17 Easiest Instruments to Learn and Play

Some of the Easiest Instruments to Learn and Play

Music teachers and instructors always have this very positive attitude in them that I admire. They tell aspiring musicians that learning to play an instrument is easy if you have the passion for it. And by passion, they mean commitment, dedication, and focus on what aspiring musicians want to achieve. While I somewhat agree with …

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17 Best Violins For Beginners and Students in 2023

Best Violins for Beginners Featured Image

The violin is renowned for being one of the most difficult instruments to play. However, it is also renowned for being one of the most beautiful sounding instruments. Putting the work in to learn how to play the violin is an investment, but a great investment at that. I remember when I was first thinking …

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17 Best Guitars for Kids (Acoustic and Electric) in 2023

Some of the Best Guitars for Kids on the Market Right Now

Learning to play an instrument is an extremely beneficial learning experience for kids. Think about all the toys and activities over the years that kids pick up briefly and move on from, where a musical instrument has the chance to last a lifetime. Choosing which guitar to buy can be overwhelming with so many options …

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14 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $2000 in 2023

Best Acoustic Guitars Under 2000 Dollars Featured Image

There comes a time in every musician’s career when they finally decide to take that step forward and begin looking to look for an upgrade from their current model and start looking at what the higher end guitars have to offer. This article will give you insight into which guitar is the perfect fit for …

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Guitar Sizes Explained (Acoustic and Electric)

Guitar Sizes Explained (Featured Image)

Choosing the right guitar might seem like a simple task until you actually start looking at all the different specs. Of course, your choice will depend on what kind of sound you are looking for and what genre of music you are playing. Some guitar will lend themselves better to rock, blues, or jazz. One …

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10 Hardest Instruments to Play and Why

Some of the Hardest Instruments to Play

There is not a single person I know who does not like music. Whether it is to calm their nerves or to find a temporary safe refuge for their troubled soul, music can be such a magical thing to engage in. Many people don’t realize all the years of hard work and training that goes …

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Violin Sizes Explained: How to Choose (with Comparison Chart)

Different size violins side by side

Purchasing a new violin is an exciting endeavor, particularly if it is the first violin you are buying. Whether you are buying the instrument for yourself, or your child, there are many different things to consider before making the purchase. Aside from thinking about things such as budget, brand, and sound quality, you will also …

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18 Best Cheap Keyboard Pianos in 2023

Best Budget Keyboard Pianos Featured Image

Over the past few years, digital pianos and keyboard pianos have gained increasing popularity as technology has developed to create an authentic acoustic piano experience and sound. Without the weight and lack of portability associated with a traditional upright or grand piano, keyboards provide musicians with the flexibility to perform from almost anywhere. Whether you’re …

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22 Best Soprano Ukuleles in 2023 (All Price Ranges)

Best Soprano Ukuleles Featured Image

Considered to be the standard size of the instrument, soprano ukuleles produce the characteristic sound that ukulele lovers enjoy hearing and playing. With its rich history, many players seek to find the best soprano ukulele. Every ukulele manufacturer that has ever existed makes at least one if not several lines of soprano ukuleles. Being that …

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