45 Popular & Easy R&B Guitar Songs (2023 With Chords)

R&B guitar songs being played by Chris Schiebel

Rhythm and blues, also known as R&B, has always been one of my favorite music genres to play on the guitar. Classic R&B came from the African-American community and naturally was full of struggle, loss, love, and overcoming. Over time, the genre has evolved, merging with hip-hop and soul music, giving it a more modern …

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48 Easy Taylor Swift Guitar Songs (2023 With Tabs & Videos)

Easy Taylor Swift Songs on Guitar (Featured Image)

You don’t have to be a huge fan of Taylor Swift to appreciate her remarkable talent for songwriting. And her voice, while perhaps not the best in the world, sure has a timbre to it that can stir the soul. What endears Swift to her fans is the relatability of her songs. The musical pieces …

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30 Biggest Music Festivals of All Time (2023 Rankings)

Stage at one of the biggest music festivals

Music festivals have made their way into the 21st-century culture in a spirit of celebration that has become quintessential for just about any music enthusiast. From the pulsating rhythms of Coachella’s desert expanse to the eclectic magnetism that you can find in the streets of Montreal during its annual Jazz festival, these monumental congregations go …

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35 Easy Metallica Songs to Play on Guitar (With Tabs)

Easy Metallica songs being played by Chris Schiebel

For beginner guitarists, getting into metal can be daunting. Many tracks in the genre are complex, often seeming out of reach for those just starting out. However, Metallica’s vast discography offers a unique blend of songs that are both iconic and accessible for beginners. While a lot of Metallica tracks boast intricate solos, many also …

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17 Minor Chord Progressions: Ultimate 2023 Guide

Minor chord progressions being demonstrated by Chris Schiebel

Have you ever wondered why some songs sound so heartbreaking and sad? There are many factors that affect a song’s vibe, like the lyrics, song structure, and chord progressions. Using chord progressions in minor keys is a surefire recipe for crafting a powerful, emotional experience for the listeners. Depending on how you use them, these …

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35 Easy Bob Dylan Guitar Songs (With Lesson Videos)

Bob Dylan Playing Guitar

There are many reasons why Bob Dylan continues to be one of the most iconic singer-songwriters of all time. While some love his deep lyrics, others can’t resist his emotive vocals. But for guitarists, we love how he often uses the simplest guitar chords and easy strumming patterns to create pure songwriting magic! So many …

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65 Easy Guitar Riffs for Beginners (2023 With Tabs)

Easy guitar riffs being demonstrated by Chris Schiebel

It’s impossible to imagine a world without Keith Richards’ three-note strut in “Satisfaction” or Jimmy Page’s chugging wonder in “Whole Lotta Love”? As a repetitive, melodic hook, a well-written guitar riff can make a song unforgettable. They have shaped genres, immortalized musicians, and inspired a generation of guitarists. A riff doesn’t even have to be …

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50 Best Instrumental Guitar Songs (2023 With Tabs)

Instrumental Guitar Songs being played by Chris Schiebel

If a picture paints a thousand words and music paints a picture, how do we measure the quality and emotion of instrumental songs? Is it by the number of hearts they touch? The number of notes per second? Sometimes instrumental guitar songs can tell a much more vivid and emotionally evocative story than a song …

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75 Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners (2023 With Tabs & Videos)

Easy guitar songs for beginners being demonstrated by Chris Schiebel

When you’re first learning to play the guitar, it’s tough to know where to begin. As a guitar teacher, I recommend beginners start with super easy guitar songs that only have a few chords. These types of songs are perfect for building confidence and fundamental guitar-playing skills. I would be lying if I told you …

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57 Songs With GCD Chords (2023 With Lesson Videos)

GCD Songs Featured Image

You don’t need to be a guitar virtuoso to start playing songs on your guitar. In fact, there are countless amazing songs you can play with just 3 easy chords: G Major, C Major, and D Major! Today we are going to show you exactly how to play these three essential chords, and share iconic …

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