80 Easy Country Songs to Play on Guitar (2023 With Tabs & Videos)

Easy Country Songs on Guitar Featured Image

It goes without saying that beginner guitarists should always have country songs in their repertoire. These are very fun songs to play, and they usually have a down-to-earth message that we can all relate to. Learning to play a country song on your favorite guitar is a breeze if you start with some easy-to-play songs …

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110 Easy Rock Guitar Songs (2023 With Tabs & Videos)

Easy Rock Guitar Songs Featured Image

Rock is a very broad genre of music that has its roots in the mid-20th century when musicians began creating songs using a variety of electric musical instruments. You have the classic rock n’ roll music of the 50s and 60s, the soft and hard rock of the 70s, the alternative rock of the 80s …

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50 Best Songs in Open G Tuning (2023 With Tabs & Videos)

Open G Tuning (Featured Image)

If you’ve never played in Open G tuning before, this article has everything you need to get started! We’ve also put together an awesome list of songs in open G tuning with video lessons and tabs included. We’ll start by getting our guitars into tune using the visual guide above. Start with your guitar tuned …

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62 Easy Fingerpicking Songs (2023 With Tabs & Lessons)

Guitarist Playing an Easy Fingerpicking Song

Fingerpicking is a style of playing the guitar that requires playing the individual notes of a chord rather than strumming the chords as a group. This produces tonal qualities that are both polyphonic and harmonic, giving color to the song. Unfortunately, fingerstyle is not that easy. This technique requires deft fingers, but you shouldn’t be …

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75 Easy Piano Songs for Beginners (2023 With Lessons)

John Legend Playing an Easy Piano Song

If playing the piano always felt intimidating because of the difficulty of classical music, this article is for you! Along with being fun to play, thanks to their catchy tunes and easy forms, these songs make the learning process a lot easier. The songs on this list are great for beginners because of their repetitive …

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70 Easy Metal Songs on Guitar (2023 With Tabs)

Van Halen Playing an Easy Metal Guitar Song

Metal is a music genre that has progressed in many phases over the years. It’s not always an easy genre for beginner guitarists to learn, either. To master metal music on a guitar takes excellent command of the staccato, mastering power chords, palm-muting, and forceful rhythm. The harmonic traits of true metal songs are also …

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50 Easy Beatles Songs on Guitar (2023 With Tabs)

Paul McCartney Playing an Easy Beatles Song on Guitar

The music of The Beatles lives on in every seasoned performer, aspiring artist, and even ordinary people who draw inspiration from the Fab Four’s countless songs. Their songs continue to be streamed and downloaded from online platforms, giving contemporary listeners a taste of the music that defined an era. Any Beatles song is an essential …

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60 Easy Classical Guitar Songs for Beginners (2023 With Tabs)

Guitarist Playing an Easy Classical Guitar for Beginners

I always tell aspiring new guitarists to consider going for a classical guitar. Depending on what type of music you want to play, of course, as the sound is softer and mellower than the twangy sound of steel strings. The nylon strings on a classical guitar will be easier on a beginner’s fingertips as they …

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57 Fun & Easy Guitar Solos for Beginners (2023 With Tabs)

Slash Playing an Easy Guitar Solo

It’s a pretty frequently asked question from beginner and somewhat intermediate guitar players, what are some easy guitar solos for beginners? Guitar solos are typically the most difficult part of the song to nail, so it’s a great way to practice and improve, and it also typically means you can play the song from beginning …

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70 Easy Bass Songs for Beginners (2023 With Tabs)

Chris Wolstenholme Playing an Easy Bass Guitar Song for Beginners

Learning to play the bass guitar is similar to learning to play a traditional guitar. There are fewer chords to master, and the fingering techniques are not as complicated as the ones used in an acoustic guitar. The strings are heavier, though, making finger strength and dexterity very important. Of course, when starting out, it’s …

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