Steve Vai Guitars and Gear List (2022 Update)

Steve Vai Playing Guitar

Steve Vai, innovator of “stunt guitar” and mercurial, enigmatic solo artist. His unique playing style is rooted firmly in precision and infinite expression, and over five decades remains at the forefront of potent shred guitar. Appropriately, his first job as a guitarist came with Frank Zappa, who often referred to Vai, then aged eighteen, as …

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Mark Tremonti Guitars and Gear List (2022 Update)

Mark Tremonti Playing Guitar Live

Creed and Alter Bridge’s guitarist Mark Tremonti has garnered recognition and prestige not only for his technical playing ability, which he has heaps of, but also for his incredible songwriting skills and musical sensibility. Having written some monumentally successful songs, including the Grammy award-winning “With Arms Wide Open” by Creed, Tremonti was awarded the 2015 …

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Adam Jones Guitars and Gear List (2022 Update)

Adam Jones Guitars and Gear (Featured Image)

The 1990s were one of the most important turning points for rock and metal music. It was a time when new movements and rock subgenres began to flourish. Although the focus shifted from those lightning-speed fast guitar solos typical of glam (or “hair”) metal music, the guitar itself wasn’t neglected. In fact, a more down-to-earth …

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Kurt Cobain Guitars and Gear List

Kurt Cobain Playing the Guitar

As frontman of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain not only became the face and voice of a generation. He also shaped the course of the music industry, pivoting American counterculture and alternative rock as a massive driving force. His conscientious lyricism and distortion-packed, blasting riffs trademarked the band and the left of the American dial alike. With …

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Robert Johnson Guitars and Gear List (with Videos)

Robert Johnson Playing Guitar

Robert Johnson was for many a source of inspiration, for a few others, a reason to believe in the supernatural and the 27 Club, but for everyone, Johnson was, and still is, one of the most interesting and mysterious artists the world has ever seen. The influence Johnson had on music is still incomparable, he …

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Dimebag Darrell Guitars and Gear List (with Videos)

Dimebag Darrell Guitars and Gear (Featured Image)

Metal is a style of music that is constantly in flux, with seemingly constant variations and subgenres materializing. Since the mid-90s Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell has been a source of inspiration, virtuosity, and edge for the metal genre. When we think of the bands and guitarists that have had the most substantial impact in influencing the …

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Dave Grohl Guitars and Gear List (2022 Update)

Dave Grohl Guitars and Gear (Featured Image)

You might know him as the drummer from Nirvana, or the leader of the colossal Foo Fighters, but whichever you prefer, there is only one man that has been giving the best of himself to keep Rock N’ Roll on the radar for many decades and many more to come. Undoubtedly one of the most …

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Jerry Cantrell Guitars and Gear List (2022 Update)

Jerry Cantrell Playing Guitar

Jerry Fulton Cantrell Jr. is best known as the founder and lead guitarist of the grunge band Alice In Chains. He is credited with many big hits such as “Rooster”, “Would?”, “Man in The Box” as well as many others. Although his longtime friend and frontman Layne Staley often co-wrote the lyrics with him, Jerry …

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Gary Moore Guitars and Gear List (with Videos)

Gary Moore Playing Guitar

Gary Moore was one of the most well-known and successful guitarists of all time. Music connoisseurs will often describe him as a virtuoso. Moore has often been cited as an influence by other influential guitar players and his impact in rock music extends from blues-rock to hard rock, iconic tunes from his time with Thin …

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Joe Perry Guitars and Gear List (2022 Update)

Joe Perry Playing Guitar

Few guitarists in history have had such a long and influential career as Joe Perry. From his immense success with the legendary band Aerosmith, of which he was a founding member, to his various solo projects, Joe Perry has left a massive impact on modern music. Rolling Stone rates him 84th of the 100 greatest …

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