to the 14th minute mark. And people don’t seem to mind.

This is exactly how people around you will be reacting when you play Free Bird on your guitar. It has an interesting groove that makes it sound more like a slow rock than it is a hard rock piece. It helps that the song only has a 66-BPM tempo, allowing for easy learning.

31. Nothing Else Matters by Metallica

Guitar Chords: Em, Am, C, D, G, B7, A

The opening riff of this 1991 heavy metal song is so melodious that you’d be forgiven for thinking that it is an intro to a lullaby or some ballad. However, it is one of the finest characteristics of Nothing Else Matters. It is also one of those things that sets it apart from other rock songs in its time. The guitar solos on this 6:28 song is also excellent. You’ll never forget the basslines, either.

I don’t expect you to play this song like a pro if you’re only a beginner guitarist. However, you can play it like a pro in a matter of several days if you pay attention to a few details. Learn the chords and the tabs. Add the rhythm and groove of the song and you will be on your way to playing this song like a rock star.

32. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

Guitar Chords: Am, G, Em, F, Dm, C, Em7

There’s no arguing that Eye of the Tiger has one of the most captivating and coolest riffs ever. The combination of a soul-driving bassline and the electrifying power chords are enough to get you all pumped up. This is one of the reasons why Rocky Balboa chose this song in his fight against the cocky pugilist Clubber Lang.

Most of the learning resources about this song you will see online are dedicated mostly to learning and perfecting the guitar riffs and solos of this song. The power chords are a definite must. So is the strong and enigmatic bass riff that precedes the power chords. The good news is that you can master these techniques in under a week. Once you do, you’ll find yourself more confident playing almost any other song on your guitar.

33. Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen

Guitar Chords: D, G, C, Bb, E, A, F

Released in 1979, Crazy Little Thing Called Love is a chart-topper and a favorite piece by covering artists. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if you decide to give your own rendition of the song once you’ve mastered its fundamentals. It is an excellent showcase of Queen’s musical ingenuity.

The easy way to learn this song is by focusing on the rhythm first. You can then take on the chords and their recommended progression. The strumming is easy and the chords aren’t that complex. From there, you can notch it up higher to give the song its ultimate form. Don’t forget to have fun while learning this song. You can use this song to develop your guitar playing skills, while also building up your confidence.

34. I Want to Hold Your Hand by The Beatles

Guitar Chords: G, C, D, Em, B7, Dm, Am

The Beatles’ first-ever US Billboard Hot 100-topping song also happens to be one of the best and easiest rock songs anyone can play. You don’t have to be a Beatle fanatic. You only need to listen to the song and let its groove guide you. This is pop rock at its finest and only in the way that the Liverpool quartet can deliver.

Played in the key of G, I Want to Hold Your Hand is the perfect beginner guitarist song. Even seasoned guitarists will always make time to play this piece because of the song’s simple structure and beautiful melody. Warming up your fingers should be easy as the song requires a pretty standard strumming technique, although the tempo can be quite taxing for some people. It is still an exciting song to play.

35. Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns n’ Roses

Guitar Chords: D, C, G, A, Em, B7, Am

This is never an easy piece to master, especially if you are going to play it like the original. The guitar riffs have a simple structure. However, it is the way the chords are played that can challenge even the most seasoned rock guitarist. Playing it as close to the original as possible will give you an idea as to why this song remains Guns n’ Roses greatest song ever.

You don’t need to play the fingerstyle of the song to produce an amazing sound. There are simplified versions of the song that utilize only basic strumming patterns. The chords are also simple. Yet, when done correctly, these basic guitar playing techniques can still give you a song that’s worthy of a performance. It is the perfect tool for brushing up on your guitar playing skills, including strumming, rhythm, and basic fingerstyle.

Playing these 35 rock songs require basic guitar-playing skills. Your mastery of these skills will help you advance to more complicated techniques. Such techniques will help you play these songs and other rock songs in a more rock star-like fashion.

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