Jerry Cantrell Guitars and Gear List (2021 Update)

Jerry Cantrell Playing Guitar

Jerry Fulton Cantrell Jr. is best known as the founder and lead guitarist of the grunge band Alice In Chains. He is credited with many big hits such as “Rooster”, “Would?”, “Man in The Box” as well as many others. Although his longtime friend and frontman Layne Staley often co-wrote the lyrics with him, Jerry …

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17 Best Bass Practice Amps in 2021 (All Price Ranges)

Bass Practice Amps Featured Image

By its very nature, the ideal bass tone will be deep and vibrant, filling the room, serving as something of a foundation for your band’s mix. This makes choosing a bass practice amp a tricky task, as you’ll be looking to invest in something with crisp and full sound, but also is volume friendly to …

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Drop A Tuning Guide with 22 Songs, Chords, Tabs, and More

Drop A Tuning Guide

If you’re a guitarist looking to explore new songwriting and melodic ideas, then you should definitely explore alternate guitar tunings. And while Drop A may not be the first one that comes to mind, it is a hidden gem. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through everything you need to know about the …

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26 Easy 4 Chord Guitar Songs (with Lesson Videos)

Easy 4 Chord Songs (Featured Image)

You don’t need to be a guitar virtuoso to start playing awesome songs on your guitar. In fact, you can play a ton of cool songs using just four chords! Today, we have compiled a list of easy four-chord songs to help you kickstart and expand your repertoire. From pop, rock, folk to reggae, you’ll …

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30 Hardest Guitar Songs (with Lesson Videos)

Eric Johnson playing one of the hardest guitar songs

The guitar was originally an instrument meant to grace both the player and the audience with beautiful sounds and a healthy atmosphere. However, as virtuosos and talented musicians came to the scene, it quickly evolved to also be a tool of competitiveness, which made clear distinctions between enthusiasts, hobbyists, and pros. Musicians and performers all …

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Joe Perry Guitars and Gear List (2021 Update)

Joe Perry Playing Guitar

Few guitarists in history have had such a long and influential career as Joe Perry. From his immense success with the legendary band Aerosmith, of which he was a founding member, to his various solo projects, Joe Perry has left a massive impact on modern music. Rolling Stone rates him 84th of the 100 greatest …

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24 Songs with GCD Chords (with Lesson Videos)

GCD Guitar Songs (Featured Image)

You don’t need to be a guitar virtuoso to start playing songs on your guitar. In fact, there are countless amazing songs you can play with just 3 easy chords: G Major, C Major, and D Major! Today we are going to show you exactly how to play these three essential chords, and share 24 …

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Kirk Hammett Guitars and Gear List (with Videos)

Kirk Hammett Playing Guitar

The 1980s were yet another decade flush with creativity and originality in new Rock and Roll music. This is especially the case with metal music, with a surge in new styles and subgenres emerging since the late 1970s. In this new generation of music, Metallica stands out as one of the biggest (if not the …

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Gary Moore Guitars and Gear List (with Videos)

Gary Moore Playing Guitar

Gary Moore was one of the most well-known and successful guitarists of all time. Music connoisseurs will often describe him as a virtuoso. Moore has often been cited as an influence by other influential guitar players and his impact in rock music extends from blues-rock to hard rock, iconic tunes from his time with Thin …

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Dimebag Darrell Guitars and Gear List (with Videos)

Dimebag Darrell Guitars and Gear (Featured Image)

Metal is a style of music that is constantly in flux, with seemingly constant variations and subgenres materializing. Since the mid-90s Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell has been a source of inspiration, virtuosity, and edge for the metal genre. When we think of the bands and guitarists that have had the most substantial impact in influencing the …

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