Ted Nugent Guitars and Gear List (2021 Update)

Ted Nugent Playing Guitar

One aspect of Rock and roll is all about being loud, proud, and in your face. No musician embodies that mentality more than, the Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent. He has been turning his amps up to eleven and pumping his high-feedback, heavily distorted tones through hollow-body guitars for almost 60 years! Having a long …

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Fender Stratocaster vs Gibson Les Paul – Key Differences Explained

Fender Stratocaster vs Gibson Les Paul Featured Image

Gibson Les Pauls and Fender Stratocasters are two of the most iconic electric guitar designs in history, and they have been dominating the market for more than 60 years. Two guitars share the fact that they have had almost instant success right after their release, and the two electric guitars are still just as popular …

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Mike McCready Guitars and Gear List (2021 Update)

Mike McCready Playing Guitar

Hall of Fame lead guitarist Mike McCready holds an odd place in the realm of rock and roll. Joined by his ever enigmatic band, Pearl Jam, McCready has been consistently productive, inventive, and admired for over 30 years. Yet too many people who are not guitarists nor passionate Pearl Jam fans barely hold the faintest …

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24 Popular Songs in Minor Keys (with Tabs and Videos)

Mick Jagger Playing One of the Most Popular Songs in Minor Key

As music lovers, we’ve all heard the old thumb rule to check whether a song is in a major or minor key – “if it sounds happy, it’s in a major key and if it sounds sad, that’s a minor key”. Well, buckle up, because you’re in for a surprise. There are breakup songs like …

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Neil Young Guitars and Gear List (2021 Update)

Neil Young Playing Guitar

It’s a testament to Neil Young’s incredible vocal and songwriting ability that his prodigious guitar playing often goes unnoticed in comparison. Neil’s early rock and roll roots are reflected in his guitar playing, which alternates between a raucous rock and sweet, delicately picked acoustic work. His early career consisted largely of troubadour-style folk music firmly …

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10 Best Online Guitar Stores (2021 Update)

Best Online Guitar Stores Featured Image Guitar Lobby

There are dozens of online guitar stores that can provide players with gear delivered right to our doorsteps! The expanding world of eCommerce has retailers competing for your online business like never before. Some retailers clearly rise above the rest with their customer service, shipping, and return policies, as well as exclusive deals, found only …

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17 Best Patch Cables for Pedalboards in 2021

Some of the Best Patch Cables for Pedalboards

Selecting the right patch cables for connecting the stompboxes on your pedalboard is essential if you want to ensure that you minimize noise issues and achieve optimal sound quality. Patch cables are often overlooked, because on the surface it may seem that there’s very little difference between the different options on the market. However, upon …

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Steve Hackett Guitars and Gear List (2021 Update)

Steve Hackett Playing Guitar

Best-known as the lead guitarist from famous progressive band Genesis, Steve Hackett is one of those legendary guitarists that has helped shape rock as we know it. From the complexities of Progressive Rock to diverse and unforgettable sounds and techniques that carried over to future generations. Although his tenure with Genesis was rather brief, he …

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Eric Johnson Guitars and Gear List (2021 Update)

Eric Johnson Playing Guitar

A spearhead of fusion rock, Eric Johnson rose to fame in the late 80s, giving the world a never before seen concoction of Rock, Blues, Jazz, Soul, and even the ever so slight sprinkle of Country. Having been born into a musically inclined family, Johnson ventured into the world of guitars at the young age …

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