17 Famous Singers With Raspy Voices (Male & Female)

Singers With Raspy Voices Graphic

Although some may think it’s odd or just wrong, raspy vocals aren’t only popular but are also pretty challenging to pull off. Medical professionals would probably refer to it as “dysphonia.” However, it usually takes practice and a lot of experience to pull it off in the right context. That’s why it’s less common to …

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24 Best Female Pop Singers of All Time (2023 Update)

One of the Best Female Pop Singers Ariana Grande Performing Live

Not to be confused with the term “popular music,” pop music in and of itself is its own genre within popular music defined by the basic songwriting format of verse-chorus, with repeated hooks and a generally short length. Often associated with other genres such as rock, dance, country and urban, pop music as we know …

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What Guitar Does Garth Brooks Play?

Garth Brooks Guitar 2020

Garth Brooks is the undisputed king of modern country music. It’s not even a competition. Ever since he achieved mainstream success in the early 90s nobody has matched his songwriting ability, energy, and live concerts. Maybe you’re a big fan, or maybe you’re just curious, but in this article, we answer the question, ‘What Guitar …

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Slash Guitars and Gear List (2023 Update)

Slash Playing Guitar

One of the most recognizable rock figures of all time, an avid Les Paul collector and an overall guitar legend, the man in the hat, Saul “Slash” Hudson was born into a family of artists before making a name for himself with Guns N’ Roses. Before moving to Los Angeles at the age of five, …

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15 Biggest Concerts of All Time (2023 List)

One of the Biggest Concerts of All Time

Albums are great and all, but it’s impossible to beat the energy and passion at a live concert. Throughout time, people have loved sitting around listening to others play music. Of course, things have changed with the invention of amps, speakers, and microphones. Now, music superstars can perform for bigger crowds than ever before, with …

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Les Claypool Bass Guitars and Gear­­­­ List (with Videos)

Les Claypool playing bass guitar live

Les Claypool is known as a modern bass-playing powerhouse and a punk-rock virtuoso. His mastery of the bass has made him genre-defying. He is as well-versed in jazz fusion as he is in heavy metal or progressive rock. His band Primus mixed funk, metal, and other genres to create something unique. Known for his crazy …

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Ritchie Blackmore Guitars and Gear List (2023 Update)

Ritchie Blackmore Playing Guitar

English-born guitar icon Ritchie Blackmore is one of the most influential guitar players from the 70s and is often referred to as one of the fathers of heavy metal. His unique playing style, blues-driven riffs using 4ths, classical music influence, arpeggios, and fast picking are the reason he stood out above many other contemporaries. In …

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Malcolm Young Guitars and Gear List (with Pictures and Videos)

Malcolm Young Guitars and Gear Featured Image

The band that changed the world, the group that reinvented guitar music, the couple of Australian guys who made people dance, rock out, have a good time, and more importantly, feel good for more than four decades; there are numerous titles that we could ascribe to AC/DC and the Young brothers, so let’s stick with …

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Duane Allman Guitars and Gear List (with Videos)

Duanne Allman Guitars and Gear (Featured Image)

One of blues rock’s greatest exponents, Duane Allman’s striking and innovative skills have left an unprecedented impact on music history. Often referred to as Skydog due to the impressively high notes he managed to hit, he’s known for being one of the players to light the initial spark of Southern Rock, a prominent American genre …

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John Mayer Guitars and Gear List (2023 Update)

John Mayer Playing Guitar

Following decades of immense success and impact of blues music, everyone thought that was the end of it. Sure, we had the old legends playing blues standards in countless different variants and interpretations, but no one really expected younger generations to take up the guitar and go into these blues waters. Even if they did, …

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