Fender Stratocaster vs Gibson Les Paul – Key Differences Explained

Fender Stratocaster vs Gibson Les Paul Featured Image

Gibson Les Pauls and Fender Stratocasters are two of the most iconic electric guitar designs in history, and they have been dominating the market for more than 60 years. Two guitars share the fact that they have had almost instant success right after their release, and the two electric guitars are still just as popular …

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40 Easy Love Songs on Guitar (2023 with Video Lessons)

Jason Mraz Playing an Easy Love Song on Guitar

Love songs have a very uncanny way of talking directly to our hearts. Even if we don’t have a hand in the composition and writing of the song, we still feel moved by the lyrics and the melodies of the song. Love songs can be a very powerful cocktail that gets us drunk of emotions. …

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Yngwie Malmsteen Guitars and Gear List (2023 Update)

Yngwie Malmsteen Playing Guitar Live

In the long, storied history of the electric guitar, few artists have blended classical and metal styles with the ferocity and melodic sensibility of Yngwie Malmsteen. Sweden’s shred-meister general took the lightning-fast technique of Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhoads and amplified it through his own baroque sensibility. Malmsteen continues to inspire awe and envy …

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35 Best Rock Bands with Female Singers (with Videos)

Rock Bands with Female Singers Featured Image

These ladies have massive street credit, they’ve dismantled a male-dominated world, became role models for most musicians to date and to come, and certainly have achieved some of the most incredible come-up stories in Rock N’ Roll history. Furthermore, since the beginning of Rock music as a voice for counterculture and all that is alternative, …

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How Long Does it Take To Learn Guitar (Realistic Timeline)

How Long Does it Take To Learn Guitar Featured Image

If you’ve found your way to this article, chances are you’re either thinking of learning the guitar or may have already taken the plunge. It’s a pretty normal question to ask – how long does it take to learn guitar? Learning the basics of the guitar is not difficult, but mastering it is a lifelong …

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25 Famous Black Guitarists Every Musician Should Know About: 2023 Edition

Black Guitarist Gary Clark Jr Playing Live

Since the turn of the 20th century, black musicians have pioneered and developed numerous musical genres and done it all while battling racism. With resilience, emotionally compelling songwriting, and distinctive playing style, every generation of black guitarists reduced the struggles and paved the way for the one that followed. Here are 25 prolifically talented and …

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25 Best Female Bass Players of All Time (2023 with Videos)

Female Bass Player Ginger Pooley Performing Live

Let me just say it out loud: If you thought that there aren’t too many professional female bassists around, then you thought wrong. There are some insanely talented female bassists out there. I’ve noticed that not too many young girls are encouraged to pick up the bass guitar when they’re starting out, and I can’t …

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Derek Trucks Guitars and Gear List (2023 Update)

Derek Trucks Playing Guitar

Derek Trucks is one of the purest blues guitarists in the world. With soul shredding slide guitar licks as a trademark for his encompassing style, he followed in, and some may even say outdid, the footsteps of his uncle, Butch Trucks, founder of the Allman Brothers Band. Trucks’ musical style is rather diverse, but it’s …

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The 5 Different Types of Guitar Strings Explained (2023)

Different Types Of Guitar Strings Featured Image

Whether you play an electric, acoustic, or classical guitar, it’s important for a guitar player to have an understanding of guitar strings. Just putting a different set of strings will totally alter the sound and the feel of your playing. Strings are the connection from your fingers to the instrument. Oftentimes, guitar players overlook their …

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